18. Happy 29 Birthday!!

Tuesday January 15, the big day!! HAPPY 29 Birthday to me!!  I was subbing again today. Yesterday ended on a little down note. The pain just was bad. This morning I was sore but more manageable. I was head back to sub some more and hopefully have a great day. The day was good I had pain but not the gross pain that I was so used to. It wasn’t really bad until that night. After teaching I was home for a while before I had to leave again. We had a little party for my birthday at religion. It was fun.  There were a few people there that had seen the TV interview and said that I did a great job. Back home and dinner. Not the way I really wanted to spend my birthday but it was great. It was interesting to say the least. I was so much hoping to spend this birthday pain-free. In a way I did it was a different pain from over doing it. By that night when I went to bed I was done and hurt real bad but I made it through the day. I did some thinking today. I came into this world 29 years ago three months early just to be part of this great big world. I have loved every single minute of it rough times and all. I know that life could always be worse. I could have been what those doctors said I would be 29 years ago. I am happy with where I am. Yeah never thought at 29 I would have a brand new hip but I go with the flow.  Happy Birthday to me!!

Wednesday was a take it easy day. I just decided that I just need to give my body sometime to rest. I have always been one that doesn’t like to take medicine and didn’t take  anything. Bad decision on my part. I should have at least taken ibuprofen. I am just afraid of getting high blood pressure taken it for a couple of days in a row. I guess if it is not a long time it will be ok. I took a two-hour nap for the first time in months today. I guess my body needed it. Man was I ready to go after that. We went out to dinner for my birthday tonight. It was great. We enjoyed each others company and the cheesecake was great.

Thursday rolled around I was still sore but a lot better than Wednesday. Things are getting better. We went and saw a movie today for my birthday. I have learned that I now have a hard time sitting still at movies. I used to move do to the pain. Now I just can’t sit still.  If you can’t tell birthdays tend to last for a week around here. It makes it that much more fun.  By bed time I had no pain at all. However I had a major melt down. I was heart-broken. I want to teach so bad but my body doesn’t like it. Worked two full days in a row and it took that amount of time for the pain to go away. I lay here crying because I don’t know why. My head and heart say yes my body says hell no. I want too so bad!. This is what I was thinking. I just want my life back. I know that it takes time but I am ready. Even though I am 4 months post op I guess I can still have melt downs.  My Mom has been a trooper through this whole thing. She just listens when I need it. She will give her input and is always trying to make things better. I love her, I blessed to have been given such a great Mom.  She puts up with all my crap. Thanks Mom,

Friday woke up feeling great no pain at all. Back to myself hopefully. No workout today didn’t want to push it. I didn’t work out at all this week bad me. I need to loss more weight, I will get there. I felt better after my little vent the night before. I just thought that God has things happen for a reason and I just don’t know why. I will get through this just like everything else I have. Well my awesome PT came today and I told him how I felt and this was what I took from the conversation. Working two days in a row was not bad for me. Yes it caused me pain but it was good for me too. It is my body’s way of getting used to doing things again. He said don’t back down keep going. When it happens again and it will happen again use heat, Advil or ibuprofen. The pain should get less each time you do it. Might not seem like that at first but it is. He said my hip was stiffer when I started back at Wegmans. I have learned my lesson I will take ibuprofen next time. Had a good time doing PT.

Once again a song has helped me come through this rough patch.  I have made an amazing Climb and it only continues. Check out the video! I will move mountains.

As I sit here and write this I know that things will work out for the better. I just need to be patient.  I know soon enough I will be able to teach pain-free and have a ton of fun doing it. I know that this journey is a marathon and not a sprint. Only God knows what is in store for me and has done an amazing job. I know I have been as strong as I can through all of this. The journey goes on and on it is never-ending. Soon the time will come where I am so busy that I only update this blog once a month or on major mile stones. The day will come where I will see that I did an amazing job going through this journey even though it doesn’t ways feel like that. I will see one day that I have helped someone go through their journey a little easier. I just want to help people and feel like this journey has made a difference. I know that it has made a major one in my life. I am getting my life back or even better getting to have the life that I had been denied for some reason.

I can even kneel now.

I can even kneel now.

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