23. March 14, 2013 YES 6 months.

As the title says I have hit a major mile stone in this hip journey of mine. I have hit 6 months post op and couldn’t be more excited than I am. First I want to talk to you about my 6 month check up that I had March 12.

March 12 we all head to Syracuse for my check up with Dr. Clarke’s PA. She was a little nicer on this visit which was great. Headed of for some x-rays. I will be glowing by the time that I am done. They also x-rayed my left knee this time, more on that later. The x-ray techs loved my shirt.

This is a great shirt. Yes they are my own x-rays.

This is a great shirt. Yes they are my own x-rays.

The PA told me that the x-rays of my hip looked good. However she gave me some new news that I was not ready for. She told me that I have hip dysplasia in my left hip. However it was very very slight. I was told that it might never bother me at all or it might take many years for it to cause me pain. I like the first choice so much more and hope that is what happens. I like to think that the weak muscles on my right side let my hip dislocate and not stay in the socket. With that news I was a little sad. But know that it is going to be fine. She examined my hip and said that everything looked great. I got the all clear.  She said still no lifting over 50 pounds on a regular basis or running. I can do it enough to play with kids but not everyday of my life. They just want my hip to last as long as it can and running makes it wear more.

After my hip got the all clear she took a look at my left knee. She said that it had very little arthritis.  She said that the noise just might be normal for my knee, however she didn’t like the idea that it locks sometimes. It was decided to put me in some more PT to strengthen my quads on that side. Yes and No, I was thoroughly enjoying my time with no appointments. Yeah I get to see Joe.

When my appointment was over I was walking back from picking up my x-rays and I could hear my mom say that I was not rocking while I was walking. That put the biggest smile on my face in the middle of the doctor’s office. I was so happy that she noticed.

6 Months. They all look the same to me now.

6 Months. They all look the same to me now.

Well since I got the all clear I got a special treat. A milk shake, you used to do that when I was sick and would come back from the doctors.

Treat after getting the all clear at the doctors. I had a second one later. Bad diet day

Treat after getting the all clear at the doctors. I had a second one later. Bad diet day.

MARCH 16!!!!! 6 Months Today!!! What an amazing journey that I have been on. I went to bed last night for the first time with out my ice pack. It was a nice treat. I was a little sore in this morning but nothing a little stretching couldn’t fix. I am working again and loving every minute of teaching. I didn’t teach today but it was a nice break. I did head for a workout for the first time in 2 weeks. That was way to long. It felt good well I was doing it but as the day has gone on I have become sore and know that I will be taking my ice pack to bed tonight. Not much else happened today. Just a lot of thoughts that I would like to share.

I have been thinking that if someone would have told me that I would be where I am 6 months ago I would have said they are crazy. Just about 7 months ago I could not sleep and barely make it through a shift at Wegmans. I am now loving sleeping again and never knew how much my body missed it. I am working 5 hour shifts at Wegmans and soon hoping to complete an 8 hour shift. I am loving every day that I get to teach and can’t wait to have my own classroom some day. I am now with a giant smile able to go up and down the stairs alternating feet for the first time in my life. It takes a lot of thinking but I can do it.  I can now get on the floor without any support and sit Indian style for a short amount of time. I am working hard to loss more weight and increase the strength in my right leg so it can help out more.

The best thing that  have gotten is the ability to live. I can do what I want now for the most part. I am able to walk better and longer with little to zero pain. I am happy teaching again. I can do things with the kids and not worry about the pain as much. Yes my body is still healing and know that it might take a whole year. But it is a Whole of hell better. As the summer approaches I can’t wait to see what is in store. It has been a ton of hard work that is fully worth it.

I do need to say a big thank you to my parents that have been here every step of the way. You are amazing and I know where I get it from. Thank you for being there. This journey would have been twice as hard with out you. Thanks for putting up with all my crap day in and day our. Thanks for making me smile. I love you both to pieces.

I have been put on this journey for some reason that is unknown to me and know only to God. Maybe one day He will share with me. But I am good not know. I am amazed with myself everyday and even more when I accomplish something new. It might be the simplest thing from lifting my right leg without using my hand or being able to bend my hip almost to 120 degrees. I am amazed at the will power that I have and gained through this journey. I am impressed every single day that I wake up and am able to be pain-free. I am my own super women and hope that others see they are one too.  I am blessed to be given a second chance to live life. Well I guess it is the first chance to live it the way it was meant.

Yes I still have rough days and I might not be the happiest camper but I am try my best. As I have said before I don’t think that my brain a fully caught up to my body at the gets me fully frustrated. I still except to get pain when I do certain things and am slightly nervous when I don’t It had become my normal. My brain can tell my body what to do but my body doesn’t respond but most of the time it does. This is journey is a lot for my brain to wrap around and one day everything will make sense to me.

Now that I have gone on and on I think it is time to end this post and head to bed.  I have taken every step of this journey head on just like everything else I do. I am happy that I was put on this amazing journey, I know that I might be able to help someone in the future. Loving every moment in life!!

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