A Summer Full of Fun

Where has the summer gone. It still has a month left but it went by so fast. This post is just a little update of everything I have been up to since the last post. It has been a busy couple of months.

June came and school ended. It was the best year teaching yet.  I had so much fun with those kiddos and I was so happy.  I enjoyed doing things with them. The best part there was no pain. It will be great to have my own class one day.  I worked right up until the last day of school.

I then got a few weeks off before my next adventure. It was time for vacation bible school. This is something I have always looked forward to every summer. It was going to be a fun but very busy week. I send4 hours with these amazing kids and two aides.  I was in charge of 10 kids with the help of the aides.  It was the best year yet. I was able to run with the kids in gym and play the games with them.  It was great. Yes I know I am not supposed to run but I wanted to play with them so much my heart won.  I was up and down off the floor more times then I can count that week.  VBS Fun

Everything we did I had a smile on my face and not that fake one I hid behind for so many years. There was fun and laughter to be had at every turn and no pain any wheres to be seen.  I was having fun and I was happy. To share my faith with kids is a great feeling and know that they were learning and having fun was great.This week  had worn me out. I was running on 6 hours of of sleep on 18 hour days.  This year will always hold a special place in my heart. Every time I ware my VBS shirt at the gym I will remember what a great time I had.


The week that followed VBS actually started the same day VBS ended. We head to Keuka Lake for our week long family vacation.   I was ready for this week.  I had rented a paddle board for the week but more about that later as it was a major part of vacation.  This week was time for rest and fun with family as it always is. We spent time together, laughed and laughed. It was nice just to be focused on all of that and not anything else and by that, I mean pain.

Before I mention the paddle board, I do need to mention that I needed a lot of help doing this and the one person I never thought would have been interested in helping me did. My amazing 18 year old nephew helped me more then words can say. He gave me words of encouragement.  He held the board still and was just there.  He even cheered me on. My sister was a great help too.   Thank you so much to my nephew you know who you are. It meant the world to me to have your help and to see how proud you were of me. You are a pretty amazing person and you should be very proud of yourself for how you treated me and made a wish come true.

This week I decided to do something I didn’t have the guts to do in Hawaii. It was paddle boarding. For the people who don’t know what that is. It is a larger surf board that you stand on and move around with a paddle.   Let’s just say that this was going to be even more challenging because of my cerebral palsy. I have a secret though and it  is I had been practicing for a while to be able to do this.  Since before we went to Hawaii.  I was standing on a bosu ball at the gym and pretending to paddle with a 10 pound weight.  I had gotten pretty good at it.  Well lets say it was an experience from day one. Trying to get standing on that thing like I watched in videos was impossible. I fell off many times that day. My nephew was right there helping the whole time.  I didn’t stand that day and knew I probably wouldn’t stand that first day. Well as the week went on we kept thinking of ways to get me to stand and the best and most effective way was to use the dock.  My nephew would hold the board and I would walk onto it. First try and it worked. First time standing

My sister held my hand to the end of the dock and my nephew let go and I was on my own. HURRAY!!!  I stood for awhile until I lost my balance and fell.One fall of many

I was so excited. The second attempt at standing that same day went very bad leading to a cut hand. Long story. I was able to do the paddle board kneeling as long as I wanted and stood a couple more times that week. It was a pretty amazing feeling.  To be strong enough to even try this was amazing. Last year or even before my hip it would have been so hard and impossible.

I also got to go on two walks that were more than a mile and a half. I could have kept walking but Jake my four legged baby was getting tired each time. It was nice just to spend time with him.

However this week brought much more. This week brought laughter. I was laughing and joking like the old me. Smile on my face 24/7.  It brought the most important thing, Family. We spent time together just being us. It was great to watch how everyone interacts with each other. It was just nice to be with everyone. Until know I never noticed how much pain made my head cloudy toward then end. I was always thinking ahead and not living in the moment. I hated that so much. This vacation I was so focused on everything that was going on around me and was a much a part of it all. With the weekending it was time to head home and back to reality.  I was sad to see the week end. When you look forward to something so much it is hard to see it end. But as the saying goes all great things come to an end.

Now back to the boring things.  I am still fighting a battle that I started with this hip journey of mine. My weight lose. I have gotten close to my first goal of 200 pounds many times but have not reached it just yet. The date is September 14 2014 , I will hit that mark, if not sooner. Yes that would make it two years late to the date that I originally wanted to be that weight.  Thanks to the support of many people this goal will be coming true. My personnel trainer has been kicking my butt to get there. In this battle I have noticed that I might be overweight but I am fit. I am able to do so much that I wasn’t able to.  I can walk/run on the elliptical over 2 miles. I am using weights on both arms and some times just my right arm alone. I am stronger then I have ever been. My leg feels so much more stable and stronger it is amazing. I am becoming a better me and I love it.

Being back at home I am setting new goals and meeting them with flying colors. Just like treading water. I set a goal the other day to be able to do it for 5 minutes straight and I did it for 7. I am forcing old habits out of my brain and replacing them with new ones slowly. Like putting my pants on standing up, squatting to pick things up. It is amazing the little changes that I notice and no one else knows. I noticed just the other day that my bioness is helping I think I moved my foot while walking and it was turned off. I am very excited to see if that goes anywhere. Just the little things these days are still making me smile. It is the best feeling in the world.

As the summer comes to an end I have one more amazing vacation ahead. A fun filled trip to Minnesota. Where we will be going to the Great Gather (MN State Fair) and more. There will be a post on that hopefully.  The end of the summer also brings the begin of the school year. That also means my second hip anniversary is coming up, how time flies when you are having fun.  It has been the best summer yet and I know that there are many more to come.

Loving every moment in life.

As always if there is any topic you would like me to write about please let me know.



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