Just Because

This month brought something special. October 4 marked 2 years since I found out that I had hip dysplasia. Yes I have a memory like an elephant.

  On October 2011 years ago my world was turned upside down. I was diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia. Which I had never heard of before. I learned why I was in pain and knew that there was a journey ahead of me. As I learned more and more I knew that the journey was going to be long. Two Years later my life has been changed. I am so blessed to get the answer that I was so afraid of back then. My life was forever changed two years ago. But again I have the life I do now because of the hip dysplasia.

Two years later I am able to do so many things. This past week was safety week at the school distract that I work for. Well one of the drills was exiting via the fire window. Yup you heard right. I had to climb out the window after helping the kids. I climbed on the chair and slid out the window. NO PROBLEM AT ALL! I was so proud of my self. I had a smile and no one knew why. Two years ago this would have been possible with help and a lot of pain.  I can’t explain how proud I was. I didn’t even think about it just did it. IT WAS AN AMAZING FEELING.  Isn’t great how things can change from day-to-day.

Later in the week I met with my personnel trainer and he said something pretty cool to me. This man has also been my physical therapist since before surgery. He said this. When I first meet you, you were not a happy person. You weren’t even smiling. You could tell that the pain and not sleeping had gotten to you. But today it is night and day. You have changed. You are a totally different person. We were laughing and I was trying new things. Thank you Joe. Sometimes just simple words change things. I tried things that I thought were impossible and pushed the limits with Joe. I am getting there. I did a side plank not perfectly but I did it. I LOVE BEING ME AGAIN. LOVING EVERY MOMENT IN LIFE.

Three months from today I will be heading to Hawaii to live a 9-year-old dream. I will be hiking Diamond Head on my 30th birthday January 2014. Through this journey of mine this goal has kept me going. Know that I would get to do something that I needed to sit out 9 years ago to my unknown hip problem was hard.  Well I have gained enough strength to accomplish this goal. I will be standing on top of the world that day. Through this journey there were days when I thought I would never make it this far but I kept pushing because that is who I am. I will accomplish this goal.

Yes my life might have been changed two years ago but only for the better. I am who I am because I have to fight to get to where I am. This new hip of mine has given me a new lease on life. One that I could have had many years ago. Pain free!

Life is once again opened to me and I can make of it what every I want.  I will do what ever I want to get the most out of it,