25. Happy Easter

Happy Easter Everyone!

It has been a busy Holy Week around our household. Lots of work getting ready for Easter. But with the hard work comes fun too.

The week started with Palm Sunday and this led to some thinking on my part. I thought how awesome I am doing from where I was a year ago. It is a great reference point because I was able to stand through the reading of the Passion and kneel part way through it. A year ago there would have been no kneeling after all that standing.

Headed to Wegmans where a year ago I had to cut back on the hours I was working to only 5 hours. Yes that is the same amount of time that I am working now. But it was decided to wait for an 8 hour shift until the summer when I am not teaching to see how my leg fairs.

My hip was amazing this week. I worked two days and had no problems at all. That is so great to write.  It has been awesome every time I came home pain-free from teaching. Weighed in on Wednesday and I was at 204 that is a total of 56 pounds lost just over half way to my goal.

Good Friday rolled around. On this day that Jesus bared his cross on his journey honorably I feel I have done the same with my cross on my journey. I know that it is not at all the same.  Today Jesus gave up his life to save all of us. I am very proud to have him on my side. Thank you Jesus for making the choice you did. You r truly the greatest. We were decorating the house in the full swing of things.  Had a great time decorating eggs with my nieces and nephew.  We had lots of laughs. It was great just to sit there and listen to the four of us joke and spend time together. With things getting done efficiently this years it seems as we have extra time to breath. That is a nice treat. I have not really used my ice pack at all this week and am proud of that.  I have been using it for six months.

Holy Saturday was here and things were going as planned. Lots of things to do around the house. Lots of prep work and table setting. We even finished early and wondered what we forgot.  Still no real hip pain. Once again I was remind where I was a year ago and still can’t believe that I am able to do all this running around and be OK with it. I have noticed lately that I have been able to put more of my body weight on my right leg. That is an amazing feeling after babying it almost my whole life. It is strong and it is working. So all those years I thought that my CP was getting in the way I bet it was my hip. My parents and I were headed off to the Easter Vigil tonight. This is one of the greatest celebrations in my Catholic faith. Three years ago I was blessed to be part of the Vigil as I became Confirmed. It was just as beautiful this is year if not better. Sitting there holding my Mom’s hand I felt very lucky to have the most amazing parents and how they and God have made it possible for me to make it this far in my journey. Back home after a great Mass with just a little more work to do.

Easter Vigil. Me at my lightest 204 pounds . 56 pounds down and more to come.

Easter Vigil. Me at my lightest 204 pounds . 56 pounds down and more to come.

Waterfall Braid kindly done by my Mom.

Waterfall Braid kindly done by my Mom.

Headed to bed after helping Mom and Dad with a few more things. No ice pack once again. I am getting there.

Easter Sunday!

As the sun rises on this beautiful Easter Sunday. I am remind how Jesus rose from the tomb. Each day we get to start a new. What an amazing gift. This Easter has meant so much more this year to me. HAPPY EASTER TO ALL. I decided to swing past Wegmans well getting bagels to let them see me in some normal clothes. One of the ladies that I work with was almost brought to tears. She has seen me transform over this past year and half that she has worked with me. She was amazed at how I was walking with out my Bioness and how great I looked. We had a great family gathering. Lots of fun looking for Easter baskets that the Easter Bunny kindly hid. Yes when my family gets together there are many laughs too. When there are 23 of you all together lots of things will happen. No stolen candy but jokes about that happening. It is just great to be part of a large family where we all care for each other so much.  After baskets were found we had a lovely meal.  Standing this whole time was not bothering me. I guess my body is pretty used to it. That is such a great improvement. I have with them. I have walked around for three days with out my Bioness and I have no extra hip pain that I might get from not using it.  Either my foot drop is getting better, or my leg is not bothered by it as much. I like both options. Loving posing for pictures these days.

My Goddaughter and I on Easter Morning!

My Goddaughter and I on Easter Morning!

As this amazing day comes to and end I have gotten to think about many things. How lucky I am to have the most amazing family that raised me as their own. To have amazing parents that are there no matter what.  God picked the most perfect place for me. I think I have finally figured out way this Easter was so special for me. I was able to just enjoy it. Not worrying about what will happen tomorrow and how much I will hurt. I just was able to watch joyfully everyone enjoy themselves. Which in its own was the GREATEST gift that God could have given me. The ability to just be with my family and enjoy every single minute.

I would like to end with the following. As this day comes to an end I feel astonished by the miracle that Jesus preformed on this day. This year Easter has been the best yet. I am feeling great and am pain-free. I feel like I have been risen. God does many great things and I am one of them and very proud of it.

Thank to all that have been following my blog. I really hope that I am helping people.

24. Everything will be alright

I have had tried to write this post a couple of times now. I hope this time it will sound right. I want people to see the that there are ups and downs to this journey. As many know I also have cerebral palsy on the same side as the THR.

Well in the last couple of days I have been thinking. When I started this journey with a 1/2 inch leg difference which I always blamed on my CP. Yes it might have been part of it. Now that the hip has been replaced the legs are even for the first time in my life. Yes I love being even but it has brought something to my attention. I no longer have the rock in my gait. I have been working hard at strengthening the muscles that help with that. But having the leg length gone and the rock gone must of the time has led me to think.  There is no longer visible signs of my CP on the outside. Yeah that may seem strange but that limp has been there since as far as I can remember. Now I am afraid that people wont understand why I have to do things different. Yes when I have shorts on you can see my Bioness but in pants I look just like anyone else sort of. That slightly might be part of my problem. I have never wanted to be “normal” and now I am starting to look normal and that is bothering me too. This might  seem totally crazy to some people. But hay that is what is in my brain. Yes my right arm will still be a visible sign to others that not everything is OK.
Knowing that it will only get better and better is hard too. Not that I want to go back to where I was ever.  You get so used to being a certain way for so long. I was happy with where I was and thought I as at my best but now I have the chance to be even better. Do things that I once thought were unobtainable. Yes I might be the same Blaire again but I am getting the chance to be a better Blaire. I am trying everything new like I am 5 again. How many people get that chance. For so many years there were times when I would watch people do things and know that I might never be able to do that. However once again the world has been opened up to me. I am one that very rarely says I can’t I have always tried before I say I can’t. Well once again I have found new skills that I once lost the ability to do.

I will say that change has always been hard for me. So to have the bump in the road seems almost normal to me. I know there is more change to come. Just like today I was at Church and was kneeling and I thought about how a year ago that was not possible. My hip would not let me do it.  Everyday is a new experience that I get to live and live it my way. As the nicer weather starts to head to my area I am thinking of all the fun things I can do now.  I have many hopes for the summer. I am hoping to lose 40 pounds and be close to my ideal weight. I can’t wait to have a GREAT week at VBS. An amazing family vacation and a trip to my nephew’s High School Graduation. The trip for graduation will be the first trip through the airport post THR.  I am planning to enter OT for my right arm again. I am hoping to find a teaching job and just to have tons of fun. When I have things to look forward to it helps the bad days be that much better.  I am ready to live my life again and will do the best to be my best.

Loving every Moment in Life!!

23. March 14, 2013 YES 6 months.

As the title says I have hit a major mile stone in this hip journey of mine. I have hit 6 months post op and couldn’t be more excited than I am. First I want to talk to you about my 6 month check up that I had March 12.

March 12 we all head to Syracuse for my check up with Dr. Clarke’s PA. She was a little nicer on this visit which was great. Headed of for some x-rays. I will be glowing by the time that I am done. They also x-rayed my left knee this time, more on that later. The x-ray techs loved my shirt.

This is a great shirt. Yes they are my own x-rays.

This is a great shirt. Yes they are my own x-rays.

The PA told me that the x-rays of my hip looked good. However she gave me some new news that I was not ready for. She told me that I have hip dysplasia in my left hip. However it was very very slight. I was told that it might never bother me at all or it might take many years for it to cause me pain. I like the first choice so much more and hope that is what happens. I like to think that the weak muscles on my right side let my hip dislocate and not stay in the socket. With that news I was a little sad. But know that it is going to be fine. She examined my hip and said that everything looked great. I got the all clear.  She said still no lifting over 50 pounds on a regular basis or running. I can do it enough to play with kids but not everyday of my life. They just want my hip to last as long as it can and running makes it wear more.

After my hip got the all clear she took a look at my left knee. She said that it had very little arthritis.  She said that the noise just might be normal for my knee, however she didn’t like the idea that it locks sometimes. It was decided to put me in some more PT to strengthen my quads on that side. Yes and No, I was thoroughly enjoying my time with no appointments. Yeah I get to see Joe.

When my appointment was over I was walking back from picking up my x-rays and I could hear my mom say that I was not rocking while I was walking. That put the biggest smile on my face in the middle of the doctor’s office. I was so happy that she noticed.

6 Months. They all look the same to me now.

6 Months. They all look the same to me now.

Well since I got the all clear I got a special treat. A milk shake, you used to do that when I was sick and would come back from the doctors.

Treat after getting the all clear at the doctors. I had a second one later. Bad diet day

Treat after getting the all clear at the doctors. I had a second one later. Bad diet day.

MARCH 16!!!!! 6 Months Today!!! What an amazing journey that I have been on. I went to bed last night for the first time with out my ice pack. It was a nice treat. I was a little sore in this morning but nothing a little stretching couldn’t fix. I am working again and loving every minute of teaching. I didn’t teach today but it was a nice break. I did head for a workout for the first time in 2 weeks. That was way to long. It felt good well I was doing it but as the day has gone on I have become sore and know that I will be taking my ice pack to bed tonight. Not much else happened today. Just a lot of thoughts that I would like to share.

I have been thinking that if someone would have told me that I would be where I am 6 months ago I would have said they are crazy. Just about 7 months ago I could not sleep and barely make it through a shift at Wegmans. I am now loving sleeping again and never knew how much my body missed it. I am working 5 hour shifts at Wegmans and soon hoping to complete an 8 hour shift. I am loving every day that I get to teach and can’t wait to have my own classroom some day. I am now with a giant smile able to go up and down the stairs alternating feet for the first time in my life. It takes a lot of thinking but I can do it.  I can now get on the floor without any support and sit Indian style for a short amount of time. I am working hard to loss more weight and increase the strength in my right leg so it can help out more.

The best thing that  have gotten is the ability to live. I can do what I want now for the most part. I am able to walk better and longer with little to zero pain. I am happy teaching again. I can do things with the kids and not worry about the pain as much. Yes my body is still healing and know that it might take a whole year. But it is a Whole of hell better. As the summer approaches I can’t wait to see what is in store. It has been a ton of hard work that is fully worth it.

I do need to say a big thank you to my parents that have been here every step of the way. You are amazing and I know where I get it from. Thank you for being there. This journey would have been twice as hard with out you. Thanks for putting up with all my crap day in and day our. Thanks for making me smile. I love you both to pieces.

I have been put on this journey for some reason that is unknown to me and know only to God. Maybe one day He will share with me. But I am good not know. I am amazed with myself everyday and even more when I accomplish something new. It might be the simplest thing from lifting my right leg without using my hand or being able to bend my hip almost to 120 degrees. I am amazed at the will power that I have and gained through this journey. I am impressed every single day that I wake up and am able to be pain-free. I am my own super women and hope that others see they are one too.  I am blessed to be given a second chance to live life. Well I guess it is the first chance to live it the way it was meant.

Yes I still have rough days and I might not be the happiest camper but I am try my best. As I have said before I don’t think that my brain a fully caught up to my body at the gets me fully frustrated. I still except to get pain when I do certain things and am slightly nervous when I don’t It had become my normal. My brain can tell my body what to do but my body doesn’t respond but most of the time it does. This is journey is a lot for my brain to wrap around and one day everything will make sense to me.

Now that I have gone on and on I think it is time to end this post and head to bed.  I have taken every step of this journey head on just like everything else I do. I am happy that I was put on this amazing journey, I know that I might be able to help someone in the future. Loving every moment in life!!

22. Bioness and Hip.

This post is not going to be too much about my hip. But it will at the same time. Crazy I know that’s me.

I know I have said this many times before but I also have cerebral palsy on the right side of my body. Yes that is the same side as the THR. It was found in January 2012 that I have something called foot drop do the cerebral palsy. It just means that I don’t get a heel toe strike when I walk. My toes hit the floor first. Well I tried out a Bioness L300. This is an electric stimulation device that I wear below my y knee. It stimulates the nerve below my knee that controls my foot. So when I wear the device every time a take a step my foot is picked up and I get the heel toe strike. It has made a major difference in my life already. More about that later.

Friday March 1st was a special day around here for me. It was my one year anniversary with my Bioness. I have owned and used my Bioness that long already. It just seems like yesterday that I started using it. I could only wear it for and hour and increase over the days. When the month ended I knew that I needed it and that it was going to help greatly. I didn’t care about the price it was priceless to me. At this point I still had my bad hip that was half dislocated but I was ready to push the limits. I was already walking laps around the gym at I work out at going up and down stairs. I started a Bioness Bucket List.These are mainly walking things that I want to do. Yes many of the things would have to wait till I got my hip done but at that point I didn’t know when that was going to happen.

Well on the one year anniversary I decided to do something special. Well I decided that I wanted to check something off the Bucket list. I felt that my hip was strong enough to handle it and I was ready to tackle it in the snow too. I was headed for a walk around Cobbs Hill Reservoir. You what is the big deal. This is a big deal to me because I have never been able to do this and have watched people do it and always thought that one day I will do that. Second it has a major connection to my family. My Grandfather used to run the reservoir as his job. My Mom has told me many stories about her childhood there and my Grandfather who I have never met. I have been told many times that he would have loved me very much. I felt that this was a way for both my Mom and my Grandfather to be there. The walk around the reservoir is .69 miles and I was ready. My Dad decided that he wanted to come along for the fun. Not even the snow and cold was going to stop me.

Where we started

When we got there I was very excited about this whole thing. Winter clothes on and ready to go. We made it a quarter of the way around and I was not even tried. We stopped for some pictures.

Quarter of the way there.

Quarter of the way there.


Reaching the half way mark was a major mile stone. Even better was I was keeping up with my Dad who is a pretty fast walker. Hip is still happy and my leg is not tired. All that working out and PT has helped off in ten fold. Three quarters of the way there and I was over the moon. I took a few pics and a video to document the journey. The smile on my face was great.

These are my foot prints in the snow.

These are my foot prints in the snow.

We saw the car and we were finished I had just walking .69 miles. I did it!! This had been on my radar a year ago just as a thought. One year later I was able to do it and have fun at the same time. Almost 6 months ago this would have been possible but rough going. It was an amazing trip that was well worth it. Life is getting back to normal and I am enjoying every minute of it. Know that I have a new hip nothing will hold be back. I am trying so many new things and the Bioness is helping all the way. There were a few more pictures and we were done with the walk. I have a new goal at Cobbs Hill Reservoir when we have nice weather.

One year later. 50 pounds lighter and a new hip. I love my Bioness!!!

One year later. 50 pounds lighter and a new hip. I love my Bioness!!!

It was a great day and I had tons off fun. When I got home I sent a message to Bioness with a picture and this was the message that I got back and was posted on their Facebook page.

“A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Blaire on her 1 year anniversary with the Bioness L300 Foot Drop System! We’re so proud of all your accomplishments. You never cease to be an inspiration to us and others! Thank you for sharing your journey. We’ll be cheering for you every step along the way. :)”

Thanks Bioness

Thanks Bioness

I guess my hip had a major part in this little journey. I just over a week I will be 6 months post op and can’t wait to see what the future holds for me. Loving every momentum in life.