16. Life is moving along

I am learning surely that life does go on. Maybe with little bumps in the road. But whose life doesn’t have bumps. Just get over them and you will be done with them.

Wednesday I worked out for the first time since before Christmas. It felt great. I am working very hard to get the strength to come back in my right leg. I just want it back to where it was before surgery. It will come just have to be patient. That is not my best ability.  I am trying to lose 50 more pounds and hoping that I can do it this year.  The best thing that happened today was that I could use the elliptical for 30 minutes with no pain at all. I was even able to use it a good amount of time with out holding on. 🙂 Super excited! Thanks to all the work that I did on my balance with my PT.

The highlight of Thursday was that I didn’t hurt from the work out the day before. Major plus. Not much happened today. Like those days.

Friday was the first day of PT in the New Year. It was good. My PT said that I was a little stiffer then normal. There are two things that I think might contribute to this. This is just my opinion. First that I have been running around like a crazy women for a month.I am only three months post op at the most.  Second I really think that my Cerebral Palsy has something to do with the stiff muscles but not to sure. Guess I need to have a talk with my PT. We were working on a lot of things today. He decided that we need to work on going up and down the stairs. Alright, he decided to throw me a curve ball. If I remember right he wants to me come down with my left leg first and then the right. He then wants me to go up the stairs with my right leg first. We are trying to reprogram my brain to do this naturally. That might take some work on both of our parts. But a lot more on my part, I am trying.  I might just have to put a post-it note at the bottom of the stairs as a reminder. I have started to  get mad when I don’t it that way now. I make myself start all over again when I mess it up. Just who I am. We are also working on external rotation of my hip. This still seems to be very weak. But getting there.  The day ended with a shopping trip with Mom. Lots of fun.

Saturday what a day. Where to begin! First I learned that there was something new I could do. I was able to cross my right leg over my left one without using my hand to left it. Yes I was laying on my back but I was not even able to do that at all before surgery that was how bad my leg was. But I can do it now. And am very happy about it. I still need to use my hand when I am sitting.  The day just kept getting better. I had been promising my PT that I would get on my Wii Fit board and give it a shot. Well I did it. I had so much fun. It gave me a Wii Fit age of 29!!!!!!!!!!! That is great because I am 10 short days away from my 29 birthday. Well I played many of the games and got my personal best for almost all of them. Well I decided to play the Hula Hoop game. If you don’t know what that involves check out this video. Let’s just say that involves moving your hips like u are using a hula hoop. Well before surgery my best ever was 15 spins. This time my best score was 188 spins 🙂 Super awesome. I was over the moon. I played Wii Fit for a whole hour and the best part no pain. Yet the day just kept getting better. I figured out that I could move my right foot while standing up. Yes the Bioness was turned off and I could move my foot on my own. I am getting closer to walking with it turned off and being able to do it on my own. This was the best day yet.

Sunday was here. That means it is time to work at Wegmans. Well over the holiday I was able to work at least a four-hour shift no problem. So that was my plan today. I was not demoing today. That was just fine with me. I was working on the counter helping customers. I did work four hours and had a good time. I think that I am getting close to my normal. I am a little afraid to push for the five-hour shift after the last one did not end so well the next day. But I will cross that bridge when I need to. The night ended with me being a little down. But I am starting to wonder if this normal after surgery. I lived that down moment and am now back to my old self and even happier as my birthday gets closer.

Monday has rolled around and I am feeling great. The only pain I have is in my left knee and that has nothing to do with my hip. Long story maybe some other time.  I was truly hoping to get a call to sub today but no luck. 😦 Hopefully soon.  My PT came. I had a little talk about the stiffness that he had seen on Friday. I asked if the CP could contribute to it. He said that it might but probably not. If it was the CP it would be everywhere just not in the hip-joint. He said the better option was me over doing it around the holidays. He said that by Christmas next year I will have no problems at all. Can’t wait!! Still working on the stairs and external rotation. Both are coming slowly but surely.  I decided that I really need to get back to working out three times a week. So I was off to the gym today. I did my normal work out but I had two pretty cool things happen. First I went down the last couple of stairs with out holding on to the railing alternating feet. Where the heck did that come from. AWESOME no matter how you look at it!! Second I was able to swim a quarter of a mile for the first time since surgery. Yes before surgery I was able to swim a half mile but I am getting there. I really feel like I am learning how to swim all over again for two reasons. First I don’t float as well since I have lost 50 pounds who knew. Second I am learning how to use my right leg in a whole new way. What the heck. It will get there soon enough. I am a fish and will learn how to swim all over again just because I love it that much. Today I got a phone call from Bioness (the thing for my foot) that a local TV channel wants to do a story on my story. I am super excited. What a way to end the day.

As I have said before music has played a major part in my journey. When I have a hard time it is something to listen to.  When the pain was so bad and nothing would help just my music would. When I was working out this song would make me feel better and help me get through! Check it out. Now that I am healing it is still just important because I was born this way and there is nothing I can do about it. This next song is how I feel about this whole journey. I am diving in. Check it out. My faith has taken me far and this song says it all.

As the days have gone by I have learned that life goes on. No matter if I am having a rough time the days still goes on. I live that moment and then move on. The things that I can do are getting greater in number and I am loving every minute of it.  I have always had a hard time with change but this change I think I am handling pretty darn well.  People might say other wise. But guess what I think I am doing great. As life goes on I keep thinking that one day things will get back to my normal. Where I am able to teach and teach full days. That I will be able to work an 8 hour shift at Wegmans. One day I will get a permanent job teaching and make a dream come true. My major dream right now is to hike Diamond Head I am getting closer every day. It is these dreams that I hold onto that help me to keep going no matter what. I know my life could have always been what my parents were told 29 years ago.  I am over the moon with where I am and how far I have come. Things are getting back to normal.

2 thoughts on “16. Life is moving along

  1. Kelly says:

    It will come lovely, it’s been many years since I had any type of surgery on my hip and its only in the last two years my left hip has been strong enough to withstand activity. Don’t rush your recovery and you’ll be okay 🙂

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