Just a little update

HThis quote is from one of my favorite shows. You will have to read to the end to find out why I picked it.

We have made it to May 2014. How time flies so fast these days. Life has been going on like normal and I love it.

I have been teaching almost every day that there is school. I am enjoying every minute of that. I am sitting on  floor with them when I need too. When on the floor I am able to sit criss cross apple sauce for an extended period of time with no problems. I have been that way for up to 20 minutes.   There are times where I am even able to kneel and then sit on my feet. Which is something that my muscles have been to tight for.  It is a great feeling being able to do all this once again. I can’t remember the last time that I was able to sit criss cross for up to 20 min. I am enjoying teaching and not coming home exhausted and needing to sleep. It is my life and I love it.

As life moves right along the milestones become less visible to me. But after I do something it clicks that it is something new or a mile stone. However I do see things that other people don’t.  Just the other day, after teaching a half day I was able to complete a lot of house work. I was carrying empty and full totes of Easter decorations up and down our stairs by myself. One time I just picked one up and carried it alternating feet up the stairs.  After all that I went outside and cut the grass. You might say why is that a big deal. Well first it is something I haven’t really done in about 15 years. My dad or brother always did it.  Today was my turn. I may say it did take me forever to start the lawn mower. Just because I need to start it with my left hand. But I got it. I will say that the mower is a push one not ride on. Well I cut both of our front yards no problem.  It was even easier then the heavy snow blower. Well after cutting both front yards I decided to give the backyard and hill a shot. Well I did it. I pushed the lawn mower up and down our back hill which is no small hill. What an amazing work out. I guess it was a good thing that Joe needed to cancel.

Every time that I am at the gym I see my leg getting stronger and doing things sort of the right way. We still need to get some of the muscles working correctly. It is great to see that I can blend my hip and not fight with it. Being able to bend the way it is supposed to. I have even begun to doing running intervals on the elliptical. I can run in 1 minute sprints then rest for 1 minute doing it f or 10 minutes all together. The last time I think I ran was when I was maybe 18 and that didn’t feel great. Hopefully this summer I will be able to play with the kids at Vacation Bible School better. All this working out has helped my leg get stronger and me get lighter and leaner.


This next part takes a little back story. For about 10 years now I have had the feeling of my left knee locking. Well I had an MRI and nothing was wrong but some arthritis. I was entered in to some physical therapy to strengthen the muscle that helped support the knee. This did the trick for a very long time.  It would lock every now and then. Well I have been able to become very physical lately and trying to squat more to work those muscles. Well this past Monday Joe my personnel trainer /physical therapist came to workout. Well lets say it was eventful and not so much. We were doing something on the exercise ball with resistant side stepping to help my hip  muscles. Well lets say I felt my knee get tight and the feeling like it was going to lock. Well great he would be able to see it but I didn’t really want tit to lock, I wanted to keep going. Lets just say that it was the most painful lock  yet, but nothing compared to my hip. I just laid there after nothing I usually do to undo it worked. Joe came over and looked at it. I trust this man with my life so I let him do whatever he wanted. He tried everything to get it to release.  He moved my knee and felt nothing wrong with it, he applied pressure and some tension to no help.  I let him move it no matter how painful it was, I wanted and needed to know what was going on. While he was doing all of this we learned that it was my Hamstring that was causing the knee locking feeling. Not really my knee. It was a massive hamstring spasm.  Well after 20 min to nothing helping Joe had me get up on the coach and straighten it as much as I could. I was unable to weight bear at all. The great guy he is he went to my kitchen and got me ice. He felt so bad that this happened. I told him that I was fine and that crap happens. I have gotten so used to it that it doesn’t bother me anymore. He explained and talked me through what was going on and how to take care of it. Joe was amazing and I was so blessed that it happened well he was here. I wasn’t scared the whole time that he worked on my leg and knew that he knew what he was doing. I think that was the most calm I was in that amount of pain. Thanks Joe. Joe has always explained things to me, how, why they happen and what he is doing. It has been an amazing feeling know that I am in amazing hands. Well know that we know what the problem is we might have a fix for it.

So you might ask this affects my hip replacement plays into this story.  Well I was no weight bare on my left leg as that is how long the spasm lasted. I had to use my cane and trust my right leg to fully support me. It did just that. Even into Tuesday my right leg was holding it own and holding me up. I had to baby my left stronger leg. That means I have been relying on my right leg a hell of a lot. That happens to be the leg that I had my THR on. It is also the side of my body that has cerebral palsy. It is has done an amazing job. Three years ago this would have been impossible. Thanks to the THR my leg is so much more stable. Because it is stable I have had the ability and chance to strengthen it. It is 100 times stronger than it has ever been. I am so happy that I had my hip replaced when I did.Keep fighting everyone. This experience and many others have shown me why having my hip replaced was the right choice.

So now I need to explain the quote that I have chosen at the beginning of this post. Part of my world did close down. The part that was consent pain and suffering. This is a part that I never want to open again. (But I know it will happen my hip needs to be replaced again). Yes I still get pain but nothing like before surgery. But is closed and I am happy about that. That was my world for 10 or more years that I wouldn’t let people into until the end. A world that I would never want anyone to experience. But because of surgery and my attitude that I have cared since I was little a whole new world has opened. I am once again living life the way I have always tried too. I always hated saying I can’t and once again I am saying I can. My world is great, amazing places, full of experiences, new places, new skills and oh so much more.  And as the last part of the quote says I am going through something here that I never expected. I am living again and loving it.

My journey is not over yet. I see so much more in my future and know that there a few things in the near future. July brings on Vacation Bible School and a family vacation to the lake. August is bringing a fun-filled trip to Minnesota. A trip to their amazing Fair where I will be spending a lot of time on my feet. Hopefully there will be another meeting with a new to the group a hip sister.  Summer will end and bring on the next school year of teaching and will love every minute of it. This journey of mine is on going and life changing. This is a new start to the rest of my life.

Thank you to everyone that has been reading this blog. Please help spread the word so we can help as many people who need it. If there is ever a topic anyone wants me to write please let me know. As always loving every moment in life.