22. Bioness and Hip.

This post is not going to be too much about my hip. But it will at the same time. Crazy I know that’s me.

I know I have said this many times before but I also have cerebral palsy on the right side of my body. Yes that is the same side as the THR. It was found in January 2012 that I have something called foot drop do the cerebral palsy. It just means that I don’t get a heel toe strike when I walk. My toes hit the floor first. Well I tried out a Bioness L300. This is an electric stimulation device that I wear below my y knee. It stimulates the nerve below my knee that controls my foot. So when I wear the device every time a take a step my foot is picked up and I get the heel toe strike. It has made a major difference in my life already. More about that later.

Friday March 1st was a special day around here for me. It was my one year anniversary with my Bioness. I have owned and used my Bioness that long already. It just seems like yesterday that I started using it. I could only wear it for and hour and increase over the days. When the month ended I knew that I needed it and that it was going to help greatly. I didn’t care about the price it was priceless to me. At this point I still had my bad hip that was half dislocated but I was ready to push the limits. I was already walking laps around the gym at I work out at going up and down stairs. I started a Bioness Bucket List.These are mainly walking things that I want to do. Yes many of the things would have to wait till I got my hip done but at that point I didn’t know when that was going to happen.

Well on the one year anniversary I decided to do something special. Well I decided that I wanted to check something off the Bucket list. I felt that my hip was strong enough to handle it and I was ready to tackle it in the snow too. I was headed for a walk around Cobbs Hill Reservoir. You what is the big deal. This is a big deal to me because I have never been able to do this and have watched people do it and always thought that one day I will do that. Second it has a major connection to my family. My Grandfather used to run the reservoir as his job. My Mom has told me many stories about her childhood there and my Grandfather who I have never met. I have been told many times that he would have loved me very much. I felt that this was a way for both my Mom and my Grandfather to be there. The walk around the reservoir is .69 miles and I was ready. My Dad decided that he wanted to come along for the fun. Not even the snow and cold was going to stop me.

Where we started

When we got there I was very excited about this whole thing. Winter clothes on and ready to go. We made it a quarter of the way around and I was not even tried. We stopped for some pictures.

Quarter of the way there.

Quarter of the way there.


Reaching the half way mark was a major mile stone. Even better was I was keeping up with my Dad who is a pretty fast walker. Hip is still happy and my leg is not tired. All that working out and PT has helped off in ten fold. Three quarters of the way there and I was over the moon. I took a few pics and a video to document the journey. The smile on my face was great.

These are my foot prints in the snow.

These are my foot prints in the snow.

We saw the car and we were finished I had just walking .69 miles. I did it!! This had been on my radar a year ago just as a thought. One year later I was able to do it and have fun at the same time. Almost 6 months ago this would have been possible but rough going. It was an amazing trip that was well worth it. Life is getting back to normal and I am enjoying every minute of it. Know that I have a new hip nothing will hold be back. I am trying so many new things and the Bioness is helping all the way. There were a few more pictures and we were done with the walk. I have a new goal at Cobbs Hill Reservoir when we have nice weather.

One year later. 50 pounds lighter and a new hip. I love my Bioness!!!

One year later. 50 pounds lighter and a new hip. I love my Bioness!!!

It was a great day and I had tons off fun. When I got home I sent a message to Bioness with a picture and this was the message that I got back and was posted on their Facebook page.

“A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Blaire on her 1 year anniversary with the Bioness L300 Foot Drop System! We’re so proud of all your accomplishments. You never cease to be an inspiration to us and others! Thank you for sharing your journey. We’ll be cheering for you every step along the way. :)”

Thanks Bioness

Thanks Bioness

I guess my hip had a major part in this little journey. I just over a week I will be 6 months post op and can’t wait to see what the future holds for me. Loving every momentum in life.

One thought on “22. Bioness and Hip.

  1. Frannie says:

    Keep going! We will beat this hip nightmare.

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