25. AMAZING!!!!!

I have been waiting to write a post like this. I hope that it gives many people hope for the future. It has given me great hope for the future.

This week started on April 29 and will end May 5. What an amazing week it has been. That is all I can say. This week started great and ended the same.

It started on Sunday with and amazing 5 and a half hour shift at Wegmans. When I work at Wegmans I am on my feet for the whole time by choice right now. I could have a 10 min break but it does not feel worth it to me. I worked that whole shift like it was any other day. I am not demoing any more so I was helping like I would normally. I was shopping for things that our department needed that meant walks around the store. It was great. I was even able to shift all my weight over to my right leg. I got a little pain after doing that but it went away. The only thing that I felt bad about was that I was not home to help with the garden work that my family was doing. The day ended with no pain!

Monday I was off to a full day teaching. It was very nice. They were working on plants. It was fun. The day was good. I decided after teaching to hit the gym. So after working all day I did a full work out. It was a busy but good day. Still no really pain. After working all day I headed for the gym for a good work out. It was great I felt good doing it. Yes my hip was tolerating it. Not hurting or throwing a fit like it does some times. After the work out I was finally headed home. I was tired but a good tired. The night finished great still no pain.

Tuesday was here and I was off to teach again Today I was what you call a floater. I was going to different classrooms every half hour or so. That way teachers could go to meetings. It was very interesting and very busy. I was doing a lot of walking and it felt great. It was a fun day over all. After that I had a nice PT appointment for my left knee. Lots of hard work and laughs. Day ended with no real pain. Just some muscle pain. Another day over and many more to go.

Wednesday, I was excited to sub today as I was in a special education Kindergarten room. I have been in this class before and love it. The kids are great and the adult are great too. Something happened today that I truly enjoyed. I was sitting on the floor with the kids and one was having a rough time and I was able to calm him down. After I did he put his head down on my knee and just laid there, then another student climbed in my lap at the same time. My hip held up to all of that. It has been many years since I have had a child sit in my lap while I was sitting indian style. The day went on with nothing major. These kids are amazing in this class. Lots of sitting on the floor and getting up and down. The day ended great. After a great day I decided to head for the gym once again. I had a good workout. Tonight was the first night that I hd some pretty bad muscle pain. I took my ice pack to bed with me and it felt great. It brought back some memories.

Thursday all I can say is holy cow. I can’t believe that I have made it this many days with very little pain. Today I was the teacher in a second grade class. The kids were very intrigued by my Bioness. One of the kids wanted to know if they could wear it. No was the answer of course. They were a very busy bunch of kids. They loved doing just dance to get their wiggles out. My leg was physically tired and only a little sore. The day ended with some hugs from the kids and asked if I could come back and sub again. That made my day. Headed to bed knowing already that I was working on Friday.

Friday and my amazing week is almost over. Today I was headed to be a k- 1st special education teacher. It was a busy day but fun at the same time. These kids were busy bodies, they were always moving. But I love it. We had an assembly and many fun activities and a lot of hard work. The day ended well. Took some ibuprofen tonight to help my sore tired muscles. Was really ready for bed. However the day was not over yet.

Saturday was just as busy as the rest of the week. I am a third grade religion teacher at a local church and four of my students were making their first communion. I was headed to that special mass. I did find out that one of my students would be making it at the 4:30 mass. They did a great job and were happy to see me. My hip handled the kneeling well and gave me no problems. Back home and time for some PT for my left knee. Joe kept me busy and tired me out some more. My hip did good since we are doing wall squats with ten pound weight now. I was not able to do that very well before surgery, now I can do them. They are not perfect but I am getting better. I worked in the garden for the first time all year. It felt great I was able to kneel stand and sit. I was getting up and down no problem and really enjoying it. It felt good to just be in the sun after such a long week. We were headed to church to see my last student make their first communion. It was very nice. The day ended with me being sore but pushing through.

Back to Sunday again and you know where I am headed. Another 4 hour shift at Wegmans. What a day. I was set to demo for four hours. My hip being sore and tired didn’t like this very much at all. I dealt with it and made it through the day and headed to bed that night knowing that I was teaching on Monday. The cycle never ends.

As I sit here and write this I know that I have a busy week ahead again. I am teaching four out of the five days and have two PT appointments. They are the last two. I hope that they are the last two for a long long time even though I love spending time with Joe. I took Friday off so I will not have to re schedule my PT appointment and get a few things done that I have not been able to do.

Writing all of this has shown me that I am slowly but surely getting my life back and that it can be amazing. I am enjoying every minute of teaching again and doing many fun activities with the students that I once couldn’t. I have not had this much fun teaching in a long time. Yes there is still pain present but both of the jobs that I have are demanding on my body. I push my body to the limits and it pushes right back, however I don’t let the pain win and I never will. As I look at it all this working is just bringing back my stamina and strength. The pain is slight and just a minor interference in life. Just thinking that a year ago I was coming home everyday from teaching and taking a nap because the pain was unbearably and my body was way over tired, I never took a nap at all this week. There are days that I might complain about the job I was given but I make the best out of  the situation. Right now I can’t pick the job that I get, but I am ok with that. This hip replacement has changed my life and has allowed me to live again.

The end of this month is going to bring an other great accomplishment. I am heading to the airport to fly to MN for my nephews high school graduation. For the first time since my THR. Second I am flying alone so it should be a great experience. I will post how that all goes. I am planing just to go for it and not tell anyone and see what happens.

As the quote on this page says ” Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try” I tried everything this amazing week and came through with flying colors I believe. I decided to try many things this week and have reached an amazing accomplishment. I am getting ready to have a full-time job.  I am getting the chance to really teach and not worry about the pain. It is the best my leg can support me the whole way. It is the greatest feeling. Yes getting to this point was a ton of hard work. Yes I am still healing  and know that it can only get better and better.  This is a year-long journey. Being almost 8 months post op and being able to do all this is great. I have come so far and hope to go so much farther.  I .m seeing that the light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer and closer

Thank you so much to everyone that has been following this blog. I hope that it have given others hope.  It has given me a place to share my feelings and hopefully help people which I love to do. If there is anything that anyone would like me to write about please please let me know. Nothing is off-limits. Well maybe one or two things. But I am pretty open.

Ending as I do. LOVING EVERY MOMENT IN LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!