Well it has been two years since I have last written on here.  I keep starting them and never finishing.  I just get so busy.  So here goes the update for a whole year.

I am saving the best part for last even though it happened first. I will say the year started amazing and really am excited to share that later.


Well after 8 amazing days that will come later, the year hit its first rough patch.I was in a car accident.  My year old car with me in it drove off the road and hit a telephone poll.  Scary as all get out.  Five airbags were deployed in the car.  I walked away from it.  I was checked out by paramedics  who wanted me to go to the hospital and I said no.  I was given the all clear and went home.  My hip held up well to this.  My greatest fear was that I would dislocate as an airbag went off at my feet. My hip was strong and I had very little pain from it.  I even went to work the next day.  The hip had held up.

February not much happened that involved my hip.  There were some work things but no hip related activities.

March where to start.  I guess you need a little of a back story here. At this point I had been working one on one with a special needs student since October.  He had outbursts and could get violent.  He liked  to run away from me and thought it was fun. So during one of his outbursts he ran away from me.  He was running around the halls when I found him again.  At the point that I found him he decided that it would be a good idea to slide tackle me.  He hit my left leg just right and I went down on my left knee (same knee with the arthritis.)  But my right hip supported me.  Amazing!!  My right hip (replaced hip) bent just right and let me go into a lunge position.  It bent that way on its own, it supported me.  Four years ago that would have been a MAJOR mess.  I would have been flat on the floor. My hip had the strength and I have the confidence that it would hold out.  Lets say that was the end of working with that student.  During the 6 months that I worked with this student I was doing a lot of walking, some running and a lot of up and down off the floor.  My hip was great through all of it.  There were no problems or concerns.

April brought on the real struggle with my weight.  By this point I have gained back 30 of the 60 pounds that I lost.  Trust me I am sad to say the least.  I was trying to keep working out three times a week when I could. Sometimes my knee wouldn’t let me or I was busy with work.  Yet even doing that and dieting nothing was happening.  My hip is tolerating the gym very well and feels stronger with each day.

May has come a month that I had been looking forward to since May 2015.  This month was going to be the second time that I was going to do the Color Run.  There is no running when I do the Color Run.  I walked my second 5k.  I walked that distance with out my Bioness as it cant get all that powder in it.  I walked with out really stopping, keeping up with two other people the whole time.  There was no pain at all in my hip.  This is amazing to say the least.  That is 3 miles of straight walking up and down hills and on uneven roads through the city.  It was laughs and smiles the whole way.  It was hard to believe that this was the second time that I was doing this.  Me who was limited in mobility just over 4 years ago.

June brought a wedding here I danced all night long.  I mean I danced.  It felt so good to be able to move and know that my hip was supporting me through all of it. It stayed strong all night.

July brought on many things this year.  It was me starting personnel training again.  It really felt great to be back with my trainer again.  He was pushing the limits to the best of his abilities and what my knee would allow.  My knee decided to not have a great summer.  I was having all different kinds of pains and it was hurting on and off most of the summer.  I worked with my trainer and went to the gym as much as I could.  My hip to me feels so much stronger and I can’t even begin to tell you how much more stable it is.  I am squatting and lounging which I could not do before surgery.    July also brought my busiest week of the summer.  Vacation Bible School.  Well it was a blast this year.  We hosted the Faith Olympics.  This is always a great test for me and my hip.  This week is long.  It is a 3 hour program that runs in the am.  In those short three hours I was taking 10,000 plus steps each day. There was running in gym.  Sitting on the floor criss cross apple sauce. Dancing in music and getting up and down off the floor a thousand or more times.  There was even a time in the rain where we laid down on the driveway to make water angels.  Those kids had so much fun.  I did almost all of this pain free.  My hip was allowing me run, hop, jump, sit, walk and climb and sit on the floor.  It was amazing.  It was sore by end but the pain was gone in the morning.  It was great time for all.  The laughs the smiles on those kids faces were worth it.  Knowing that the smile on my face was real and not fake was great.  However VBS brought some sad news.  The direct of the VBS program was leaving for a new job.  Over the eight years that I have worked with him we have become great friends.  He was there before I got my hip replaced and was there after.  He always knows what to say when I am having a hard time.He said this right after I found out I needed my hip replaced and was having a rough day.  “Finding a solution does not mean you are afraid or aren’t strong enough for the alternative. What if your lot in life is not pain, but overcoming through the surgery? I highly doubt you’re destined to a life of pain when you bring joy to those around you!”  He can always make me smile in my rough time.  He is a truly amazing guy.  It was very hard saying good bye. It was a hard loss but I knew that he was still here when I needed him.  July went on with work outs and personnel training.

August was a month that was full of two weeks of amazing fun.  There was two weeks spent at Keuka Lake.  What a trip this year was.  We had two amazing weeks spent with family and friends.  There were lots of laughs and smiles.  We watched videos on the lawn, we played games, and swam a lot.  I slept on an air matters all week and my leg held up to the up and down off the floor for two weeks.  It let me swim, it on the lawn and lay reading on the lawn.  It was a great two weeks.  This month I think I started getting monthly messages and they really seem to help with my left knee which has been acting up for awhile.  It is also have pluses for my right arm.  It has become more flexible and my message therapist even got it to turn all the way over one time.

September has come.  Well September is always a special month for me.  It is mt hip anniversary.  September 14, 2016 marked four years with my new friend.  They have been four amazing years.  I have accomplished more than I ever thought I would.  My leg is a hundred times stronger and a 100 times more stable.  I never thought that four years later I would be here.  Happier than could be and living life to the fullest again.  Trying so many knew things.  Someone that tries to go to the gym three times a week. That wasn’t even on my list of things that I thought I would be doing.  I can squat as long as I have support, I can lunge, do leg weights and run on the elliptical.  These were a work in progress before surgery but not even a thought.  To four years later where I do them all. What a change that this hip replacement has made.  So September brings back to school.  That means up and down off the floor and walking and bending and everything that goes with teaching.  My hip is holding very up very well to all of this.  They month ended with no major changes.

October had nothing major happen.  No hip things or really anything in my life.  It was a good break from the craziness of September.

November is here and what a month it would turn out to be. It started with my nephews graduation. We did something pretty  cool.  We climbed the Rocky stairs.   I even took them at a little of a run.  Yup I went up all those stairs no problem alternating feet the whole way.   The next part of November is a long story and part is not hip related at all but a major change in my life.  Well I answered one question at the doctors and that lead to a blood test for celiac disease.  Well the blood test was positive and that lead me to seeing a gastroenterologist.  They said yes I probably had it but the best way to tell was an endoscope.  Let’s say that in just about two weeks I founds out that I do have Celiac and have to be gluten free for life.  What a change I was an emotional wreck for two days.  As I sit here and write this I still haven’t gone gluten free.  My goal is January 3rd to be fully gluten free and working super hard at doing it right.  It will be a life long change tat I am going to work so so hard at.  Hopefully it will help me lose those 30 pounds that I have gained and help with my knee pain.  November also brought Thanksgiving.  This is a busy time here.  We made pumpkin breads.  That was about 4 hours. To actual Thanksgiving.  Spending time with family and eating a lot.  When it was time Black Friday shopping.  I started at 10 pm on Thursday and went till about 3 am Friday.  There was a short nap and more shopping from 8 to about 1.  What a day.  My leg held up great to all of it.  It was sore but it let me do all that walking and running around with no problems at all.

December has come and as I am writing this is almost over.  December is always busy around here.  There is shopping, gift wrapping and decorating.  There is Christmas to be done.  During all of this there was teaching and working around the house.  All the hard work payed off.  We had an amazing Christmas.  It was a great time had by all.  My body was sore but made it through all of it.

So to share the best part of 2016.  It started with a bang.  I got to spend 8 amazing days with my parents in Walt Disney World, with a day trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  What more could you ask for for your 32nd birthday.These were 8 days that I would not change for anything.  Where do I begin.

We left here on January 12 and had dinner that night at Chef Mickey’s.  Yes at the age of 32 I still love meeting characters.

January 13 was a fun filled day at Disney’s Hollywood Studio’s.  We ran into some Storm Troopers, and flew with Star Wars.  We watched street performers, ate dinner and saw the Muppet’s.  WE played with the toys from Toy Story and had lots of fun.  The night ended with my first ride ever on the Tower of Terror and a rode on the Rocking Roller Coaster.

January 14 brought a sad start to the day but an amazing day at that.  The sad part was that Alan Rickman (Snape from Harry Potter) had died on the day that we were going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  I can’t tell you how exited I was to go there.  I am major Harry Potter fan.  Well lets say I got the best early birthday present ever.  I was picked  to have the wand choose me. I reacted the scene when Harry got his wand.  That was a complete dream come true.  We road rides and ate at the Leaky Caldurin and I preformed magic.  From Muggle to Wizard in a day.  We also enjoyed Butter beer. Yum .

January 15 my #2nd Birthday started out great.  I woke up to a surprise of a decorated room.  The day was spent at the Magic Kingdom.  The day was wet and rainy.  That meant no Bioness for the day because of the rain.  I spent the whole day walking with out my bioness.  That was a lot of walking to say the least.  The day was amazing a parade, lots of rides and laughs.  We even got to see Mickey and I got a birthday hug from him.   The night ended with the Laua and some yummy food.

Not want this post to go much longer the rest of the 8 days went great. We went to Epcot and Animal Kingdom.  We went to Downtown Disney and saw Cirque.  It was  a great show.  It was sad to see the vacation come to an end.  This whole trip my hip acted great.  It let me do all that walking even one whole day with out the Bioness.  It let me ride roller coasters with no pain.  The only time it hurt was when we got in a bus accident and hit it on a metal pole.  I had a nice bruise after that.  It was a great feeling to be dancing down Main Street USA.  I was walking dancing, laughing and really enjoying myself.  The best part was no pain.  These will be memories that will last me life time.

So my 2016 Started with a Bang.  After the bang the down hill started.  But I always fell back on the great memories that started the year.

As this post is ending it is time to say good bye to 2016.  This is a year that I am ready to say goodbye to.  Yes it is a little sad but I have the memories of Disney.  There is a new journey ahead of me with my Celiac and my knee.  I don’t know what either will bring but I am ready for the challenge.  My hip has been through a lot in 2016 and has held up great.  Here is hoping the same for 2017. Hopefully I will do a a better job of keeping the blog up to date.





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