Well it has been two years since I have last written on here.  I keep starting them and never finishing.  I just get so busy.  So here goes the update for a whole year.

I am saving the best part for last even though it happened first. I will say the year started amazing and really am excited to share that later.


Well after 8 amazing days that will come later, the year hit its first rough patch.I was in a car accident.  My year old car with me in it drove off the road and hit a telephone poll.  Scary as all get out.  Five airbags were deployed in the car.  I walked away from it.  I was checked out by paramedics  who wanted me to go to the hospital and I said no.  I was given the all clear and went home.  My hip held up well to this.  My greatest fear was that I would dislocate as an airbag went off at my feet. My hip was strong and I had very little pain from it.  I even went to work the next day.  The hip had held up.

February not much happened that involved my hip.  There were some work things but no hip related activities.

March where to start.  I guess you need a little of a back story here. At this point I had been working one on one with a special needs student since October.  He had outbursts and could get violent.  He liked  to run away from me and thought it was fun. So during one of his outbursts he ran away from me.  He was running around the halls when I found him again.  At the point that I found him he decided that it would be a good idea to slide tackle me.  He hit my left leg just right and I went down on my left knee (same knee with the arthritis.)  But my right hip supported me.  Amazing!!  My right hip (replaced hip) bent just right and let me go into a lunge position.  It bent that way on its own, it supported me.  Four years ago that would have been a MAJOR mess.  I would have been flat on the floor. My hip had the strength and I have the confidence that it would hold out.  Lets say that was the end of working with that student.  During the 6 months that I worked with this student I was doing a lot of walking, some running and a lot of up and down off the floor.  My hip was great through all of it.  There were no problems or concerns.

April brought on the real struggle with my weight.  By this point I have gained back 30 of the 60 pounds that I lost.  Trust me I am sad to say the least.  I was trying to keep working out three times a week when I could. Sometimes my knee wouldn’t let me or I was busy with work.  Yet even doing that and dieting nothing was happening.  My hip is tolerating the gym very well and feels stronger with each day.

May has come a month that I had been looking forward to since May 2015.  This month was going to be the second time that I was going to do the Color Run.  There is no running when I do the Color Run.  I walked my second 5k.  I walked that distance with out my Bioness as it cant get all that powder in it.  I walked with out really stopping, keeping up with two other people the whole time.  There was no pain at all in my hip.  This is amazing to say the least.  That is 3 miles of straight walking up and down hills and on uneven roads through the city.  It was laughs and smiles the whole way.  It was hard to believe that this was the second time that I was doing this.  Me who was limited in mobility just over 4 years ago.

June brought a wedding here I danced all night long.  I mean I danced.  It felt so good to be able to move and know that my hip was supporting me through all of it. It stayed strong all night.

July brought on many things this year.  It was me starting personnel training again.  It really felt great to be back with my trainer again.  He was pushing the limits to the best of his abilities and what my knee would allow.  My knee decided to not have a great summer.  I was having all different kinds of pains and it was hurting on and off most of the summer.  I worked with my trainer and went to the gym as much as I could.  My hip to me feels so much stronger and I can’t even begin to tell you how much more stable it is.  I am squatting and lounging which I could not do before surgery.    July also brought my busiest week of the summer.  Vacation Bible School.  Well it was a blast this year.  We hosted the Faith Olympics.  This is always a great test for me and my hip.  This week is long.  It is a 3 hour program that runs in the am.  In those short three hours I was taking 10,000 plus steps each day. There was running in gym.  Sitting on the floor criss cross apple sauce. Dancing in music and getting up and down off the floor a thousand or more times.  There was even a time in the rain where we laid down on the driveway to make water angels.  Those kids had so much fun.  I did almost all of this pain free.  My hip was allowing me run, hop, jump, sit, walk and climb and sit on the floor.  It was amazing.  It was sore by end but the pain was gone in the morning.  It was great time for all.  The laughs the smiles on those kids faces were worth it.  Knowing that the smile on my face was real and not fake was great.  However VBS brought some sad news.  The direct of the VBS program was leaving for a new job.  Over the eight years that I have worked with him we have become great friends.  He was there before I got my hip replaced and was there after.  He always knows what to say when I am having a hard time.He said this right after I found out I needed my hip replaced and was having a rough day.  “Finding a solution does not mean you are afraid or aren’t strong enough for the alternative. What if your lot in life is not pain, but overcoming through the surgery? I highly doubt you’re destined to a life of pain when you bring joy to those around you!”  He can always make me smile in my rough time.  He is a truly amazing guy.  It was very hard saying good bye. It was a hard loss but I knew that he was still here when I needed him.  July went on with work outs and personnel training.

August was a month that was full of two weeks of amazing fun.  There was two weeks spent at Keuka Lake.  What a trip this year was.  We had two amazing weeks spent with family and friends.  There were lots of laughs and smiles.  We watched videos on the lawn, we played games, and swam a lot.  I slept on an air matters all week and my leg held up to the up and down off the floor for two weeks.  It let me swim, it on the lawn and lay reading on the lawn.  It was a great two weeks.  This month I think I started getting monthly messages and they really seem to help with my left knee which has been acting up for awhile.  It is also have pluses for my right arm.  It has become more flexible and my message therapist even got it to turn all the way over one time.

September has come.  Well September is always a special month for me.  It is mt hip anniversary.  September 14, 2016 marked four years with my new friend.  They have been four amazing years.  I have accomplished more than I ever thought I would.  My leg is a hundred times stronger and a 100 times more stable.  I never thought that four years later I would be here.  Happier than could be and living life to the fullest again.  Trying so many knew things.  Someone that tries to go to the gym three times a week. That wasn’t even on my list of things that I thought I would be doing.  I can squat as long as I have support, I can lunge, do leg weights and run on the elliptical.  These were a work in progress before surgery but not even a thought.  To four years later where I do them all. What a change that this hip replacement has made.  So September brings back to school.  That means up and down off the floor and walking and bending and everything that goes with teaching.  My hip is holding very up very well to all of this.  They month ended with no major changes.

October had nothing major happen.  No hip things or really anything in my life.  It was a good break from the craziness of September.

November is here and what a month it would turn out to be. It started with my nephews graduation. We did something pretty  cool.  We climbed the Rocky stairs.   I even took them at a little of a run.  Yup I went up all those stairs no problem alternating feet the whole way.   The next part of November is a long story and part is not hip related at all but a major change in my life.  Well I answered one question at the doctors and that lead to a blood test for celiac disease.  Well the blood test was positive and that lead me to seeing a gastroenterologist.  They said yes I probably had it but the best way to tell was an endoscope.  Let’s say that in just about two weeks I founds out that I do have Celiac and have to be gluten free for life.  What a change I was an emotional wreck for two days.  As I sit here and write this I still haven’t gone gluten free.  My goal is January 3rd to be fully gluten free and working super hard at doing it right.  It will be a life long change tat I am going to work so so hard at.  Hopefully it will help me lose those 30 pounds that I have gained and help with my knee pain.  November also brought Thanksgiving.  This is a busy time here.  We made pumpkin breads.  That was about 4 hours. To actual Thanksgiving.  Spending time with family and eating a lot.  When it was time Black Friday shopping.  I started at 10 pm on Thursday and went till about 3 am Friday.  There was a short nap and more shopping from 8 to about 1.  What a day.  My leg held up great to all of it.  It was sore but it let me do all that walking and running around with no problems at all.

December has come and as I am writing this is almost over.  December is always busy around here.  There is shopping, gift wrapping and decorating.  There is Christmas to be done.  During all of this there was teaching and working around the house.  All the hard work payed off.  We had an amazing Christmas.  It was a great time had by all.  My body was sore but made it through all of it.

So to share the best part of 2016.  It started with a bang.  I got to spend 8 amazing days with my parents in Walt Disney World, with a day trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  What more could you ask for for your 32nd birthday.These were 8 days that I would not change for anything.  Where do I begin.

We left here on January 12 and had dinner that night at Chef Mickey’s.  Yes at the age of 32 I still love meeting characters.

January 13 was a fun filled day at Disney’s Hollywood Studio’s.  We ran into some Storm Troopers, and flew with Star Wars.  We watched street performers, ate dinner and saw the Muppet’s.  WE played with the toys from Toy Story and had lots of fun.  The night ended with my first ride ever on the Tower of Terror and a rode on the Rocking Roller Coaster.

January 14 brought a sad start to the day but an amazing day at that.  The sad part was that Alan Rickman (Snape from Harry Potter) had died on the day that we were going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  I can’t tell you how exited I was to go there.  I am major Harry Potter fan.  Well lets say I got the best early birthday present ever.  I was picked  to have the wand choose me. I reacted the scene when Harry got his wand.  That was a complete dream come true.  We road rides and ate at the Leaky Caldurin and I preformed magic.  From Muggle to Wizard in a day.  We also enjoyed Butter beer. Yum .

January 15 my #2nd Birthday started out great.  I woke up to a surprise of a decorated room.  The day was spent at the Magic Kingdom.  The day was wet and rainy.  That meant no Bioness for the day because of the rain.  I spent the whole day walking with out my bioness.  That was a lot of walking to say the least.  The day was amazing a parade, lots of rides and laughs.  We even got to see Mickey and I got a birthday hug from him.   The night ended with the Laua and some yummy food.

Not want this post to go much longer the rest of the 8 days went great. We went to Epcot and Animal Kingdom.  We went to Downtown Disney and saw Cirque.  It was  a great show.  It was sad to see the vacation come to an end.  This whole trip my hip acted great.  It let me do all that walking even one whole day with out the Bioness.  It let me ride roller coasters with no pain.  The only time it hurt was when we got in a bus accident and hit it on a metal pole.  I had a nice bruise after that.  It was a great feeling to be dancing down Main Street USA.  I was walking dancing, laughing and really enjoying myself.  The best part was no pain.  These will be memories that will last me life time.

So my 2016 Started with a Bang.  After the bang the down hill started.  But I always fell back on the great memories that started the year.

As this post is ending it is time to say good bye to 2016.  This is a year that I am ready to say goodbye to.  Yes it is a little sad but I have the memories of Disney.  There is a new journey ahead of me with my Celiac and my knee.  I don’t know what either will bring but I am ready for the challenge.  My hip has been through a lot in 2016 and has held up great.  Here is hoping the same for 2017. Hopefully I will do a a better job of keeping the blog up to date.





My Trip to Israel

Well it has been such a long time since I have posted anything. I have been so busy living life that there is not much time for me to sit down and write.  Which I am truly loving.


Note: There are going to be a lot of pictures but there is no way I couldn’t. With all that said I wanted to share something very special that I was able to do. I was able to travel to Israel and visit the Holy Land.  As I am Catholic this was a big deal for me.  I was headed to the land of Jesus.  I was traveling to all the places I had learned, taught and heard about. I was going to be walking where Jesus walked and lived. How cool is that.

The trip started January 20,  with departure from my home city to New York City. Everything went great at my home airport.  No problems with my hip or Bioness. Great feeling, I always wonder if my hip is going to set anything off. Well got to NYC and in line for our next airline. Lets just say getting to the counter was an experience. We were separated from our tour host who flew on a different airline which our tour company made a bad choice of doing. So the people were very confused why we didn’t have a host with us. After being questioned even before reaching the counter our group was finally allowed to go to the counter. At the counter I was questioned for 20 plus minutes. They thought that my passport was fake because it was brand new and never used. This was my first time traveling over seas. After all the questioning I was finally allowed to be escorted through security and told to arrive at the gate an hour early before boarding the plane. I went through security with no problems.  I did as I was told and got to the gate early and my bags were taken from me and searched. After 30-45 minutes they next asked me to enter the room where my bags were and proceeded to check me for a bomb, wiped my shoes, Bioness and hands down. Finally all clear and escorted to the plane. I figured something out after the questioning at the counter.  They thought that I was going to join ISIS. They kept asking if I was going to Syria, if I knew anyone there and so on.  They didn’t get how I could be leaving school if I was a teacher or how I could afford the trip. Well they got that one very wrong.  You couldn’t have picked a more innocent person. But I understand that they were just trying to protect other people and their country.  Finally on the plane and ready for the 11 hour flight. I did pretty well, I was able to sleep for a little bit on and off. My travel buddy wasn’t able too, I felt bad for her. 11 hours sitting 3 years ago would have been a total night mare.  Not that I sat the whole way there, did some walking around.  My hip did great, it became a little sore towards the end. My left knee did pretty good too, it did become sore but seemed to work itself out after a while. Finally in Tel Ava and very happy to be off the plane.  It was January 21 about 5pm at night.  Just enough time to meet some new people have dinner and get ready for the next day.

I traveled with the Orange group the whole week.  A little side note about the group. We were not all from the same state. We were made up of three groups. We had a group from Texas and one from San Francisco and then our New York group.  We were also not all Catholic, just the New York group was.  The other two groups were either Methodist or Presbyterian.  It was great to have the different view points. Our days touring were mainly walking or riding a bus for short time before walking.

Our first day touring. January 22,  I was excited about the places we were going that day because I have learned and taught about some of them many times.  Our day started out at the Mount of Beatitudes. There was a very pretty Church there. Its dome had eight sides for the eight beatitudes.


The next place that we visited I was very excited about.  I had taught and learned about this miracle many times.  It is one of my favorite miracles too.  Tabgha or the Church of Fish and Loafs. This is where Jesus multiplied the fish and the loafs for people to eat. It was pretty cool standing somewhere that I knew a lot about.  Knowing that Jesus preformed a miracle right where I was standing. He shared food with strangers even though He could have just told them to leave and go into town. I have always believed that sharing a meal with people brings you closer together. DSCN0122

We also went to the Church of the Primacy and Capernaum before lunch. The Church of the Primacy is where Jesus and the Apostles had breakfast after catching a multitude of fish.  Capernaum was where Jesus lived after He left Nazareth, He healed the paralyzed man that was lowered through the roof here. One of my favorite stories too.  Peter’s house was also here.


DSCN0177 DSCN0164

The next thing on the plans was a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, where Jesus walked on water and made “Fishers of Men”.  The view from the boat was just breath taking.  I have always loved the story when Jesus meets some of the Apostles for the first time and tells them that if they “follow Me and I will make You Fishers of Men.”  Just knowing that took place right on the banks was exciting.  I have taught my kids many times about Jesus walking on water and we have reenacted it to the best of your abilities and I was right where that happened.

. boat

The last stop for our first day was the Jordan River.  This is where Jesus was baptized in the river by John the Baptist. My new friend Sidney and I  decided that we wanted to renew our Baptismal promises in the river.  We did just that, in the cold water.  It was one of the most amazing feelings.  After all the things that I have been through in the past five years it all lead to this moment. At the Easter Vigil about five years ago I became a full member of the Catholic Church by choosing to be Confirmed.  From that moment on my Faith has done nothing but grow for so many reasons.  My hip being a big part of that time in my life being diagnosed, to knowing I needed surgery, to having surgery and then recovering. I knew my faith would help on that whole journey.  My Faith was there through thick and thin and God was there too. To renew a promise that I had done for me when I was an infant was amazing. To know that I did something Jesus did too was more than words can describe.  I could just imagine how Jesus felt coming up from that water.  What a great way to start a trip.  Today, so many new friends were made that I will have for a life time.

IMG_0693   DSCN0193

January 23, our last day in the Galilee area.  We headed for another place where Jesus performed a miracle. Cana where He changed water into wine at the Wedding feast. The Church was simple but beautiful.


We then headed of to the Church of the Annunciation is the place where Mary learned that she was going to be the Mother of Jesus.  This Church was very moving for me. I saw a picture of the Holy Family and was moved by it. I have always loved that Jesus had an adoptive Dad just like me.  This picture reminded me how lucky I was to have the family I do and that God picked my family for me just like he did Jesus’.  Joseph was the first famous adoptive parent and choose freely to love and care for Jesus as his own.  It was a very beautiful Church too. There were so many pictures of Mary and Mary and Jesus that I felt the love all around.

IMG_4239 IMG_2279


The next stop was going to put my hip to the test and I didn’t know ahead of time, while maybe 10 minutes before.  I have always lived my life, I will try something before I give up and this moment was going to happen right now.  I wanted to participate in everything that we were doing this week nothing was going to slow me down.  I wanted to experience this trip just like any other with life in hand and no walls in the way. We went to Tel Megiddo.  This is a man made hill, that is where the word tel comes from.  This was a cool place to see, people had been living there for a long time. I don’t much about it other than the battle of Armageddon is going to take place here.  The challenge started here.  First we had to climb to the top. Yes there was a path just a short hike nothing like Diamond Head at all this was easy.  Once we were up there it was shared with us how we would be exiting this site.  We needed to descend 183 steps to exit through a water tunnel.  At that point only one person really knew about my hip or disability and it was not Sidney. I was wearing my Bioness so they might have figured out that something was not right but didn’t fully know. Sidney who I had become to know in this short time was a great help. I asked if there were points with no railing could I use him for balance he said no problem and we went down those stairs together.  I did learn and teach everyone that it was easier to go down the stairs side ways.  Many people were happy that they put the slowest person in front, me of course.  It was great that Sidney was there, there were many points with no railing or places that I could hold onto well.  The stairs were stone and very narrow. They were even hard for Sidney at points.  If going down that many steps wasn’t enough we also had to climb 83 to get back out.  That was ok Diamond Head put me in great shape for that 99 in one shot.

IMG_2297 IMG_4269

After that great experience we headed for Caesarea a place that Herod built and named after Caesar.  It had a theater, a port and even a place for chariot races.  It is located right on the Mediterranean Sea.

IMG_4302 IMG_4295

We were able to make a stop at the sea. Once again Sidney and I hopped right in. Just up to our knees but I couldn’t miss getting in. I love water and feel the need to touch all the different bodies of water I get near.

IMG_4314  Sea

We went to our new hotel. By this time it was Friday night and the Jewish Sabbath had started and it was interesting to experience.  I know a little about it from things I have learned but not much.  It was nice to see that people really do follow their religion. The Jewish people were walking every where and not use electrical things.  We also got to see part of a Seder.  We were now in Jerusalem and would be there the rest of the trip.

January 24, today part of our trip would take us into Palestine.  First thing we’re headed for Bethlehem.  The city where Jesus was born.  Entering Palestine for me was no big, just like crossing state borders. There were checkpoints but we were not stopped. We were headed for the Church of the Nativity that houses the place where Jesus was born.  For many Americans we picture Jesus being born in a stable (which for us looks like a barn.)  Jesus was born in a stable and in Israel that is a cave. Yup I said it a cave and laid to rest in the manger.  This Church was under restorations so we didn’t see much.  We entered the cave which is located under the Church down some narrow stairs. The cave was bigger then I thought.  We sang Silent Night there and I got the goose bumps.

IMG_2343  IMG_2503

Right next to the Church of the Nativity was St. Catherine’s Church which houses where St. Jerome, lived underground to stay cool and was buried before being moved to Rome.  Pretty cool.  As a side note St. Jerome’s was one of the Churches that I belonged to and was the Church that I was confirmed at, so I know a lot about him.  It was so neat to see where he translated Bible and was buried.

DSCN0234 DSCN0243

Shepherds’ Field was the next stop for the day. This is where the shepherds’ saw the Star of Bethlehem and followed it to the new born king.  A simple Church that had some beautiful paintings on the walls.

DSCN0298  DSCN0291

The next stop was going to once again put me to the test, being my hip and knee. Time to hike yet another Tel. We were going to Herodion.  Yet another place built by Herod.  It was a longer walk to the top with rough paths.  Up I went leading the way, that way I could go at my own pace and listen and keep walking when people stopped.  I did great. Once again Diamond Head had put me in great shape for all of this.  I was having fun and learning so much. The view was so worth the hike up there. Once again a few stairs to descend with very few railing, thanks Sidney for the great help.

DSCN0305  IMG_4277 DSCN0309

The last stop for the day was something that I was looking forward to.  We were headed for the Garden of Gethsemane.  This is where Jesus prayed the night he was betrayed.  He prayed to His Father. Jesus asked if He didn’t need to die but said “let your will be done.”  I have taught and learned so much about this place. It was able to kneel and pray in front of the rock where Jesus prayed.  I just took in this moment. I was standing where Jesus stood, doing something He did. What a way to end the day.

DSCN0350  DSCN0374  IMG_2380DSCN0326DSCN0348

January 25, today was going to be the ultimate test for me.  We had so much planned for today and it involved a lot of walking.  Words can’t say how much walking we did that day.  I wish I knew how much it really was. We were headed into the Old City of Jerusalem and started walking to our first stop for the day St. Anne’s Church and the Pool of Bethesda. They are the same place.  St. Anne’s Church is where Mary Jesus’ mother is said to have been born.  It also has some of the best acoustics in the world.  Yes we did sing there.  The neat experience there was coming up from under the Church I heard a group sinning Ava Maria. It was so beautiful, I wish I had videoed it.  The Church was just beautiful, inside and out.  I headed to the Pool of Bethesda where Jesus healed the man that had been disabled for 38 years on the Sabbath.  To know that Jesus choice to help this man when no other would is interesting to me. As a person that has a disability, I find it strange that there are many people out there that judge us for no reason and refuse to see us for who we are.  They just see that we are different and look the other. We are not all meant to be the same.  Jesus saw this man when no other would. What a great felling. I know I have been seen by God many times. Not that I ever want to be fully healed. I love who I am and that I have this challenge to face.

DSCN0415   DSCN0408 group 2  DSCN0419

After our stop at St. Anne’s we were headed for the start of the Via Dolorosa or the Way of the Cross.  As a Catholic our Faith is based on many things and this is one of the most important.  It was a moment that I was looking forward to. I was going to be walking in the footsteps of Jesus during one of His most trying times.  For those that don’t know the Via Dolorosa is the path that Jesus walked with His cross to His death.  There are 14 stations along the way.  Starting with Jesus being condemned to death and ending with Him being placed in the tomb.  Choose to believe it or not I was walking a path that Jesus Himself walked.


He took on the burden of dying for our sins.  I had the most amazing experience  and was very proud during this time. Believe it or not 31 years ago my parents were told that I would never walk do to sever Cerebral Palsy that I would have from my brain bleed.  I slowly lost the ability to do things before I had my hip replaced, I watched my world got smaller and smaller, losing the ability to do things.  I came through a long recovery and became stronger than I have ever been.  I pretty much during this time had to learn how to walk the right way for the first time in my life. So to be at this place at this moment in my life was great. Today I was walking with Jesus. Step in step together, each of us carrying our own cross. I could see and feel how difficult it would be to walk the path He did.  I even almost tripped like Jesus did.  I was doing something that many people told me I would never do.  I cried tears of joy, knowing that I was doing something that just 4 short years ago would have been almost impossible or would have cause me so much pain it wouldn’t have been worth it. I cried because I knew Jesus choose to do what He did to save the world. I cried because God loved me enough to give me this disability and that I am conquering it.  I was there and walking, I felt both God and Jesus there with me that day. We walked side by side that day as we have always done in life.  He wanted me with these people and at that place for a reason. He has a plan for me, I might never know what it is and I am ok with that. Words will never fully explain how I felt at that moment.

DSCN0451  via

At the end of the path is the Holy Sepulcher Church which houses 3 of the stations. DSCN0456

The place where Jesus died, the stone that they prepared His body on for burial, and the tomb He was buried in. We were in line to go to the tomb and were given a great surprise.  We were going to be having Mass (it being Sunday) FEET away from the tomb of Jesus. What a great surprise.

IMG_0680  IMG_0682

After Mass we visited the tomb, and the two other stations in the Church.  Being in this place where Jesus died was interesting. I still fully don’t know how I felt at that Church. When we set foot in that tomb I felt that it was the right place, I could feel God in there, it didn’t feel empty, even though it was.   What a great way to start the day. Yes I said start the day was not over yet.

IMG_2429  IMG_2419 IMG_2421

We were headed for the teaching steps and the Western Wall.The teaching steps is where Jesus taught many of the parables.  He would have also entered the Temple Mount from here.  The door was blocked off that He would have entered through but we could touch it and stand on a rock that dated to before Jesus’ time.  That means He would have stood here and entered the Temple. How cool.

IMG_2460 IMG_2462

The Western Wall is the most Holy place for Jewish people.  It is the closest that they can get to Temple Mount or the Old Temple that used to be there.  They believe that prays left here go directly to God. I went to to the wall not think much. Just in wonder and aw at how big it was and the utmost respect people have for it. Well I reached out and touched the Western Wall and the first thing that I heard in my head  was “Josh”. I was blown away, that is my brother’s name that died when I was 9.  It startled me, however I knew it was his way of telling me that he was with God and ok.  I said my pray and left it at the wall.  A friend that I had gotten to know over this week left something important there and I was there to witness it. I was so proud of her and happy that I could be there for her at her moment of need. After that we hugged and cried together. One last touch of the wall before I needed to walk away.  The proof that friendships can be made in a week happened that day.  I became very emotional after the two great experiences I had. I cried and cried standing there looking back at the wall. One of the other people from my home town walked up to me and asked if I needed a hug and was ok. I explained what happened when I touched the wall and she just let me stand there cry well she gave me a hug. These people are true life long friends. We had been through so much together. I was  glad this was how our day ended.  It was a moment that will stay with me for a long time.

IMG_2480  IMG_2479  IMG_2491


However my day wasn’t over. Only I could need to go to Urgent Care in Israel. I had been fighting sore ears since the day after I got there.  I was diagnosed with a double ear infection. Yup that’s right, both ears infected and one was really bad.  That is how I ended my day, buying medicine at the pharmacy.


January 26, today had many stops involved.  We were headed for another place that I knew a lot about.  We started at the Upper Room.  This is where Jesus celebrated Passover and that would become the Last Supper. Once again a lot of walking to get there.  It was nothing like I expected, I think that was because it had been turned into a Church at one point and a Mosque at another. So it no longer looked like a room.  It was cool to be where Jesus spent time with His apostles one last time.

DSCN0487   IMG_2516

We then headed down the road to the Church that is now built where Caiaphas’ house was. This is where Jesus was jailed over night before He was killed.  I may say that I took the most amazing picture of the ceiling by laying on the floor.  I never really thought about where or how Jesus was jailed. He was lowered into a pit by rope and then pulled out the same way. I walked down to the pit and spent my time where Jesus was and felt like that He had been there. floor IMG_2527DSCN0520 IMG_2529jailDSCN0504

The next stop for the day was the Mount of Olives. This is where Jesus ascended into Heaven and will come again.  It was very nice up there you could see all of Jerusalem from there. I had something special done here.  I had been carrying Rosary Rings with me in my backpack all week visiting all the places I visited.  They were blessed right there on the top of the Mount. It was so cool.

DSCN0541 IMG_2541 IMG_2534

The next two stops would take us back into Palestine.  We were headed for Jericho and Qumran.  Jericho being the oldest city in the world and Qumran being where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found.  They were very neat places to see.  It was cool to see the very old things at Qumran and how people lived way back than. The day ended with us back in Jerusalem.




January 27, Today a group of us headed for Masada and the Dead Sea. Masada is a palace that was Herod built on top of a massive mountain.  It was so high up, as a person afraid of heights I was not too sure about this  But it was so worth it. The cable car ride up was a little hard but  my nerves kicked in when I had to cross a bridge way up high.  I also have a fear of walking over bridges sometimes.

DSCN0601 DSCN0604

Well I made it across and even had my picture taken on the edge. We walked all around up here. We were pretty much stuck the only way down was the cable car. The story behind Masada. It started out at Herod’s palace, when the Jews were being killed off by the Romans a group of Jewish people hid out here.  When they sensed they were going to be captured they decided to kill everyone instead of being captured.  Everyone died but 5 people hid in the water tunnels and made it out to tell the story.  The Israelis hold this place in high regard, their military is even sworn in here.   It was very cool to see this place and how high up it was.  The views to the Dead Sea were amazing.   Sidney helped me take a great selfie with the Dead sea in the background.

IMG_2605 IMG_2606 IMG_2607

It was a very interesting place to see.  The views from up there were just the best.  We had some good laughs and enjoyed being together. I could see why Herod would want a palace here.

Sidney tub  DSCN0637


The next part of the day was going to take us to the Dead Sea.  This was something I was looking forward to.  I was going to be floating in the Dead Sea.  The salt level is so high in the Dead Sea that you float right on top of the water.  I was a nice abs workout, keeping your head out of the water.  There were many laughs at the sea. From us trying some synchronized floating, to laughing at others as they tried to float or watching each other get covered with mud.


January 28, our last day in Israel.  We had the morning off and were headed to a few places in the afternoon.  The last three stops for the trip were, where John the Baptist was born, a Holocaust Museum and the Garden tomb. All these places were interesting but nothing that I truly enjoyed. We did have a great last day together.

DSCN0701 IMG_2711

After dinner it was finally time to start heading home. We took the red eye to NYC.  I had no problem getting through security this time.  They were probably ready to get rid of me. Would you blame them. 13 Hour plane ride to NYC was long but thanks to being able to sleep this time, it was a little faster.

Before I rap up this this post I would like to share one more thing I was able to do while in Israel.  I have been teaching religion for about the past 6 years or so. I have taught about almost everything I saw and did. This year I am teaching a 2nd-3rd grade class. I did something very special for them.  Before I left I took a class picture of them and laminated it and took it with me.  They didn’t know what I was doing with the picture before I left. Yup I took my class on vacation with me in the “flat Stanley” tradition. I would set them up places and take their picture.  Places we have learned about this year, places I found interesting and where I thought may be fun for them to learn about.  I even left a picture behind in Israel, with a note on the back explaining who they were.  It was so much fun and so special to have them there with me.  They were with me the whole time in my backpack.  When I returned I created them a book of our class trip.  It was so worth it. This is a link to the book, I hope it works.class trip

IMG_2493 IMG_2457 IMG_2376

DSCN0545 DSCN0401 DSCN0486


This post says it all. This was a trip that I will never forget. It has left me with memories that I will have for a life time. I have done something that very few people will ever get to do. I walked in the footsteps of Jesus. I have a new understanding of my faith. I have a deeper belief in God. I know He does everything for a reason. I have been put on an amazing journey and am living it to the fullest. My hip and me went through a lot during this time. Knowing just 4 short years ago that this all would have caused me so much pain is unbelievable. It wouldn’t have been the same. I saw on this trip how much God/Jesus cared for those that were different. He loved them just as much as any other and if not more. He cared for them, just as He cares for them now. As being one of those different people I know God/Jesus cares for me. I have felt His presence often in my life.  This trip has forever changed me. My hip journey has forever changed me too. I would like to end with to different quotes from the bible.

Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him. James 1:12

I have done just that. I have come through every trail that has been set before because of God. He made me who I am.

I leave you with this. As I continue to live life, this is how I feel most days.

The Lord has done it this very day;
let us rejoice today and be glad.

A Summer Full of Fun

Where has the summer gone. It still has a month left but it went by so fast. This post is just a little update of everything I have been up to since the last post. It has been a busy couple of months.

June came and school ended. It was the best year teaching yet.  I had so much fun with those kiddos and I was so happy.  I enjoyed doing things with them. The best part there was no pain. It will be great to have my own class one day.  I worked right up until the last day of school.

I then got a few weeks off before my next adventure. It was time for vacation bible school. This is something I have always looked forward to every summer. It was going to be a fun but very busy week. I send4 hours with these amazing kids and two aides.  I was in charge of 10 kids with the help of the aides.  It was the best year yet. I was able to run with the kids in gym and play the games with them.  It was great. Yes I know I am not supposed to run but I wanted to play with them so much my heart won.  I was up and down off the floor more times then I can count that week.  VBS Fun

Everything we did I had a smile on my face and not that fake one I hid behind for so many years. There was fun and laughter to be had at every turn and no pain any wheres to be seen.  I was having fun and I was happy. To share my faith with kids is a great feeling and know that they were learning and having fun was great.This week  had worn me out. I was running on 6 hours of of sleep on 18 hour days.  This year will always hold a special place in my heart. Every time I ware my VBS shirt at the gym I will remember what a great time I had.


The week that followed VBS actually started the same day VBS ended. We head to Keuka Lake for our week long family vacation.   I was ready for this week.  I had rented a paddle board for the week but more about that later as it was a major part of vacation.  This week was time for rest and fun with family as it always is. We spent time together, laughed and laughed. It was nice just to be focused on all of that and not anything else and by that, I mean pain.

Before I mention the paddle board, I do need to mention that I needed a lot of help doing this and the one person I never thought would have been interested in helping me did. My amazing 18 year old nephew helped me more then words can say. He gave me words of encouragement.  He held the board still and was just there.  He even cheered me on. My sister was a great help too.   Thank you so much to my nephew you know who you are. It meant the world to me to have your help and to see how proud you were of me. You are a pretty amazing person and you should be very proud of yourself for how you treated me and made a wish come true.

This week I decided to do something I didn’t have the guts to do in Hawaii. It was paddle boarding. For the people who don’t know what that is. It is a larger surf board that you stand on and move around with a paddle.   Let’s just say that this was going to be even more challenging because of my cerebral palsy. I have a secret though and it  is I had been practicing for a while to be able to do this.  Since before we went to Hawaii.  I was standing on a bosu ball at the gym and pretending to paddle with a 10 pound weight.  I had gotten pretty good at it.  Well lets say it was an experience from day one. Trying to get standing on that thing like I watched in videos was impossible. I fell off many times that day. My nephew was right there helping the whole time.  I didn’t stand that day and knew I probably wouldn’t stand that first day. Well as the week went on we kept thinking of ways to get me to stand and the best and most effective way was to use the dock.  My nephew would hold the board and I would walk onto it. First try and it worked. First time standing

My sister held my hand to the end of the dock and my nephew let go and I was on my own. HURRAY!!!  I stood for awhile until I lost my balance and fell.One fall of many

I was so excited. The second attempt at standing that same day went very bad leading to a cut hand. Long story. I was able to do the paddle board kneeling as long as I wanted and stood a couple more times that week. It was a pretty amazing feeling.  To be strong enough to even try this was amazing. Last year or even before my hip it would have been so hard and impossible.

I also got to go on two walks that were more than a mile and a half. I could have kept walking but Jake my four legged baby was getting tired each time. It was nice just to spend time with him.

However this week brought much more. This week brought laughter. I was laughing and joking like the old me. Smile on my face 24/7.  It brought the most important thing, Family. We spent time together just being us. It was great to watch how everyone interacts with each other. It was just nice to be with everyone. Until know I never noticed how much pain made my head cloudy toward then end. I was always thinking ahead and not living in the moment. I hated that so much. This vacation I was so focused on everything that was going on around me and was a much a part of it all. With the weekending it was time to head home and back to reality.  I was sad to see the week end. When you look forward to something so much it is hard to see it end. But as the saying goes all great things come to an end.

Now back to the boring things.  I am still fighting a battle that I started with this hip journey of mine. My weight lose. I have gotten close to my first goal of 200 pounds many times but have not reached it just yet. The date is September 14 2014 , I will hit that mark, if not sooner. Yes that would make it two years late to the date that I originally wanted to be that weight.  Thanks to the support of many people this goal will be coming true. My personnel trainer has been kicking my butt to get there. In this battle I have noticed that I might be overweight but I am fit. I am able to do so much that I wasn’t able to.  I can walk/run on the elliptical over 2 miles. I am using weights on both arms and some times just my right arm alone. I am stronger then I have ever been. My leg feels so much more stable and stronger it is amazing. I am becoming a better me and I love it.

Being back at home I am setting new goals and meeting them with flying colors. Just like treading water. I set a goal the other day to be able to do it for 5 minutes straight and I did it for 7. I am forcing old habits out of my brain and replacing them with new ones slowly. Like putting my pants on standing up, squatting to pick things up. It is amazing the little changes that I notice and no one else knows. I noticed just the other day that my bioness is helping I think I moved my foot while walking and it was turned off. I am very excited to see if that goes anywhere. Just the little things these days are still making me smile. It is the best feeling in the world.

As the summer comes to an end I have one more amazing vacation ahead. A fun filled trip to Minnesota. Where we will be going to the Great Gather (MN State Fair) and more. There will be a post on that hopefully.  The end of the summer also brings the begin of the school year. That also means my second hip anniversary is coming up, how time flies when you are having fun.  It has been the best summer yet and I know that there are many more to come.

Loving every moment in life.

As always if there is any topic you would like me to write about please let me know.



Just a little update

HThis quote is from one of my favorite shows. You will have to read to the end to find out why I picked it.

We have made it to May 2014. How time flies so fast these days. Life has been going on like normal and I love it.

I have been teaching almost every day that there is school. I am enjoying every minute of that. I am sitting on  floor with them when I need too. When on the floor I am able to sit criss cross apple sauce for an extended period of time with no problems. I have been that way for up to 20 minutes.   There are times where I am even able to kneel and then sit on my feet. Which is something that my muscles have been to tight for.  It is a great feeling being able to do all this once again. I can’t remember the last time that I was able to sit criss cross for up to 20 min. I am enjoying teaching and not coming home exhausted and needing to sleep. It is my life and I love it.

As life moves right along the milestones become less visible to me. But after I do something it clicks that it is something new or a mile stone. However I do see things that other people don’t.  Just the other day, after teaching a half day I was able to complete a lot of house work. I was carrying empty and full totes of Easter decorations up and down our stairs by myself. One time I just picked one up and carried it alternating feet up the stairs.  After all that I went outside and cut the grass. You might say why is that a big deal. Well first it is something I haven’t really done in about 15 years. My dad or brother always did it.  Today was my turn. I may say it did take me forever to start the lawn mower. Just because I need to start it with my left hand. But I got it. I will say that the mower is a push one not ride on. Well I cut both of our front yards no problem.  It was even easier then the heavy snow blower. Well after cutting both front yards I decided to give the backyard and hill a shot. Well I did it. I pushed the lawn mower up and down our back hill which is no small hill. What an amazing work out. I guess it was a good thing that Joe needed to cancel.

Every time that I am at the gym I see my leg getting stronger and doing things sort of the right way. We still need to get some of the muscles working correctly. It is great to see that I can blend my hip and not fight with it. Being able to bend the way it is supposed to. I have even begun to doing running intervals on the elliptical. I can run in 1 minute sprints then rest for 1 minute doing it f or 10 minutes all together. The last time I think I ran was when I was maybe 18 and that didn’t feel great. Hopefully this summer I will be able to play with the kids at Vacation Bible School better. All this working out has helped my leg get stronger and me get lighter and leaner.


This next part takes a little back story. For about 10 years now I have had the feeling of my left knee locking. Well I had an MRI and nothing was wrong but some arthritis. I was entered in to some physical therapy to strengthen the muscle that helped support the knee. This did the trick for a very long time.  It would lock every now and then. Well I have been able to become very physical lately and trying to squat more to work those muscles. Well this past Monday Joe my personnel trainer /physical therapist came to workout. Well lets say it was eventful and not so much. We were doing something on the exercise ball with resistant side stepping to help my hip  muscles. Well lets say I felt my knee get tight and the feeling like it was going to lock. Well great he would be able to see it but I didn’t really want tit to lock, I wanted to keep going. Lets just say that it was the most painful lock  yet, but nothing compared to my hip. I just laid there after nothing I usually do to undo it worked. Joe came over and looked at it. I trust this man with my life so I let him do whatever he wanted. He tried everything to get it to release.  He moved my knee and felt nothing wrong with it, he applied pressure and some tension to no help.  I let him move it no matter how painful it was, I wanted and needed to know what was going on. While he was doing all of this we learned that it was my Hamstring that was causing the knee locking feeling. Not really my knee. It was a massive hamstring spasm.  Well after 20 min to nothing helping Joe had me get up on the coach and straighten it as much as I could. I was unable to weight bear at all. The great guy he is he went to my kitchen and got me ice. He felt so bad that this happened. I told him that I was fine and that crap happens. I have gotten so used to it that it doesn’t bother me anymore. He explained and talked me through what was going on and how to take care of it. Joe was amazing and I was so blessed that it happened well he was here. I wasn’t scared the whole time that he worked on my leg and knew that he knew what he was doing. I think that was the most calm I was in that amount of pain. Thanks Joe. Joe has always explained things to me, how, why they happen and what he is doing. It has been an amazing feeling know that I am in amazing hands. Well know that we know what the problem is we might have a fix for it.

So you might ask this affects my hip replacement plays into this story.  Well I was no weight bare on my left leg as that is how long the spasm lasted. I had to use my cane and trust my right leg to fully support me. It did just that. Even into Tuesday my right leg was holding it own and holding me up. I had to baby my left stronger leg. That means I have been relying on my right leg a hell of a lot. That happens to be the leg that I had my THR on. It is also the side of my body that has cerebral palsy. It is has done an amazing job. Three years ago this would have been impossible. Thanks to the THR my leg is so much more stable. Because it is stable I have had the ability and chance to strengthen it. It is 100 times stronger than it has ever been. I am so happy that I had my hip replaced when I did.Keep fighting everyone. This experience and many others have shown me why having my hip replaced was the right choice.

So now I need to explain the quote that I have chosen at the beginning of this post. Part of my world did close down. The part that was consent pain and suffering. This is a part that I never want to open again. (But I know it will happen my hip needs to be replaced again). Yes I still get pain but nothing like before surgery. But is closed and I am happy about that. That was my world for 10 or more years that I wouldn’t let people into until the end. A world that I would never want anyone to experience. But because of surgery and my attitude that I have cared since I was little a whole new world has opened. I am once again living life the way I have always tried too. I always hated saying I can’t and once again I am saying I can. My world is great, amazing places, full of experiences, new places, new skills and oh so much more.  And as the last part of the quote says I am going through something here that I never expected. I am living again and loving it.

My journey is not over yet. I see so much more in my future and know that there a few things in the near future. July brings on Vacation Bible School and a family vacation to the lake. August is bringing a fun-filled trip to Minnesota. A trip to their amazing Fair where I will be spending a lot of time on my feet. Hopefully there will be another meeting with a new to the group a hip sister.  Summer will end and bring on the next school year of teaching and will love every minute of it. This journey of mine is on going and life changing. This is a new start to the rest of my life.

Thank you to everyone that has been reading this blog. Please help spread the word so we can help as many people who need it. If there is ever a topic anyone wants me to write please let me know. As always loving every moment in life.

Hawaiian Vacation

Note there are going to be a lot of pictures.

This was the most amazing trip.

This was the most amazing trip.

Holy cow what can I say. This was more than an outstanding vacation.

Mom, Dad and I headed to Hawaii on January 14 one day before my 30th birthday. We were set to spend 7 days in paradise.
After a long 9 hour plane ride don’t even get me started we were in Honolulu. Our first stop was the Outrigger on Waikiki Beach.

The Best Hotel in Hawaii hands down.

The Best Hotel in Hawaii hands down.

This is an amazing hotel that I would recommend to everyone. It is right on Waikiki beach. We had an oceanfront room with this amazing view!

The view from our Room.

The view from our Room.

We had room service which was awesome. We had a great first night however we were going to be up early the next morning to do something so very special.

January 15 my 30 Birthday.
Ready to do the very special thing that I waited 9 years for and worked so hard to do. I was hiking Diamond Head today. Dad decided to join me on this expedition of mine. He is pretty amazing. Got all suited up with my Bioness and all the things we needed.  6am rolled around and we were on our way to Diamond Head. I was so excited. Well we got to the park and we were paying to get in and somehow it was mentioned that it was my birthday and the nice lady let us in for free. First birthday gift. All parked and even got Mom facing the mountain. Dad and I embarked on our trip very close to sunrise. Climbing was surreal. Hiking on rocky dirt switch back trails was interesting. I still couldn’t believe that I was doing this. We made it to our first look out point and because we had started just before sunrise we got to see the sun coming up over the ocean. What a beautiful sight.

Half way up Diamond head and we got  this amazing view

Half way up Diamond head and we got this amazing view

We were going to hit our first set of stairs. Here went nothing. Up I went alternating feet like a champing. No problem they were a piece of cake. A few more trails and we were at a dark tunnel. There were twist and turns there. Only hit the railing once to busy trying to take a video or a picture. At the end of the dark tunnel there was a “fun surprise”. 99 step stairs straight up. These were what I was most nervous about.

The second Mountain I had to climb.

The second Mountain I had to climb.

Up I go.

Up I go.

After a few pictures I sent Dad ahead of me and as there was no one behind me I could take my time and pictures. Started up the stairs that looked like a second mountain. One foot in front of the other. Even managed to video a little. Dad made it look so easy, he did an amazing job, 82 never looked so good. I went up those stairs with great pride. I was happy to be doing them at all. None the less alternating feet. Made it to the top with a smile on my face and was treated to a nice little view.

The view from the top of the 99 stairs

The view from the top of the 99 stairs

Dad made it to the top first

Dad made it to the top first

Right after the 99 stairs there was a spiral staircase. No rest for the tired. Up we went. At the end of those stairs we entered into a bunker. The reward at the end of that stairs was an awesome view. See for yourself below.

There were so many stairs.

There were so many stairs.

They view that you could die for. I felt like I could touch the clouds.

They view that you could die for. I felt like I could touch the clouds.

This was on the 99 steps.

This was on the 99 steps.

Clibing out of the bunker on heck of a step.

Climbing out of the bunker one heck of a step.

After the bunker it was a short walk to the end of the trail .  There were a few stairs left. The view from the top was so worth it all. It was as close as I can get to heaven. I had such a big smile on my face the whole time.

The view from the top of Diamond Head.

The view from the top of Diamond Head.

I reached the top. It was so worth it. Best birthday ever

I reached the top. It was so worth it. Best Birthday ever

It was an amazing way to start the celebration of my birthday. I accomplished something that I have wanted to do for a long time. It was the best feeling standing at the top of Diamond Head. The smile was so big on my face and it never came off. I was very proud that my Dad made it all the way to the top too.

Hanging out in the bunker with my hiking side kick.

Hanging out in the bunker with my hiking side kick.

The hike back down was easier than up for me. Thank goodness we didn’t have to go down those 99 stairs. Mom even got to see us coming down. It is something that I will never forget. It is a memory that will last me a life time. We had a nice breakfast at a local place and a piece of coconut cake.

Yup Diamond head is mine.

Yup Diamond head is mine.

After that it was time for some relaxing on the beach. Oh my goodness I loved swimming in the ocean. I couldn’t do that at home on my birthday. The day didn’t really feel like my birthday no snow it was warm but I loved every minute of it.

Chiling on the beachHappy Birthday

The night ending with dinner at Michels. This was a French restaurant that was just amazing. We got to watch them cook things right at the table. It was really cool.

Weighing in at 208. Very proud of my self. 30 never looked so good.

Weighing in at 208. Very proud of my self. 30 never looked so good.

It was an amazing day that I will never forget. It was lovely to relax and do what I wanted. Spending the day with Mom and Dad was the best part. We got to be with each other and I loved that. It was a different birthday but I loved it. I hope Mom and Dad had a good day too. This is a day that will always be with me. I set a goal, worked hard to get there, and then accomplished it.  My heart was so full that day it was amazing. To be standing at the top looking down on the world was amazing. This is one of the biggest things that I have done in my life. I am so happy that what those doctors said 30 years ago never came true. We might have limitations but they can’t stop you. I will always hold my head high. This is a birthday that I will never forget.

January 16
Another amazing day was ahead. I was living a life long dream. Today I was going to swim with dolphins at Dolphin Quest.  I was so excited. Once again I was up early 4am my body took a little longer adjusting to the time change. I was enjoying this time I had by myself in the am. I was able to just take in all the things that were going on around me. I would sit out side and just marvel that we were in such a beautiful place.  Everyone else was finally up and ready to go. We were headed for breakfast at Dukes, an amazing restaurant right in our hotel.


Headed for the dolphins and can’t wait. As I saw where I would be swimming I got very very excited and a little nervous. The nervous was that I would need to be getting in and out of the water with out a railing. With my cerebral palsy I have bad balance sometimes and can have hard time doing certain things. But nothing could spoil this moment. I was willing to try ans ask for help if I needed it. Well it was an amazing hour. I was able to feed the dolphins, touch them until my heart was content, and even kissed one. I got in and out of the water no problem until the end. Almost fell in from standing up so many times. I had a great time. It was everything I hoped it would be. An experience I will never forget. I was very proud of myself and loved being with the dolphins. It is another day that will never be forgotten.

I made a new boyfriend at Dolphin Quest.

I made a new boyfriend at Dolphin Quest.

Hugging a dolphin was so cool.

Hugging a dolphin was so cool.

Loved touching them.

Loved touching them.

A day that will never be forgotten. Two new best friends.

A day that will never be forgotten. Two new best friends.

Have a treat.

Have a treat.

We spent the afternoon relaxing and enjoying the amazing weather. We ended the night where we started it at Dukes. Best restaurant. We had our first piece of Hula Pie. It was to die for. If you go to Dukes you need to eat this pie.

This Pie is amazing. It was so good.

This Pie is amazing. It was so good.

January 17
Today was going to be an easy but fun day. We were headed for the North Shore and a drive around the island. When we reached the North Shore we were treated to an amazing sight. There were at least 30 foot waves. See pictures. None really do the waves justice but they come close.

Driving to the North Shore

Driving to the North Shore

Headed for the North Shore. Never get tired of looking at the ocean.

Headed for the North Shore. Never get tired of looking at the ocean.

Waves and more waves.

Waves and more waves.

The waves were just so big. This is the famous sunset beach.

The waves were just so big. This is the famous sunset beach.

None of these pictures do justice to the size of these waves. They were at least 30 feet high. It was one of the coolest things to watch.

None of these pictures do justice to the size of these waves. They were at least 30 feet high. It was one of the coolest things to watch.

Heading back to the hotel was an experience in 5 o’clock traffic. Dad did a great job driving, even if the navigator (me) complained. Dad id learn how to change the topic awful fast and it was very funny.  On the way back I had my Hawaii Five-0 moment we drove by the statute in the opening.

A show that I am totally in love with

A show that I am totally in love with

However I missed watching it in Hawaii as the time change The day ended with another swim in the ocean and room service. It was a fun day!

January 18
We started the day at Duke’s once again. This is a great restaurant. We were spending the day on Waikiki Beach. We rented some beach chairs and an umbrella for the day.

This is where we camped out for the day.

This is where we camped out for the day.

I got a special treat of renting a boogie board. I was excited because my surgeon said no surfing but could paddle board but didn’t have the guts to try. I was very jealous of the surfers however. My heart was really telling me to try it. But I knew better. The boogie board was a ton of fun though. Spending the day with Mom and Dad really doing nothing was great. See those two sitting there in the sun enjoying themselves made my day. After hours of sun and fun we were headed back to the room. After a nice shower I learned that I was very sunburned. Even managed to burn my scar.  On the weekend we got a special treat of live music right outside of our room. It was great. We spent time listening to the music and just enjoying each others company. The night ended with me doing some shopping at night.  Great time just walking around Waikiki.

Look knees are almost even and my feet are boot pointing the same way.

Look knees are almost even and my feet are both pointing the same way.

I loved the ocean.

I loved the ocean.

This was done as a joke but thought I would share. Diamond Head in the background

This was done as a joke but thought I would share. Diamond Head in the background.

Yup tried my hand at boogie boarding. Not that great at it. But had tons of fun.

Yup tried my hand at boogie boarding. Not that great at it. But had tons of fun.

The view from our hotel.

The view from our hotel.

January 19

Today we were headed for a special brunch. But first I wanted to enjoy the nice weather. I went for a walk. Once again I was enjoying my hip and having no pain. I walked more than 2 blocks and was loving every minute of it.  I got some shopping done. I even walked far enough to find the statue of Duke. Thanks to some help from a stranger I got my picture taken with Duke.

I walked to Duke and much father that day. It felt great

I walked to Duke and much father that day. It felt great

Selfie with the Duke statue

Selfie with the Duke statue

I headed back to the hotel and stopped at the salon to get a new hair due. I get part of my hair put in corn rolls. I really thought it looked cool. Headed back to the room for a quick change of clothes and headed to brunch. We were going to the Oceanarium, This is a restaurant with a giant aquarium in the middle of it. We were eating lunch with the fish. HAHA. I met a new friend. I named him Lance.

Selfie with my new friend Lance. Yes I named the fish.

Selfie with my new friend Lance. Yes I named the fish.

Another little friend.

Another little friend.

Mom, Dad and I spent time talking and enjoying each other.   After what was a great brunch we were once again headed back to the hotel. Spent the rest of the afternoon swimming in the ocean and enjoying the weather. One last night of live music. Watched another amazing sunset and took so many pictures. You can never have to many pictures of a Hawaiian sunset.

This is from our balcony. These sunsets never get old.

This is from our balcony. These sunsets never get old.

Another beautiful sunset from our hotel room.

Another beautiful sunset from our hotel room.

I spent part of the night walking around again. I loved being out and doing things.

January 20.

Our last day in paradise. I was very sad that today was our last day here but knew that the vacation was not over yet.  Today Dad and I were headed for Pearl Harbor. Once again something else I needed to sit out on 9 years ago. The only thing that would have made this better was if Mom could have joined us. Dad and I headed out, I had put on my Bioness to help with all the walking but I very quickly learned that it was broken.  What a heart breaker.

The flags flying at Pearl Harbor.

The flags flying at Pearl Harbor.

Being at Pearl Harbor was such a humbling experience. Being so close to something that I have only ever learned about in text books. Knowing that so many men gave their lives so we could have our freedom is amazing.  I stood there just thinking about them and how they are an inspiration and heroes. I learned so much that I will never forget. It was a great experience.

The ship is still leaking oil. Some believe that the oils are the tears that the ship is crying for all those that were lost. The belief also is that the ship might cry its last tears when the last Arizona survivor dies. I think that is an amazing idea.

The ship is still leaking oil. Some believe that the oils are the tears that the ship is crying for all those that were lost. The belief also is that the ship might cry its last tears when the last Arizona survivor dies. I think that is an amazing idea.

To all those who paid the ultimate sacrifice on the Arizona. There are crew members that are now buried along side of their fallen brthers.

To all those who paid the ultimate sacrifice on the Arizona. There are crew members that are now buried along side of their fallen brothers.

A sight that will never be forgotten. The water is shallow that some pieces of the great ship still stick out of the water.

A sight that will never be forgotten. The water is shallow that some pieces of the great ship still stick out of the water.

This is the real anchor from the USS Arizona. Dad had a hard time getting the whole thing in the picture because of how big it is.

This is the real anchor from the USS Arizona. Dad had a hard time getting the whole thing in the picture because of how big it is.

I made it through all that walking with out my Bioness. I was very happy that I could do it. It showed me that yes I need it but I am very capable of doing things with out it. But yes it is easier with it, I will grant you that.

One last swim in the ocean. I was loving that so much. We ended our last night at Dukes. Tropical drinks all around and a little Hawaiian music. Oh how I am going to miss this place.

Celebrating our last night in Hawaii.

Celebrating our last night in Hawaii.

To ladies with leis.

Two ladies with leis.

Mom and Dad and I together in a selfie. Thanks for an amazing vacation.

Mom and Dad and I together in a selfie. Thanks for an amazing vacation.

January 21

Time to leave Hawaii. We got all packed up and left the Outrigger a place that became a second home for 7 days. It was a sad to say good bye.

Goodbye my Friend

Goodbye my Friend

We ended up getting to the airport 3 hours early because the airline didn’t tell us the flight was delayed. There are some great views from the airport. I could have stayed another week but knew it was time to start heading home. The trip was not over yet we were headed for San Francisco, for a day.

Airport selfie. What a great trip, I hated to leave.

Airport selfie. What a great trip, I hated to leave.

View from the airplane. Goodbye my Friend. I will miss you. Thank you for the amazing memory.

View from the airplane. Goodbye my Friend. I will miss you. Thank you for the amazing memory.

Headed for San Fransisco

Headed for San Fransisco

After what seemed like all day we were in San Francisco at 6pm their time. My hip held up to the 5 hour flight just fine. But I was a tired and a hungry grouch. We all were not very happy. But we made the best of it.

Sun setting on the way to San Fransisco

Sun setting on the way to San Fransisco

January 22
After a quick phone call with Bioness to try to get a part replaced and nothing settled but buy a new battery and give that a try. We were off with an amazing tour guide. We were able to make a stop at Radio Shack  to get a battery. Didn’t help, it still didn’t work.
So we spent 4 hours with our amazing tour guide. We got to see so much. I did a good amount of walking with out the Bioness once again. Our tour guide took us to Pier 39, Lombard street, we drove across the Golden Gate Bridge twice, we saw Alcatraz and we ate a a famous restaurant. We got to see so much more but that those were the highlights.  I loved all of it. Dad and I even got to walk down Lombard street. It was a good last day to our awesome vacation.

We walked around Pier 39 or Fisherman's Warf. But there is no fish market there. Who knew.

We walked around Pier 39 or Fisherman’s Warf. But there is no fish market there. Who knew.

They let me off the rock. We didn't get to visit, but it was cool to see from a distance.

They let me off the Rock. We didn’t get to visit, but it was cool to see from a distance.

What a view of the Golden Gate.

What a view of the Golden Gate.

This is at Pier 39. Very famous restaurant.

This is at Pier 39. Very famous restaurant.

An amazing view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

An amazing view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

After finishing out nice tour we were headed back to the hotel to watch some TV and have a little break before we needed to get on our 6 hour flight to the east coast.

Finally at the airport. After going through so many airports I never once went through a metal detector, which I was a little sad about I wanted to set it off. HAHA. I always went through the body  scanner. There was one time where the body scanner might have picked it up but I don’t think so.  Well it was about 8 at night in San Fransisco. I spent a little time shopping and I started writing this post. (Little pokey) 11pm  rolled around and we were getting on the plane once again heading for Washington DC. Vacation was finally over.  😦 After leaving Hawaii which was the hardest part I was ready to head home by this point.

The view from the plane. San Fransisco at night.

The view from the plane. San Fransisco at night.

Venus in the night sky.

Venus in the night sky.

January 23

The Sub rising over Washington DC.

The Sub rising over Washington DC.

6 am and with very little  sleep we were in Washington DC. Seeing the city all lit up as we flew in was pretty cool.  Landed with about an hour until our next flight took off for home.  Time to say good-bye to my shorts for 3 months or so. They will be missed. One last plane ride until we were in the tundra. It was about -2 back home and someone didn’t have a jacket. All loaded up and ready to go one last time.

Almost home. Getting closer.

Almost home. Getting closer.

9:30 am finally back home. I was happy and sad at he same time. I was happy to be around family and friends again. I was very happy to see Jake. However I was sad that the best vacation that I ever had was over.

Final Words:

This is a vacation that I will never forget. My parents and I have created ever lasting memories. I know for a fact that this is the most amazing vacation that I have ever take. It was the first one in a long time that I was able to just enjoy it. Well maybe the first one where I didn’t have to worry about pain. I was able to relax, take part in pretty much whatever I wanted and what my heart wanted. No surfing though. I was loving life for all that it was worth. Loving the time with Mom and Dad in paradise. Being me and making dreams coming true. Loving who I am and what I can do at the moment. Everything that I had worked so hard for was coming try. It was a vacation, a time to be with people I loved. For a few days I forgot that I had my hip replaced and loved being me. Happy, trying things, walking with out my Bioness and loving every single moment of it.  Knowing that Mom and Dad were on a real vacation where they could do what they wanted, knowing that they were happy to watch me try things. It is a vacation that will never be forgotten.  My heart aches to be back there and I know it is because the vacation was one of a life time for all of us.

So you may ask why I decided to share all this an not just my hike up Diamond Head. Well I wanted everyone to see how much I was able to do. 3 years ago this would have all been impossible but I would have done it. We left on January 14 which marked 16 months post op for me. Who knew that I would be pretty much pain free and totally enjoying life. Showing everyone that there is a light at the end of this long long dark tunnel is an amazing feeling.  Knowing that my life has forever changed and I can be 30 and do things that many 30 year old do is amazing. 3 years ago if someone told me that I would be hiking Diamond Head I would say that it was possible, but you were crazy.  But I did it and it puts a smile on my face every time I say or think of that.

I hope and wish that there are many more pain free vacations in the future. I am ready for it. I am ready for whatever life throws at my way. I have set goals and reached them with my whole heart. I am loving every minute in life.

Loving Every Moment in life.

My feeling about this whole trip. I loved every minute of life.

My feeling about this whole trip. I loved every minute of life.

December 2013

What can I say I have been so busy I haven’t even had time to write on my blog in a while. Where to start.

Well it is Christmas time at the White Household again. Bring on the craziness that I love oh so much.  That brings on the fun and little extra time.  So you might ask how that relates to my hip.

Well lets see I have been teaching and working at Wegmans and know that there is just more of that to come.  I teach at least 3 days a week if not more and then working Sundays at Wegmans. It has been amazing that my hip has been tolerating this and so much more. There are weeks where I get to go to the gym twice a week and most times that is after teaching.

I started back in October working with a personnel trainer, who by the way is amazing. It is my old physical therapist. This guy is great. We have been doing so many neat things. The strength is building in my right leg and I am very happy about that. Even better I am losing weight again. I hope this helps this hip last longer if I get to a better weight. He is pushing my limits and I am truly enjoying it.

This is just one of the new things I am able to do. Leg and arm are holding there own.

This is just one of the new things I am able to do. Leg and arm are holding their own.

Now that Christmas time is here there is a little time for a break. I am helping where I can. I pretty much did the Christmas shopping, which I totally loved by the way. Running from store to store and no pain to speak of.  Well just muscle pain. Those words are still amazing to type. Just knowing where I was a year ago to where I am today is amazing. Yes last year I was able to help but nothing like this year. I thought Christmas last year was the best this one might just top that one but maybe not. We are making cookies, wrapping gifts, decorating and doing whatever else needs to be done. It is so much fun. I am going until I pass out at about 10pm and then I start it all over again the next day. The pain when it is present is all muscle and tends to hang out for a day and leave. Usually from over doing it  but I keep pushing the limits so my hip at some point might learn that I am the boss.

Well as Christmas gets closer I get more excited to be part of it. I enjoy being with my family and watching them enjoy Christmas. Knowing this year that I have been able to do so much more to help is great. That the only pain that I have is from over doing it is even better.

As I sit here and write this I know in just under a month I will be turning 30 in the best shape that I have ever been. My body is working and hopefully working right. I will be making the most of this birthday and will wrote more when that day comes.

Thanks to everyone that has been reading this blog. I hope that you have found it very helpful. I wish and yours a very Merry Christmas and an amazing 2014.

Jake and I wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Jake and I wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Just Because

This month brought something special. October 4 marked 2 years since I found out that I had hip dysplasia. Yes I have a memory like an elephant.

  On October 2011 years ago my world was turned upside down. I was diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia. Which I had never heard of before. I learned why I was in pain and knew that there was a journey ahead of me. As I learned more and more I knew that the journey was going to be long. Two Years later my life has been changed. I am so blessed to get the answer that I was so afraid of back then. My life was forever changed two years ago. But again I have the life I do now because of the hip dysplasia.

Two years later I am able to do so many things. This past week was safety week at the school distract that I work for. Well one of the drills was exiting via the fire window. Yup you heard right. I had to climb out the window after helping the kids. I climbed on the chair and slid out the window. NO PROBLEM AT ALL! I was so proud of my self. I had a smile and no one knew why. Two years ago this would have been possible with help and a lot of pain.  I can’t explain how proud I was. I didn’t even think about it just did it. IT WAS AN AMAZING FEELING.  Isn’t great how things can change from day-to-day.

Later in the week I met with my personnel trainer and he said something pretty cool to me. This man has also been my physical therapist since before surgery. He said this. When I first meet you, you were not a happy person. You weren’t even smiling. You could tell that the pain and not sleeping had gotten to you. But today it is night and day. You have changed. You are a totally different person. We were laughing and I was trying new things. Thank you Joe. Sometimes just simple words change things. I tried things that I thought were impossible and pushed the limits with Joe. I am getting there. I did a side plank not perfectly but I did it. I LOVE BEING ME AGAIN. LOVING EVERY MOMENT IN LIFE.

Three months from today I will be heading to Hawaii to live a 9-year-old dream. I will be hiking Diamond Head on my 30th birthday January 2014. Through this journey of mine this goal has kept me going. Know that I would get to do something that I needed to sit out 9 years ago to my unknown hip problem was hard.  Well I have gained enough strength to accomplish this goal. I will be standing on top of the world that day. Through this journey there were days when I thought I would never make it this far but I kept pushing because that is who I am. I will accomplish this goal.

Yes my life might have been changed two years ago but only for the better. I am who I am because I have to fight to get to where I am. This new hip of mine has given me a new lease on life. One that I could have had many years ago. Pain free!

Life is once again opened to me and I can make of it what every I want.  I will do what ever I want to get the most out of it,

I made it!!!

It is hard believe a year ago I was laying in a hospital bed wondering what the hell I did to myself.

As the title say I made it.  It has been one awesome year. It seems like yesterday that I was counting down the days till surgery. Now I have made it a whole year and don’t know where to start.

This year has had its ups and downs. The way surgery and the medications play with your emotions sucked, however those days are so far gone. I feel like a “normal” person again.   It is a great feeling my body is finally caught up on the sleep that I had been miss oh so much for a year. It is a great feeling when you can climb into your bed and know that you can sleep however you want because it is not going to hurt.  Yes at first the sleep was rough but it has become so much better. I am once again enjoying sleep.

If you have been reading the blog you know I have been up to a lot this year. I was making the best of it and don’t plan to stop. Every little and major thing this year has put a smile on my face. From tying my shoes to running with kids, to walking pain-free have been amazing. To squatting for what I feel like is the first time in my life.

I love putting on my socks now!

I love putting on my socks now!

I have attempted to lose more weight and can say slowly but surely it is happening. I have set a new goal of January 15, 2014 to be 200 or less pounds. I am gaining muscle every where and I can see it. I am also losing fat in other places. It is a great feeling. Thanks to my new hip I can do a lot more things and am a lot more physical now. I have been able to run on the elliptical and am back on the treadmill climbing at an incline. Yes with both I have no pain well muscle pain but that is nothing compared to before surgery pain.  I don’t just sit on my butt I like to be moving. Well until my hip has had enough. Yes it lets me know when enough is, and yes sometimes I don’t listen. Nothing ever changes.

So you might ask how do I really feel after a year. Physically I feel great.  I am in the best shape that I have ever been in. My right leg feels stronger everyday.  Yes it has taken me a year to get the strength back but that is ok, it came back which is the most important thing.  I am starting to trust my leg more and more everyday. Trying new things and pushing the limits. I found out yesterday that I could squat as long as I had something to balance or a second and then could let go. I had a huge smile on my face. There is very little pain. Yes it hurts when I over do it. That pain is usually muscle pain and nothing more than that. It tends to go with in a day or so.  On those days my ice pack travels to bed with me.

The farthest I have made it on the treadmill

The farthest I have made it on the treadmill

First time in a long time. It felt good. I almost fell over trying to take the picture

First time in a long time. It felt good. I almost fell over trying to take the picture

As for emotionally I would say this. One that it has busted my self-esteem, two strengthened my out look on life and third has taught me that smile changes everything.  My self-esteem has hit new heights because I once again trust my leg and don’t need to worry about what is going to happen. I am see changes and they are good so I look at my self different now. I am happy all the time, I am not that tired, stressed person that I truly hated so much. It was not me at all.  It has strengthened my out look in many ways. It has once again let me see that I can do what ever I put my mind too. It has allowed me to say yes I can again.  I know that everyday is a  new day and I might get to try something new.  Lastly I have leaned that smiling is amazing. The simplest things can put the biggest smile on my face, not a fake smile but one that means everything to  me. It is an amazing feeling.

This hip has allowed me to create a bucket list of things that I want to do.  One of the top things on that list is to hike Diamond Head in Oahu Hawaii. I had to sit out nine years ago due to my unknown hip pain.  It was hard for me not to be able to do that. Well I can say in 4 months I will be heading to Oahu with my amazing parents. On January 15 my 30th birthday I will be hiking that very mountain.  My heart is full with joy and excitement.  Knowing that one reason that it is going to happen is because of my new hip. Well and my determination that I will do it no matter what. There will be a post about that, you can count on it.

As I have said before music seems to speak to me at points in my life. Well my niece introduced me to the Imagine Dragons and lets say many of their songs speak to me and who I am. The on that is really playing in my headed right now is Radioactive. These few lines keep playing “I’m waking up, I feel it in my bones
Enough to make my systems blow”.  That is how I feel most days that everything is waking up.

I do need to say a few thank yous to the people who have helped me get this far. These are in no certain order. Dr. Clarke, thank you for being a skilled surgeon and saying yes, because if you said no I might not be doing all this,  Joe my PT, thank you for teaching me all that you did. You should me that I had the strength in my leg when I thought I didn’t. You pushed me past my limits and knew that I would push the limits too. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of that, You did an amazing job and should be very proud. To my family, each and every one of you have helped. From just listening across the miles. From the kind words to the hugs to just being you has helped me greatly. Thank you all.  Lastly to my amazing parents. Dad you knew what and when I needed to hear certain things. Even through your silence you were helping. Mom you were my rock. You held my hand a year ago and never let go. You are still holding it you just don’t know it. You were my shoulder when I needed to cry. You both knew when I needed you and when I needed space. I would not have made it through this journey with out you. Words can’t say thank you enough.

Many people have said that I am an inspiration but in my heart I am just being me and pushing through like I have always done. This year has changed my life for the better. It was hard but what isn’t, life isn’t meant to be easy.

I regretted this hip in the beginning, but now I love it to pieces. It has given me my life back. I am so happy that I went through with this. I am living everyday like it is a whole new journey.  I have learned that I have the determination deep down to get things done. I am getting to live life the way that it is meant to be.

This journey is never easy. I have had to fight since day one. I fought to have the surgery done, I fought after surgery to get back to me. I went through 4 and a half months of physical therapy to make it to this point. I did whatever it took to get where I am. It has taken a whole year to gain my strength and stamina back.  My hope for the future is to still see improvements and to enjoy every single one of them. This life is mine to live and I am making the best of it. I am so happy that I had this done.

My Mom and Dad gave me an amazing gift today. It means the world to me. See the picture below.

I think this says it all. One of the best gifts.

I think this says it all. One of the best gifts.

Life is always changing and I will change right with it. Words can never fully explain what my heart feels on this day.  Looking forward to the future. LOVING EVERY MOMENT IN LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Two AMAZING weeks!!!

These were two of the best weeks to date. They both left me speechless. I have been waiting all summer for these two weeks. Had had an AMAZING time.

The first week was vacation bible school week. This years theme was Discover the Superhero in You. How awesome is that. This is something that I have been doing  for the past 5 years or so. It is a very busy week. I am with the kids for 3 and a half hours straight. It doesn’t bother me I love every minute of it. Our day is broken into 30 minute blocks and moving between two different buildings. We have craft, gym, class, service, snack and music. In there is an opening and closing gathering. Most of these activities include getting up and down off the floor many times. For the first time in a long time I was able to run with the kids in gym on Monday. It was so much fun and a giant smile on my face. It was fun to see the kids laughing and joking with me. Yes, I know that I am not supposed to be running but it was so worth it. I had so much fun this week. By Friday my leg was becoming very tired and not happy with me. But I put a smile on my face and keep going. I was having too much fun to give in. This is a week that I will remember for a very long time. Knowing that a year ago I made it till Tuesday when the pain really kicked in I made it a full week this time. The kids were amazing. I can’t wait till next year. Hopefully it will be just as great.

This is a little note also about Vacation Bible School week. My family and I were leaving for vacation on Thursday to Keuka Lake, We do this every year. So after teaching and getting up and down off the floor everyday I would head home and help with what ever was needed to be done to leave Thursday. I even went shopping on Wednesday. I was using a lot of energy this week and still going. I made the drive down with my parents and drove back that night to be home Friday for last day of VBS and closing night activities. After closing night I made the drive back to the lake. I made it all week without a nap until Friday. I was very impressed.

This is how my Friday night ended. God’s way of showing me how amazing he is.

Sun setting on Friday what a way to end amazing week number 1 and start number 2. God has a plan for me!

Sun setting on Friday what a way to end amazing week number 1 and start number 2. God has a plan for me!

Our week at the lake was ready to start, with tons of fun, friends and family time.

Saturday I got to wake up to this great view. I never do get sick of it.

Keuka Lake our week long home thanks to great friends.

Keuka Lake our week-long home thanks to great friends.

Saturday morning was spent walking around the farmers market that is huge called the Windmill. It was good fun. My leg was ok with it and no real pain at all. It was being good after the week before.  But my leg didn’t know what I had in store for it. But it would. The rest of the day was spent in the water with family and some much-needed relaxing.

Sunday was another day of firsts in a long time. I took Jake my dog for a walk for the first time in a long time. He was very happy and so was I. We walked 1.50 miles together. Someone got tired before I did. By the time we got back to the house I was tired too but not sore!!!

My baby Jake on his first walk in about 2 years. We walked 1.50 miles together. He got tired first.

My baby Jake on his first walk in about 2 years. We walked 1.50 miles together. He got tired first.

I could get pretty used to this view and I think Jake might like more walks. Wish we had a place at home that I could take him.

The other first that happened today was that I got in a kayak for the pretty much the first time in my life, It was a trick getting in but oh so worth it. It was easier if the back half of the kayak was on dry land, it would balance better. I paddle myself that first time probably over 2 miles. My right arm was strong enough to keep pulling. I had so much fun my hip never hurt once doing all that. Getting out of the kayak was a different story. The easiest way that I could think of was to roll of the kayak in the water that was a little deeper. It worked as long as someone held the kayak. I got in that kayak about 5 more times that week.  This picture is from the last time that I did it. I pulled my niece along for the ride too.


The rest of the week was SUPER. We had tons of fun with family and friends. Even went on a mini wine tour and a couple of walks. My hip made it till Saturday until I got made at me. I was very happy about that. I think that it was ready for my bed, I had been sleeping on an air mattress all week which I loved.  I had so much fun with family and friends.

I know these will be two weeks that I will not forget for a long time.

As I finish writing this post I know that the one year mark is literally right around the corner. It feels just like yesterday that this journey was starting.  I am having the time of my life being free of pain and being happy 24/7 again. This journey has shown me so much.  Here is to a great rest of the summer and the start to a pain-free school year subbing.

Me and Keuka Lake. My sun burn from Kayaking showing.

Me and Keuka Lake. My sun burn from Kayaking showing.


Oh my goodness it has been over a month since I have written on this blog. I am happy to say I have been very busy LIVING LIFE!! I am very happy to say that. This post as it says is going to be about my trip to Minnesota. All I can say is amazing.

I left a few days after my parents did which meant I was flying alone for the first time since my hip replacement. First can I say how nice it was to be able to bend over and take off my shoes no problem. At my home airport we don’t have metal detectors just the full body scan. I didn’t tell them that I had a hip replacement and went right through no problem. Sat on the plane for 2 plus hours and no real pain. I did all of a sudden remember that I needed to move so I didn’t get a blood clot. Have no idea why that popped in my head and being almost 9 months post op I think I was ok. But I became very wiggle after that because I can’t really do ankle pumps with my right foot. CP gave me foot drop. Made it here no problem, just ready to move.

There was a group of us that traveled from my home town to see my nephew graduate from high school. There was 7 of us from NY there to see him walk across the stage. We might not have all been at the ceremony but watched from the house and were very proud.

We had a few great days together. Getting things ready for a fun graduation party. The graduation party was a great time. I was sad to see my family go but knew that my nephew, sister and I were going to have some fun.

We did some fun things well I was there. They did keep me very busy which was great. It put the new hip of mine to the test. I had a great time with my sister shopping and making chocolate. We did so many great things together. There are two things I am going to share because they seem the most relevant.

My niece, her boyfriend and my nephew and I went to the Minnesota Zoo. I have been here before but it is still a great trip. This is not some small zoo. I spent 6 hours straight on my feet and LOVED every minute of it. Thank you to my new hip and lovely Bioness I was able to do all this. We walked the whole zoo. We even went back to the farm and played with some goats. I as rally enjoying myself. We were laughing joking and enjoy each others company. Best part was I didn’t hurt. What an amazing joy. I did find out that I still walk a little slow. But that doesn’t bother me at all. It was a great trip to the so. One that I won’t forget. What made it the best was I was with my family!

This is was after 6 and half hours of straight walking. I was so proud of myself and I love my Bioness!

This is was after 6 and half hours of straight walking. I was so proud of myself and I love my Bioness!

My nephew and I decided that we wanted to go to the Mall of America and ride some rides. Here we come roller coasters and more. This is the first time I have been on rides since my thr. Very excited and even more excited to be doing it with this nephew. We have a special bond and really enjoy each other. We had so much fun together. We went on so many great rides and I was able to get on and off them no problem. That put a smile on my face. That five-year old kid in me showed up again. We rode roller coasters and other things that allowed my hip to be put to the test. I was a total blast. Lots of laughs.
Today was leaving day. 😦 very sad to go home because I had such a great time with family. One more time through airport security. This time I did set off the metal detector. They didn’t have a full body scanner so I had to get a pat down. I made sure I told them about my hip before going through on a warning from my mom that set it off too. I didn’t like the pat down and hope there are not many more in my future but I kinda know there are. I will become ok with it. It will be my normal. It was a great trip. I am so happy that. Was able to go. I can’t wait till next year.

View of home from the plane

View of home from the plane

25. AMAZING!!!!!

I have been waiting to write a post like this. I hope that it gives many people hope for the future. It has given me great hope for the future.

This week started on April 29 and will end May 5. What an amazing week it has been. That is all I can say. This week started great and ended the same.

It started on Sunday with and amazing 5 and a half hour shift at Wegmans. When I work at Wegmans I am on my feet for the whole time by choice right now. I could have a 10 min break but it does not feel worth it to me. I worked that whole shift like it was any other day. I am not demoing any more so I was helping like I would normally. I was shopping for things that our department needed that meant walks around the store. It was great. I was even able to shift all my weight over to my right leg. I got a little pain after doing that but it went away. The only thing that I felt bad about was that I was not home to help with the garden work that my family was doing. The day ended with no pain!

Monday I was off to a full day teaching. It was very nice. They were working on plants. It was fun. The day was good. I decided after teaching to hit the gym. So after working all day I did a full work out. It was a busy but good day. Still no really pain. After working all day I headed for the gym for a good work out. It was great I felt good doing it. Yes my hip was tolerating it. Not hurting or throwing a fit like it does some times. After the work out I was finally headed home. I was tired but a good tired. The night finished great still no pain.

Tuesday was here and I was off to teach again Today I was what you call a floater. I was going to different classrooms every half hour or so. That way teachers could go to meetings. It was very interesting and very busy. I was doing a lot of walking and it felt great. It was a fun day over all. After that I had a nice PT appointment for my left knee. Lots of hard work and laughs. Day ended with no real pain. Just some muscle pain. Another day over and many more to go.

Wednesday, I was excited to sub today as I was in a special education Kindergarten room. I have been in this class before and love it. The kids are great and the adult are great too. Something happened today that I truly enjoyed. I was sitting on the floor with the kids and one was having a rough time and I was able to calm him down. After I did he put his head down on my knee and just laid there, then another student climbed in my lap at the same time. My hip held up to all of that. It has been many years since I have had a child sit in my lap while I was sitting indian style. The day went on with nothing major. These kids are amazing in this class. Lots of sitting on the floor and getting up and down. The day ended great. After a great day I decided to head for the gym once again. I had a good workout. Tonight was the first night that I hd some pretty bad muscle pain. I took my ice pack to bed with me and it felt great. It brought back some memories.

Thursday all I can say is holy cow. I can’t believe that I have made it this many days with very little pain. Today I was the teacher in a second grade class. The kids were very intrigued by my Bioness. One of the kids wanted to know if they could wear it. No was the answer of course. They were a very busy bunch of kids. They loved doing just dance to get their wiggles out. My leg was physically tired and only a little sore. The day ended with some hugs from the kids and asked if I could come back and sub again. That made my day. Headed to bed knowing already that I was working on Friday.

Friday and my amazing week is almost over. Today I was headed to be a k- 1st special education teacher. It was a busy day but fun at the same time. These kids were busy bodies, they were always moving. But I love it. We had an assembly and many fun activities and a lot of hard work. The day ended well. Took some ibuprofen tonight to help my sore tired muscles. Was really ready for bed. However the day was not over yet.

Saturday was just as busy as the rest of the week. I am a third grade religion teacher at a local church and four of my students were making their first communion. I was headed to that special mass. I did find out that one of my students would be making it at the 4:30 mass. They did a great job and were happy to see me. My hip handled the kneeling well and gave me no problems. Back home and time for some PT for my left knee. Joe kept me busy and tired me out some more. My hip did good since we are doing wall squats with ten pound weight now. I was not able to do that very well before surgery, now I can do them. They are not perfect but I am getting better. I worked in the garden for the first time all year. It felt great I was able to kneel stand and sit. I was getting up and down no problem and really enjoying it. It felt good to just be in the sun after such a long week. We were headed to church to see my last student make their first communion. It was very nice. The day ended with me being sore but pushing through.

Back to Sunday again and you know where I am headed. Another 4 hour shift at Wegmans. What a day. I was set to demo for four hours. My hip being sore and tired didn’t like this very much at all. I dealt with it and made it through the day and headed to bed that night knowing that I was teaching on Monday. The cycle never ends.

As I sit here and write this I know that I have a busy week ahead again. I am teaching four out of the five days and have two PT appointments. They are the last two. I hope that they are the last two for a long long time even though I love spending time with Joe. I took Friday off so I will not have to re schedule my PT appointment and get a few things done that I have not been able to do.

Writing all of this has shown me that I am slowly but surely getting my life back and that it can be amazing. I am enjoying every minute of teaching again and doing many fun activities with the students that I once couldn’t. I have not had this much fun teaching in a long time. Yes there is still pain present but both of the jobs that I have are demanding on my body. I push my body to the limits and it pushes right back, however I don’t let the pain win and I never will. As I look at it all this working is just bringing back my stamina and strength. The pain is slight and just a minor interference in life. Just thinking that a year ago I was coming home everyday from teaching and taking a nap because the pain was unbearably and my body was way over tired, I never took a nap at all this week. There are days that I might complain about the job I was given but I make the best out of  the situation. Right now I can’t pick the job that I get, but I am ok with that. This hip replacement has changed my life and has allowed me to live again.

The end of this month is going to bring an other great accomplishment. I am heading to the airport to fly to MN for my nephews high school graduation. For the first time since my THR. Second I am flying alone so it should be a great experience. I will post how that all goes. I am planing just to go for it and not tell anyone and see what happens.

As the quote on this page says ” Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try” I tried everything this amazing week and came through with flying colors I believe. I decided to try many things this week and have reached an amazing accomplishment. I am getting ready to have a full-time job.  I am getting the chance to really teach and not worry about the pain. It is the best my leg can support me the whole way. It is the greatest feeling. Yes getting to this point was a ton of hard work. Yes I am still healing  and know that it can only get better and better.  This is a year-long journey. Being almost 8 months post op and being able to do all this is great. I have come so far and hope to go so much farther.  I .m seeing that the light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer and closer

Thank you so much to everyone that has been following this blog. I hope that it have given others hope.  It has given me a place to share my feelings and hopefully help people which I love to do. If there is anything that anyone would like me to write about please please let me know. Nothing is off-limits. Well maybe one or two things. But I am pretty open.

Ending as I do. LOVING EVERY MOMENT IN LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25. Happy Easter

Happy Easter Everyone!

It has been a busy Holy Week around our household. Lots of work getting ready for Easter. But with the hard work comes fun too.

The week started with Palm Sunday and this led to some thinking on my part. I thought how awesome I am doing from where I was a year ago. It is a great reference point because I was able to stand through the reading of the Passion and kneel part way through it. A year ago there would have been no kneeling after all that standing.

Headed to Wegmans where a year ago I had to cut back on the hours I was working to only 5 hours. Yes that is the same amount of time that I am working now. But it was decided to wait for an 8 hour shift until the summer when I am not teaching to see how my leg fairs.

My hip was amazing this week. I worked two days and had no problems at all. That is so great to write.  It has been awesome every time I came home pain-free from teaching. Weighed in on Wednesday and I was at 204 that is a total of 56 pounds lost just over half way to my goal.

Good Friday rolled around. On this day that Jesus bared his cross on his journey honorably I feel I have done the same with my cross on my journey. I know that it is not at all the same.  Today Jesus gave up his life to save all of us. I am very proud to have him on my side. Thank you Jesus for making the choice you did. You r truly the greatest. We were decorating the house in the full swing of things.  Had a great time decorating eggs with my nieces and nephew.  We had lots of laughs. It was great just to sit there and listen to the four of us joke and spend time together. With things getting done efficiently this years it seems as we have extra time to breath. That is a nice treat. I have not really used my ice pack at all this week and am proud of that.  I have been using it for six months.

Holy Saturday was here and things were going as planned. Lots of things to do around the house. Lots of prep work and table setting. We even finished early and wondered what we forgot.  Still no real hip pain. Once again I was remind where I was a year ago and still can’t believe that I am able to do all this running around and be OK with it. I have noticed lately that I have been able to put more of my body weight on my right leg. That is an amazing feeling after babying it almost my whole life. It is strong and it is working. So all those years I thought that my CP was getting in the way I bet it was my hip. My parents and I were headed off to the Easter Vigil tonight. This is one of the greatest celebrations in my Catholic faith. Three years ago I was blessed to be part of the Vigil as I became Confirmed. It was just as beautiful this is year if not better. Sitting there holding my Mom’s hand I felt very lucky to have the most amazing parents and how they and God have made it possible for me to make it this far in my journey. Back home after a great Mass with just a little more work to do.

Easter Vigil. Me at my lightest 204 pounds . 56 pounds down and more to come.

Easter Vigil. Me at my lightest 204 pounds . 56 pounds down and more to come.

Waterfall Braid kindly done by my Mom.

Waterfall Braid kindly done by my Mom.

Headed to bed after helping Mom and Dad with a few more things. No ice pack once again. I am getting there.

Easter Sunday!

As the sun rises on this beautiful Easter Sunday. I am remind how Jesus rose from the tomb. Each day we get to start a new. What an amazing gift. This Easter has meant so much more this year to me. HAPPY EASTER TO ALL. I decided to swing past Wegmans well getting bagels to let them see me in some normal clothes. One of the ladies that I work with was almost brought to tears. She has seen me transform over this past year and half that she has worked with me. She was amazed at how I was walking with out my Bioness and how great I looked. We had a great family gathering. Lots of fun looking for Easter baskets that the Easter Bunny kindly hid. Yes when my family gets together there are many laughs too. When there are 23 of you all together lots of things will happen. No stolen candy but jokes about that happening. It is just great to be part of a large family where we all care for each other so much.  After baskets were found we had a lovely meal.  Standing this whole time was not bothering me. I guess my body is pretty used to it. That is such a great improvement. I have with them. I have walked around for three days with out my Bioness and I have no extra hip pain that I might get from not using it.  Either my foot drop is getting better, or my leg is not bothered by it as much. I like both options. Loving posing for pictures these days.

My Goddaughter and I on Easter Morning!

My Goddaughter and I on Easter Morning!

As this amazing day comes to and end I have gotten to think about many things. How lucky I am to have the most amazing family that raised me as their own. To have amazing parents that are there no matter what.  God picked the most perfect place for me. I think I have finally figured out way this Easter was so special for me. I was able to just enjoy it. Not worrying about what will happen tomorrow and how much I will hurt. I just was able to watch joyfully everyone enjoy themselves. Which in its own was the GREATEST gift that God could have given me. The ability to just be with my family and enjoy every single minute.

I would like to end with the following. As this day comes to an end I feel astonished by the miracle that Jesus preformed on this day. This year Easter has been the best yet. I am feeling great and am pain-free. I feel like I have been risen. God does many great things and I am one of them and very proud of it.

Thank to all that have been following my blog. I really hope that I am helping people.

24. Everything will be alright

I have had tried to write this post a couple of times now. I hope this time it will sound right. I want people to see the that there are ups and downs to this journey. As many know I also have cerebral palsy on the same side as the THR.

Well in the last couple of days I have been thinking. When I started this journey with a 1/2 inch leg difference which I always blamed on my CP. Yes it might have been part of it. Now that the hip has been replaced the legs are even for the first time in my life. Yes I love being even but it has brought something to my attention. I no longer have the rock in my gait. I have been working hard at strengthening the muscles that help with that. But having the leg length gone and the rock gone must of the time has led me to think.  There is no longer visible signs of my CP on the outside. Yeah that may seem strange but that limp has been there since as far as I can remember. Now I am afraid that people wont understand why I have to do things different. Yes when I have shorts on you can see my Bioness but in pants I look just like anyone else sort of. That slightly might be part of my problem. I have never wanted to be “normal” and now I am starting to look normal and that is bothering me too. This might  seem totally crazy to some people. But hay that is what is in my brain. Yes my right arm will still be a visible sign to others that not everything is OK.
Knowing that it will only get better and better is hard too. Not that I want to go back to where I was ever.  You get so used to being a certain way for so long. I was happy with where I was and thought I as at my best but now I have the chance to be even better. Do things that I once thought were unobtainable. Yes I might be the same Blaire again but I am getting the chance to be a better Blaire. I am trying everything new like I am 5 again. How many people get that chance. For so many years there were times when I would watch people do things and know that I might never be able to do that. However once again the world has been opened up to me. I am one that very rarely says I can’t I have always tried before I say I can’t. Well once again I have found new skills that I once lost the ability to do.

I will say that change has always been hard for me. So to have the bump in the road seems almost normal to me. I know there is more change to come. Just like today I was at Church and was kneeling and I thought about how a year ago that was not possible. My hip would not let me do it.  Everyday is a new experience that I get to live and live it my way. As the nicer weather starts to head to my area I am thinking of all the fun things I can do now.  I have many hopes for the summer. I am hoping to lose 40 pounds and be close to my ideal weight. I can’t wait to have a GREAT week at VBS. An amazing family vacation and a trip to my nephew’s High School Graduation. The trip for graduation will be the first trip through the airport post THR.  I am planning to enter OT for my right arm again. I am hoping to find a teaching job and just to have tons of fun. When I have things to look forward to it helps the bad days be that much better.  I am ready to live my life again and will do the best to be my best.

Loving every Moment in Life!!

23. March 14, 2013 YES 6 months.

As the title says I have hit a major mile stone in this hip journey of mine. I have hit 6 months post op and couldn’t be more excited than I am. First I want to talk to you about my 6 month check up that I had March 12.

March 12 we all head to Syracuse for my check up with Dr. Clarke’s PA. She was a little nicer on this visit which was great. Headed of for some x-rays. I will be glowing by the time that I am done. They also x-rayed my left knee this time, more on that later. The x-ray techs loved my shirt.

This is a great shirt. Yes they are my own x-rays.

This is a great shirt. Yes they are my own x-rays.

The PA told me that the x-rays of my hip looked good. However she gave me some new news that I was not ready for. She told me that I have hip dysplasia in my left hip. However it was very very slight. I was told that it might never bother me at all or it might take many years for it to cause me pain. I like the first choice so much more and hope that is what happens. I like to think that the weak muscles on my right side let my hip dislocate and not stay in the socket. With that news I was a little sad. But know that it is going to be fine. She examined my hip and said that everything looked great. I got the all clear.  She said still no lifting over 50 pounds on a regular basis or running. I can do it enough to play with kids but not everyday of my life. They just want my hip to last as long as it can and running makes it wear more.

After my hip got the all clear she took a look at my left knee. She said that it had very little arthritis.  She said that the noise just might be normal for my knee, however she didn’t like the idea that it locks sometimes. It was decided to put me in some more PT to strengthen my quads on that side. Yes and No, I was thoroughly enjoying my time with no appointments. Yeah I get to see Joe.

When my appointment was over I was walking back from picking up my x-rays and I could hear my mom say that I was not rocking while I was walking. That put the biggest smile on my face in the middle of the doctor’s office. I was so happy that she noticed.

6 Months. They all look the same to me now.

6 Months. They all look the same to me now.

Well since I got the all clear I got a special treat. A milk shake, you used to do that when I was sick and would come back from the doctors.

Treat after getting the all clear at the doctors. I had a second one later. Bad diet day

Treat after getting the all clear at the doctors. I had a second one later. Bad diet day.

MARCH 16!!!!! 6 Months Today!!! What an amazing journey that I have been on. I went to bed last night for the first time with out my ice pack. It was a nice treat. I was a little sore in this morning but nothing a little stretching couldn’t fix. I am working again and loving every minute of teaching. I didn’t teach today but it was a nice break. I did head for a workout for the first time in 2 weeks. That was way to long. It felt good well I was doing it but as the day has gone on I have become sore and know that I will be taking my ice pack to bed tonight. Not much else happened today. Just a lot of thoughts that I would like to share.

I have been thinking that if someone would have told me that I would be where I am 6 months ago I would have said they are crazy. Just about 7 months ago I could not sleep and barely make it through a shift at Wegmans. I am now loving sleeping again and never knew how much my body missed it. I am working 5 hour shifts at Wegmans and soon hoping to complete an 8 hour shift. I am loving every day that I get to teach and can’t wait to have my own classroom some day. I am now with a giant smile able to go up and down the stairs alternating feet for the first time in my life. It takes a lot of thinking but I can do it.  I can now get on the floor without any support and sit Indian style for a short amount of time. I am working hard to loss more weight and increase the strength in my right leg so it can help out more.

The best thing that  have gotten is the ability to live. I can do what I want now for the most part. I am able to walk better and longer with little to zero pain. I am happy teaching again. I can do things with the kids and not worry about the pain as much. Yes my body is still healing and know that it might take a whole year. But it is a Whole of hell better. As the summer approaches I can’t wait to see what is in store. It has been a ton of hard work that is fully worth it.

I do need to say a big thank you to my parents that have been here every step of the way. You are amazing and I know where I get it from. Thank you for being there. This journey would have been twice as hard with out you. Thanks for putting up with all my crap day in and day our. Thanks for making me smile. I love you both to pieces.

I have been put on this journey for some reason that is unknown to me and know only to God. Maybe one day He will share with me. But I am good not know. I am amazed with myself everyday and even more when I accomplish something new. It might be the simplest thing from lifting my right leg without using my hand or being able to bend my hip almost to 120 degrees. I am amazed at the will power that I have and gained through this journey. I am impressed every single day that I wake up and am able to be pain-free. I am my own super women and hope that others see they are one too.  I am blessed to be given a second chance to live life. Well I guess it is the first chance to live it the way it was meant.

Yes I still have rough days and I might not be the happiest camper but I am try my best. As I have said before I don’t think that my brain a fully caught up to my body at the gets me fully frustrated. I still except to get pain when I do certain things and am slightly nervous when I don’t It had become my normal. My brain can tell my body what to do but my body doesn’t respond but most of the time it does. This is journey is a lot for my brain to wrap around and one day everything will make sense to me.

Now that I have gone on and on I think it is time to end this post and head to bed.  I have taken every step of this journey head on just like everything else I do. I am happy that I was put on this amazing journey, I know that I might be able to help someone in the future. Loving every moment in life!!

22. Bioness and Hip.

This post is not going to be too much about my hip. But it will at the same time. Crazy I know that’s me.

I know I have said this many times before but I also have cerebral palsy on the right side of my body. Yes that is the same side as the THR. It was found in January 2012 that I have something called foot drop do the cerebral palsy. It just means that I don’t get a heel toe strike when I walk. My toes hit the floor first. Well I tried out a Bioness L300. This is an electric stimulation device that I wear below my y knee. It stimulates the nerve below my knee that controls my foot. So when I wear the device every time a take a step my foot is picked up and I get the heel toe strike. It has made a major difference in my life already. More about that later.

Friday March 1st was a special day around here for me. It was my one year anniversary with my Bioness. I have owned and used my Bioness that long already. It just seems like yesterday that I started using it. I could only wear it for and hour and increase over the days. When the month ended I knew that I needed it and that it was going to help greatly. I didn’t care about the price it was priceless to me. At this point I still had my bad hip that was half dislocated but I was ready to push the limits. I was already walking laps around the gym at I work out at going up and down stairs. I started a Bioness Bucket List.These are mainly walking things that I want to do. Yes many of the things would have to wait till I got my hip done but at that point I didn’t know when that was going to happen.

Well on the one year anniversary I decided to do something special. Well I decided that I wanted to check something off the Bucket list. I felt that my hip was strong enough to handle it and I was ready to tackle it in the snow too. I was headed for a walk around Cobbs Hill Reservoir. You what is the big deal. This is a big deal to me because I have never been able to do this and have watched people do it and always thought that one day I will do that. Second it has a major connection to my family. My Grandfather used to run the reservoir as his job. My Mom has told me many stories about her childhood there and my Grandfather who I have never met. I have been told many times that he would have loved me very much. I felt that this was a way for both my Mom and my Grandfather to be there. The walk around the reservoir is .69 miles and I was ready. My Dad decided that he wanted to come along for the fun. Not even the snow and cold was going to stop me.

Where we started

When we got there I was very excited about this whole thing. Winter clothes on and ready to go. We made it a quarter of the way around and I was not even tried. We stopped for some pictures.

Quarter of the way there.

Quarter of the way there.


Reaching the half way mark was a major mile stone. Even better was I was keeping up with my Dad who is a pretty fast walker. Hip is still happy and my leg is not tired. All that working out and PT has helped off in ten fold. Three quarters of the way there and I was over the moon. I took a few pics and a video to document the journey. The smile on my face was great.

These are my foot prints in the snow.

These are my foot prints in the snow.

We saw the car and we were finished I had just walking .69 miles. I did it!! This had been on my radar a year ago just as a thought. One year later I was able to do it and have fun at the same time. Almost 6 months ago this would have been possible but rough going. It was an amazing trip that was well worth it. Life is getting back to normal and I am enjoying every minute of it. Know that I have a new hip nothing will hold be back. I am trying so many new things and the Bioness is helping all the way. There were a few more pictures and we were done with the walk. I have a new goal at Cobbs Hill Reservoir when we have nice weather.

One year later. 50 pounds lighter and a new hip. I love my Bioness!!!

One year later. 50 pounds lighter and a new hip. I love my Bioness!!!

It was a great day and I had tons off fun. When I got home I sent a message to Bioness with a picture and this was the message that I got back and was posted on their Facebook page.

“A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Blaire on her 1 year anniversary with the Bioness L300 Foot Drop System! We’re so proud of all your accomplishments. You never cease to be an inspiration to us and others! Thank you for sharing your journey. We’ll be cheering for you every step along the way. :)”

Thanks Bioness

Thanks Bioness

I guess my hip had a major part in this little journey. I just over a week I will be 6 months post op and can’t wait to see what the future holds for me. Loving every momentum in life.

21. New Found Skills

It has been almost a month since I have posted on here. I have been doing so many great things time just flies by. I have had no PT for a full month. I am still do the things that Joe taught me at the gym and continue to keep working. I am hoping to see improvement still in strength and endurance. I am hoping to see Joe this summer and show him what a great improvement I have made.

As the title says I have some new-found skills. I am very excited to share them with you all. The first takes a few pictures and explaining.

Tying Shoes:

For a year before I was diagnosed with hip dysplasia I could not tie my right shoe at all. Some days I could do it. Most days I would tie my shoe and slide it on. After a few weeks at pt in 2012 I was able to once again bend enough to tie my shoe, but in my own way. I will show you.

This is how I tied my shoes before surgery.

This is how I tied my shoes before surgery.

old way

This was a lot of bending of my back to do this. Let’s say that Joe did not like it very much. I was happy that I could tie my shoe again. 🙂 Over the moon after not tying my shoe in a year. This is how I did it right up until surgery.

For six weeks I was not allowed to bend past 90 degrees so my lovely Mom or Dad tied my shoes. Thank you guys.

Well after going back to my old method the more flexible that I got I started tying my shoes the way I did before my hip bothered me. This is how.

This was my compromise.

This was my compromise.

Siting on a chair or the couch to tie them. Still bending my back and a little bit more at the hip.

Well Joe decided that I needed to learn a whole new way that would flex my hip more. Let’s say that I was not very excited about this. It meant a lot more work on my part. I will show you the pics then explain.

Look at me go!

Look at me go!

This is my new way to tie my shoes. My right hip bend past 90 degrees every time I do this.

This is my new way to tie my shoes. My right hip bends past 90 degrees every time I do this.

It is more work on my part because I now need to get down and up off the floor often. It has made my right leg stronger though. I can now get on the floor by using my right leg first. Great. That probably makes no sense. Well I am enjoying my new way. It is taking time to getting used to. I need to break my bad habits and remind myself to do it that way. I am happy that my hip is bending more and that it takes some of the stretches I would do away. It will become natural just like everything else.


Yup I said squatting! Joe had started teaching me to squat it helps bend the hip to 120 degrees. It is rough because it is something that I have never done in my life. I can get my hip to 120 degrees but as of right now I need to hold on to something.

Started by holding on. I can bend to 120 degrees doing this.

Started by holding on. I can bend to 120 degrees doing this.

This pic is after weeks of practice my hip bends a little better when not wearing jeans. I can now squat at a students desk when I am teaching as long as I can balance on their desk. I have done it a couple of times without even thinking about it. It was great.

The next pic was only the second time I had tried this. I was able to hold it for about 30 seconds.

Squatting sort of. First real time with out holding on. Look at that hip bend.

Squatting sort of. First real-time with out holding on. Look at that hip bend.

It is getting better every time that I do it. As it becomes easier it becomes natural and that excites me. Even before surgery this was something I could not do. My hip wouldn’t even bend past 90 degrees no matter how hard I or Joe tried. What an improvement.

As the weeks and days go on I learn that I have many new skills that might seem simple but are a big deal to me. It can be something as simple as lifting my foot without my hand to put on my shoe. Or sitting through a movie at the theater not having to move because of pain or move at all. To climbing to stairs alternating feet and then coming back down the same way. That puts a smile on my face every single time. To knowing that I am returning to my “normal” whatever that should be. I am getting stronger ever day and I can see it. Just on February 25 I stood up off the floor with my right leg in the front with out holding on for the first time!! I was super impressed with myself.

I saw this sitting on the counter the other day and it brought a smile to my face.


You may ask why this brought a smile to my face. Well just about 7 months ago I was taking these every four hours just to make it through the day. I now might take them once a month. I am proud that I no longer need them. My pain is pretty much gone. I have muscle pain from teaching them how to work all over again. That is what brings the smile to my face.

Yes there are goals and skills I have not reached yet but I can see them in the near future. The major one that is going to take time is getting the rock out of my gait. I have what you call a reserve Trendelenburg gait or Trendelenburg lurch. It will take strengthen muscles in my right leg but I am getting there.

I always seem to think a lot when I am typing for this blog. But hay that is what it is for right. Life is always changing and I am seem to be ok with that now. Change used to be so hard for me to deal with. Yes it is still hard but I seem to deal with it better now. I am breaking a lot of old habits and forming new ones. I guess you can teach an old doge new tricks. HAHA. It may frustrate the heck out of me to have to change so much but it is ok. I am happy to do it as long as it is going to help. I am and have always been happy with who I am. I am also happy with where I am. I am getting the strength back and even more. Now that my right leg is working so much better I notice that my right arm might be able to be better.  It might be time to return to OT. I know that has nothing to do with my hip.

I am more than happy that I had this done. It has given me my life back.  Who ever knew. I am enjoying work at Wegmans again and teaching and love every day that I don’t need to turn down a sub call. I can’t wait to see what the future holds. Here is a trip to Hawaii in my near future, to hike Diamond Head. That goal has taken me far.


20. Life Continues!!

The title says it all. Life does continue. So many little things equal to many big things. This week showed me many different things.

Monday brought me another good workout. Still no real pain and I have been going since last Thursday. The five-hour shift at Wegmans treated me well. No extra pain like the last time. Once again what a difference a few weeks makes. I am happy that I had the guts to take that leap and work the 5 hour shift. It just showed me that yes I can do it and it will be OK. Today was one of my last PT visits. Many great things happened during PT today. First is I was able to squat better than I could on Saturday. I had been practicing. Still holding on well-doing it, but if I tell you that there was no way even holding on that I could do this before surgery you would be amazed how far I can do it now. Next my pt had me put on my Bioness and asked me to walk with it on. It is going to show you how much my hard work has paid of and what a difference the THR has made. I was walking with the Bioness and my PT noticed that I was walking faster than the Bioness could respond. My hip has let me increase the speed that I can walk. This made me smile I always thought I was going to be pokey. Now I am pokey only if I choose to be. One time after I stopped walking I looked over at my PT and he had a big smile on his face. I asked him what he was smiling at. He said that both of my feet were pointing forward. I told him that is what he had taught me to do and I worked hard to get it to do that. My right foot before surgery was pointed out at a 20 degree angle. Since before surgery and after I worked very hard to get it to point forward. It is now and I don’t even have to think about it anymore. I was happy that he noticed. It was great that something so simple made him happy. Well for me it was not so simple. The day ended great.

Wednesday I weighed myself in and in almost a year I have lost 54 pounds!!! Very proud of myself. It was a lot of hard work and still working. When I look back and think how much work it was with a half dislocated hip and pain. It makes me even more proud that I did it. I went for another great workout today. I hit a couple of mile stones today. I went up and down the stairs 4 times. That equals half of the 99 stairs that I will have to hike up Diamond Head. 48 up and 48 down. I was working on the stairs for a surprise for my PT on Saturday. I will tell you more when that happens. Second major mile stone was that I did 2 miles on the elliptical in just over 30 minutes. Best distance yet. I am excited that all these new things are not causing me pain like they were in the past. It is an amazing feeling.

Friday was another great day. I taught again the first time since January 16. Today I was a kindergarten teacher. That is my favorite. The kids were amazing and it was so much fun. Half way through the day I posted this on Facebook. I have made it a half day so far with ABSOLUTELY NO PAIN. As I sit here typing this I have tears of joy running down my face. THIS IS AMAZING!!!! As the day came to an end I decided to sit on the floor with the kids. I sat on the floor for a good 15 minutes Indian style. That put a smile on my face that I was able to do that. A year ago it would have been possible for me to sit there but not Indian style and would have been a lot of work to get up and down. My PT and I decided to move our last visit to tomorrow so I could meet his family that I have leaned so much about. I was very excited. I felt great when I got home the only pain was back pain above my right hip. I took 2 ibuprofen and all was better. It was an amazing day. When I think about it, it was hard to believe that three weeks ago that I was in so much pain that I didn’t want to move. Still sleeping with my ice pack at night but hoping to lose it soon. But I kinda like it now. The day ended great no real extra pain. Here is to Saturday.

Up early for my last PT visit. Well if you haven’t figure it out yet I have been seeing my PT Joe since November at my home. When he left his job at the clinic I thought that it was pointless to start with a new pt that knew nothing about me. If this was my doctor I would follow him too. It was the BEST decision I could have made. Well I have been working with Joe for just over a year on and off, so I didn’t but did want to say goodbye. I am ready for my life to move on and see what I can do on my own. Today Joe was moving my leg around and said that my hip was bending at 105 degrees. Nice. After some stretching, I had a surprise for Joe. I told him that I could go up the stairs WITHOUT holding onto railing. So up I went showing him. Yes it is easier with Bioness on but I can do it with it off. He was impressed. I had told him that I had been working very hard at it. It is not perfect but I can do it most of the time. I will keep practicing until it becomes natural for me just like my foot pointing forward. The second surprise I had for Joe was great too. Joe had been teaching me squat while hanging on to something. When I first did it a week ago. I would hit about 90 degrees before I had to stop. Well I worked very hard all week-long. I was able to do it today and bend my hip to 120 degrees which is what a normal hip should bend to. Even before surgery my hip no matter what we did  would not go past 90 degrees. What a major improvement. I will take it. After a lot of  hard work I got to meet Joe’s lovely family. His wife is awesome and his two kids are great. They are very happy young boys. I enjoyed sitting on the floor with them playing with toys. Put a smile on my face. It was very nice to meet his family since I had heard so much about them. Finally time to say goodbye to Joe. 😦 First a picture.

This is my PT Joe. He has done amazing things with me. Thanks for everything.

This is my PT Joe. He has done amazing things with me. Thanks for everything.

One last time I want to tell you how great Joe is. He has been there since the beginning. He has pushed my limits. Thank you Joe. He has gotten me to do things that I have only dreamed of. Thanks Joe. He has helped me see that I might say I can’t which I rarely say, but can push the limits and get there. Thanks Joe. You should me the PT can be fun and helpful at the same time. You have handed me a key to my life. You are truly amazing. Now that you have a big head I feel better. So thank you for everything you have done. Maybe I will hire you as a personnel trainer one day. It is going to be weird to not have an appointment two times a week. It will be the first time in 4 and a half months. 🙂

As I have mentioned in the past music has played a major part in this journey. I have had songs that speak to me at certain times in my life and this one has come back again. It means a lot to me because it explains my life. Since day one the doctors never believed I would make it this far, but I believed I would. Check out this song and you will see what I mean. I Believe

As I sit here and type this I have thought about many things. I know that I can continue doing things on my own but know I always have help when I need it. My major thought that might seem weird is how strange it is to work and live without pain. Might seem crazy but I had gotten so used to the pain so to not have it bothers me some times. May seem weird but when you have lived with pain on and off for 10 years it becomes your normal, it is hard when that changes. Trust me I don’t want the pain back ever. I love that my life is now becoming closer to my “normal”. One day I will get there and will be happier than a pig in mud. As you can see life does continue after a THR at the age of 28. The light at the end of my tunnel is getting closer and closer.

I would like to thank everyone that is reading this blog. I hope that people are finding it helpful. There are many young people out there that need to hear the success stories. I hope mine has helped.

19. A few big days!

What a few great days I have had. I believe that the days can only get better and better!
Thursday was amazing I snow blowed the driveway again. You might ask about what the big deal is. Well I did it under an hour. First time ever in my life doing that. I had the snow blower in almost the fast gear that it would go. It was amazing I was walking at the same speed as it. It felt amazing to be able to do that. That is a great improvement in just over a week. Just last week I could barely teach. What a difference a week makes in a recovery. No new major pain that night.
Friday was an other great day. First I remembered that a year ago I met my awesome pt Joe for the first time. He has been an amazing help. I would not be where I am without his help and my perseverance of course. He helped me see that my Bioness would be a great addition to my life. How right was he! I am thankful that I got to meet him. I never thought that I would have been in pt for a whole year. Thinking about that has shown me something. It has shown me what a difference a year can make. When I started pt I could not move my foot on my own. I could barely make it through a workout with out being in pain that was awful. A year later I can now make it through a full workout no pain at all. Best of all I can move my right foot on my own! Who knew. I went for my workout today and gave myself an amazing surprise. My right leg (thr) is almost back to the strength that it was before surgery. How awesome. It felt so good. I had the biggest smile on my face. After the weight lifting I did some cardio. Yup still feeling great. I was able to use the elliptical for 30 minutes and go my farthest distance yet. Even better I was almost running on the elliptical. I am getting closer to my goal of running. No one tell Dr. Clarke our little secret. I know it is a no-no, but I am not going to do it all the time. Just when I need to play with kids. My hope is that I will be able to run with the kids at vacation bible school this summer. That night there was no additional pain from these two days. What a great feeling!
Saturday was another big day in my journey it was one year ago that I met an amazing British surgeon. Met Dr. Clarke for the first time. Words can’t say enough what he’s has done for me. I have my life back and I am getting to be a 29-year-old that is acting like a five-year old. Tanks to my amazing “Hip Wizard”. Thank you Dr. Clarke.

Dr. Clarke the best doctor out there.

Dr. Clarke the best doctor out there.

Today I had another good visit with my pt. we are still working on those tricky stairs. I can go up alternating hanging on with my left hand. I am getting to the point where I want to switch to my weaker right hand. I got some real good news and sad at the same time today. I only have two pt visits left. I am excited that I am done. However I need to say good-bye to my pt. I will deal with that day when it comes. It has been an amazing journey. I ended the day by walking through the slush in a parking lot twice. Fear is gone. The days can only get better right.
Sunday is now here and my day to work at Wegmans. You might say well you always do this, however today I hit another mile stone. I worked 5 full hours standing the whole time. Only the second time doing this at Wegmans. The better part is I didn’t hurt well-doing it. Well my scar kept stinging very strange. I think that the nerves are still waking up and re-growing. The better news that as I sit here typing at 9:30 at night I have very little pain. I am super amazed at what a difference a week makes. This day seems like it is going to end well too. Been going for four days in a row. Only tomorrow will tell!
As I sit here and write this I have learned that my life is getting back to my “normal”. Yes it might take a full year to get there, but I am ready. I will do whatever it takes. I am happy that I have been put on this journey. I will show the world that there is life after a hip replacement at 28! There is a light at the end of my tunnel and it is getting closer and closer! I can’t wait to see what it looks like.

Little Off Topic

I decided to write on something off topic. But it isn’t really. I have been doing some thinking lately. Sorry if it seems a little mixed up, but that is how my brain is thinking right now.

As most people know I was born with a disability. When I was younger I was not that happy that I was different then all the other children. However as I grew I have come to fully accept who I am. God made me different for a reason. Yes I might not know why. However I am OK with that.

People have asked how I can be so strong with everything that has happened to me. Well let me explain the best I can. First I have known no different then a life with Cerebral Palsy. Since the day I came in to this world I needed to fight to be here. When doctors tell your parents that you are going to be deaf, retarded and in a wheelchair the rest of your life, you can either live up to those low standards or blow them out of the water. Well not then but as I understood things I decided to blow them out of the water. When you watch your siblings play sports you just want to be part of it, that was the same for me. I would do my best to keep up with them. When I learned about my hip yes, I wondered why me. I don’t I have enough on my plate already. But I thought about it, as this is an other chance to show the world what I made of. So to answer the question being strong is in my DNA. That is the best way to put it.

As for my attitude. I like to think this way. Yeah I could be sad that I have had all these things happen. That is just not me. Yeah I have had down moments in this journey and in life. However I can always pick myself back up and keep on going. The good things always out weigh the bad things. My attitude is my choice.

I wouldn’t be where I am today with out my AMAZING parents. They took me in even though I could have had so many things wrong. They have helped me become who I am. They have shown me the world is full of opportunists. They taught me that I might just have to work a little hard to get things done but that is OK with me. They have taught me that I am different then other people but at the same time that I can do what other people do. But most of all they have given me unconditional love that has taken me so far. They taught me that it is ok that I am different.

So the major point that I am trying to get to is that I love my disabilty. But I don’t see it as a disabilty. It is part of who I am and it will always be that way. Yes my right hand might not work like everyone else’s but I can use it when I need it. I use my hand in my way and it works. Yes it might get better if I work at it. However that is my choice and I will make it again when I am ready. I might not be able to walk like everyone else but I love my Bioness. I am getting better at that every day. thank you Bioness!
I love that I have been put on this hip journey. Yeah it might suck at times but it can only get better. It has opened my eyes to a whole new world. The best part it is pain free, well it is getting there. I am more then happy with who, and where I am. Yeah I would love a teaching job, working on it. I could have been what those doctors said 29 years ago. I am so happy that I am not. I face everyday and every struggle with a CAN DO attitude.

So I guess that this post was just a bunch of my thoughts. But it is great to let other people hear them. The next post will hopefully be hip related more tham this one.

18. Happy 29 Birthday!!

Tuesday January 15, the big day!! HAPPY 29 Birthday to me!!  I was subbing again today. Yesterday ended on a little down note. The pain just was bad. This morning I was sore but more manageable. I was head back to sub some more and hopefully have a great day. The day was good I had pain but not the gross pain that I was so used to. It wasn’t really bad until that night. After teaching I was home for a while before I had to leave again. We had a little party for my birthday at religion. It was fun.  There were a few people there that had seen the TV interview and said that I did a great job. Back home and dinner. Not the way I really wanted to spend my birthday but it was great. It was interesting to say the least. I was so much hoping to spend this birthday pain-free. In a way I did it was a different pain from over doing it. By that night when I went to bed I was done and hurt real bad but I made it through the day. I did some thinking today. I came into this world 29 years ago three months early just to be part of this great big world. I have loved every single minute of it rough times and all. I know that life could always be worse. I could have been what those doctors said I would be 29 years ago. I am happy with where I am. Yeah never thought at 29 I would have a brand new hip but I go with the flow.  Happy Birthday to me!!

Wednesday was a take it easy day. I just decided that I just need to give my body sometime to rest. I have always been one that doesn’t like to take medicine and didn’t take  anything. Bad decision on my part. I should have at least taken ibuprofen. I am just afraid of getting high blood pressure taken it for a couple of days in a row. I guess if it is not a long time it will be ok. I took a two-hour nap for the first time in months today. I guess my body needed it. Man was I ready to go after that. We went out to dinner for my birthday tonight. It was great. We enjoyed each others company and the cheesecake was great.

Thursday rolled around I was still sore but a lot better than Wednesday. Things are getting better. We went and saw a movie today for my birthday. I have learned that I now have a hard time sitting still at movies. I used to move do to the pain. Now I just can’t sit still.  If you can’t tell birthdays tend to last for a week around here. It makes it that much more fun.  By bed time I had no pain at all. However I had a major melt down. I was heart-broken. I want to teach so bad but my body doesn’t like it. Worked two full days in a row and it took that amount of time for the pain to go away. I lay here crying because I don’t know why. My head and heart say yes my body says hell no. I want too so bad!. This is what I was thinking. I just want my life back. I know that it takes time but I am ready. Even though I am 4 months post op I guess I can still have melt downs.  My Mom has been a trooper through this whole thing. She just listens when I need it. She will give her input and is always trying to make things better. I love her, I blessed to have been given such a great Mom.  She puts up with all my crap. Thanks Mom,

Friday woke up feeling great no pain at all. Back to myself hopefully. No workout today didn’t want to push it. I didn’t work out at all this week bad me. I need to loss more weight, I will get there. I felt better after my little vent the night before. I just thought that God has things happen for a reason and I just don’t know why. I will get through this just like everything else I have. Well my awesome PT came today and I told him how I felt and this was what I took from the conversation. Working two days in a row was not bad for me. Yes it caused me pain but it was good for me too. It is my body’s way of getting used to doing things again. He said don’t back down keep going. When it happens again and it will happen again use heat, Advil or ibuprofen. The pain should get less each time you do it. Might not seem like that at first but it is. He said my hip was stiffer when I started back at Wegmans. I have learned my lesson I will take ibuprofen next time. Had a good time doing PT.

Once again a song has helped me come through this rough patch.  I have made an amazing Climb and it only continues. Check out the video! I will move mountains.

As I sit here and write this I know that things will work out for the better. I just need to be patient.  I know soon enough I will be able to teach pain-free and have a ton of fun doing it. I know that this journey is a marathon and not a sprint. Only God knows what is in store for me and has done an amazing job. I know I have been as strong as I can through all of this. The journey goes on and on it is never-ending. Soon the time will come where I am so busy that I only update this blog once a month or on major mile stones. The day will come where I will see that I did an amazing job going through this journey even though it doesn’t ways feel like that. I will see one day that I have helped someone go through their journey a little easier. I just want to help people and feel like this journey has made a difference. I know that it has made a major one in my life. I am getting my life back or even better getting to have the life that I had been denied for some reason.

I can even kneel now.

I can even kneel now.