19. A few big days!

What a few great days I have had. I believe that the days can only get better and better!
Thursday was amazing I snow blowed the driveway again. You might ask about what the big deal is. Well I did it under an hour. First time ever in my life doing that. I had the snow blower in almost the fast gear that it would go. It was amazing I was walking at the same speed as it. It felt amazing to be able to do that. That is a great improvement in just over a week. Just last week I could barely teach. What a difference a week makes in a recovery. No new major pain that night.
Friday was an other great day. First I remembered that a year ago I met my awesome pt Joe for the first time. He has been an amazing help. I would not be where I am without his help and my perseverance of course. He helped me see that my Bioness would be a great addition to my life. How right was he! I am thankful that I got to meet him. I never thought that I would have been in pt for a whole year. Thinking about that has shown me something. It has shown me what a difference a year can make. When I started pt I could not move my foot on my own. I could barely make it through a workout with out being in pain that was awful. A year later I can now make it through a full workout no pain at all. Best of all I can move my right foot on my own! Who knew. I went for my workout today and gave myself an amazing surprise. My right leg (thr) is almost back to the strength that it was before surgery. How awesome. It felt so good. I had the biggest smile on my face. After the weight lifting I did some cardio. Yup still feeling great. I was able to use the elliptical for 30 minutes and go my farthest distance yet. Even better I was almost running on the elliptical. I am getting closer to my goal of running. No one tell Dr. Clarke our little secret. I know it is a no-no, but I am not going to do it all the time. Just when I need to play with kids. My hope is that I will be able to run with the kids at vacation bible school this summer. That night there was no additional pain from these two days. What a great feeling!
Saturday was another big day in my journey it was one year ago that I met an amazing British surgeon. Met Dr. Clarke for the first time. Words can’t say enough what he’s has done for me. I have my life back and I am getting to be a 29-year-old that is acting like a five-year old. Tanks to my amazing “Hip Wizard”. Thank you Dr. Clarke.

Dr. Clarke the best doctor out there.

Dr. Clarke the best doctor out there.

Today I had another good visit with my pt. we are still working on those tricky stairs. I can go up alternating hanging on with my left hand. I am getting to the point where I want to switch to my weaker right hand. I got some real good news and sad at the same time today. I only have two pt visits left. I am excited that I am done. However I need to say good-bye to my pt. I will deal with that day when it comes. It has been an amazing journey. I ended the day by walking through the slush in a parking lot twice. Fear is gone. The days can only get better right.
Sunday is now here and my day to work at Wegmans. You might say well you always do this, however today I hit another mile stone. I worked 5 full hours standing the whole time. Only the second time doing this at Wegmans. The better part is I didn’t hurt well-doing it. Well my scar kept stinging very strange. I think that the nerves are still waking up and re-growing. The better news that as I sit here typing at 9:30 at night I have very little pain. I am super amazed at what a difference a week makes. This day seems like it is going to end well too. Been going for four days in a row. Only tomorrow will tell!
As I sit here and write this I have learned that my life is getting back to my “normal”. Yes it might take a full year to get there, but I am ready. I will do whatever it takes. I am happy that I have been put on this journey. I will show the world that there is life after a hip replacement at 28! There is a light at the end of my tunnel and it is getting closer and closer! I can’t wait to see what it looks like.

Little Off Topic

I decided to write on something off topic. But it isn’t really. I have been doing some thinking lately. Sorry if it seems a little mixed up, but that is how my brain is thinking right now.

As most people know I was born with a disability. When I was younger I was not that happy that I was different then all the other children. However as I grew I have come to fully accept who I am. God made me different for a reason. Yes I might not know why. However I am OK with that.

People have asked how I can be so strong with everything that has happened to me. Well let me explain the best I can. First I have known no different then a life with Cerebral Palsy. Since the day I came in to this world I needed to fight to be here. When doctors tell your parents that you are going to be deaf, retarded and in a wheelchair the rest of your life, you can either live up to those low standards or blow them out of the water. Well not then but as I understood things I decided to blow them out of the water. When you watch your siblings play sports you just want to be part of it, that was the same for me. I would do my best to keep up with them. When I learned about my hip yes, I wondered why me. I don’t I have enough on my plate already. But I thought about it, as this is an other chance to show the world what I made of. So to answer the question being strong is in my DNA. That is the best way to put it.

As for my attitude. I like to think this way. Yeah I could be sad that I have had all these things happen. That is just not me. Yeah I have had down moments in this journey and in life. However I can always pick myself back up and keep on going. The good things always out weigh the bad things. My attitude is my choice.

I wouldn’t be where I am today with out my AMAZING parents. They took me in even though I could have had so many things wrong. They have helped me become who I am. They have shown me the world is full of opportunists. They taught me that I might just have to work a little hard to get things done but that is OK with me. They have taught me that I am different then other people but at the same time that I can do what other people do. But most of all they have given me unconditional love that has taken me so far. They taught me that it is ok that I am different.

So the major point that I am trying to get to is that I love my disabilty. But I don’t see it as a disabilty. It is part of who I am and it will always be that way. Yes my right hand might not work like everyone else’s but I can use it when I need it. I use my hand in my way and it works. Yes it might get better if I work at it. However that is my choice and I will make it again when I am ready. I might not be able to walk like everyone else but I love my Bioness. I am getting better at that every day. thank you Bioness!
I love that I have been put on this hip journey. Yeah it might suck at times but it can only get better. It has opened my eyes to a whole new world. The best part it is pain free, well it is getting there. I am more then happy with who, and where I am. Yeah I would love a teaching job, working on it. I could have been what those doctors said 29 years ago. I am so happy that I am not. I face everyday and every struggle with a CAN DO attitude.

So I guess that this post was just a bunch of my thoughts. But it is great to let other people hear them. The next post will hopefully be hip related more tham this one.

18. Happy 29 Birthday!!

Tuesday January 15, the big day!! HAPPY 29 Birthday to me!!  I was subbing again today. Yesterday ended on a little down note. The pain just was bad. This morning I was sore but more manageable. I was head back to sub some more and hopefully have a great day. The day was good I had pain but not the gross pain that I was so used to. It wasn’t really bad until that night. After teaching I was home for a while before I had to leave again. We had a little party for my birthday at religion. It was fun.  There were a few people there that had seen the TV interview and said that I did a great job. Back home and dinner. Not the way I really wanted to spend my birthday but it was great. It was interesting to say the least. I was so much hoping to spend this birthday pain-free. In a way I did it was a different pain from over doing it. By that night when I went to bed I was done and hurt real bad but I made it through the day. I did some thinking today. I came into this world 29 years ago three months early just to be part of this great big world. I have loved every single minute of it rough times and all. I know that life could always be worse. I could have been what those doctors said I would be 29 years ago. I am happy with where I am. Yeah never thought at 29 I would have a brand new hip but I go with the flow.  Happy Birthday to me!!

Wednesday was a take it easy day. I just decided that I just need to give my body sometime to rest. I have always been one that doesn’t like to take medicine and didn’t take  anything. Bad decision on my part. I should have at least taken ibuprofen. I am just afraid of getting high blood pressure taken it for a couple of days in a row. I guess if it is not a long time it will be ok. I took a two-hour nap for the first time in months today. I guess my body needed it. Man was I ready to go after that. We went out to dinner for my birthday tonight. It was great. We enjoyed each others company and the cheesecake was great.

Thursday rolled around I was still sore but a lot better than Wednesday. Things are getting better. We went and saw a movie today for my birthday. I have learned that I now have a hard time sitting still at movies. I used to move do to the pain. Now I just can’t sit still.  If you can’t tell birthdays tend to last for a week around here. It makes it that much more fun.  By bed time I had no pain at all. However I had a major melt down. I was heart-broken. I want to teach so bad but my body doesn’t like it. Worked two full days in a row and it took that amount of time for the pain to go away. I lay here crying because I don’t know why. My head and heart say yes my body says hell no. I want too so bad!. This is what I was thinking. I just want my life back. I know that it takes time but I am ready. Even though I am 4 months post op I guess I can still have melt downs.  My Mom has been a trooper through this whole thing. She just listens when I need it. She will give her input and is always trying to make things better. I love her, I blessed to have been given such a great Mom.  She puts up with all my crap. Thanks Mom,

Friday woke up feeling great no pain at all. Back to myself hopefully. No workout today didn’t want to push it. I didn’t work out at all this week bad me. I need to loss more weight, I will get there. I felt better after my little vent the night before. I just thought that God has things happen for a reason and I just don’t know why. I will get through this just like everything else I have. Well my awesome PT came today and I told him how I felt and this was what I took from the conversation. Working two days in a row was not bad for me. Yes it caused me pain but it was good for me too. It is my body’s way of getting used to doing things again. He said don’t back down keep going. When it happens again and it will happen again use heat, Advil or ibuprofen. The pain should get less each time you do it. Might not seem like that at first but it is. He said my hip was stiffer when I started back at Wegmans. I have learned my lesson I will take ibuprofen next time. Had a good time doing PT.

Once again a song has helped me come through this rough patch.  I have made an amazing Climb and it only continues. Check out the video! I will move mountains.

As I sit here and write this I know that things will work out for the better. I just need to be patient.  I know soon enough I will be able to teach pain-free and have a ton of fun doing it. I know that this journey is a marathon and not a sprint. Only God knows what is in store for me and has done an amazing job. I know I have been as strong as I can through all of this. The journey goes on and on it is never-ending. Soon the time will come where I am so busy that I only update this blog once a month or on major mile stones. The day will come where I will see that I did an amazing job going through this journey even though it doesn’t ways feel like that. I will see one day that I have helped someone go through their journey a little easier. I just want to help people and feel like this journey has made a difference. I know that it has made a major one in my life. I am getting my life back or even better getting to have the life that I had been denied for some reason.

I can even kneel now.

I can even kneel now.

17. First Subbing Job

Things are moving right along. It seems like it has been forever since I have last wrote on this. But has only been a week. What a great and busy week it has been. I have been having accident pron week. Nothing happened with my hip thank God.

Tuesday was my first dentist appointment since before surgery. I was nervous and excited at the same time. I have to take antibiotics one hour before any dental work. The person that was cleaning my teeth was very nice. She asked me the famous question. “Aren’t you too young for a hip replacement?” Yup but I don’t care it has changed my life. Everything went great. No cavities and no problems. Great news after a year full of different news. Love my clean teeth. Today is one week until my birthday.

Wednesday I was headed for the gym. Weigh in time first, 209 pounds. I am getting there, slowly. I think throwing surgery and a holiday in the middle of it didn’t help much. The work out was great. It is the greatest feeling to be doing them pain-free. I can’t explain how much pain I was in working out before surgery. Now it barely ever hurts. That is the greatest feeling ever. I went for a swim again and having a great time doing it. The day ended good. No pain.

Thursday was a slow day around here. I did get on the Wii fit. This time my age was 24. Four years younger. It was nice to have a slow day.

Friday was great. Still no sub call but going with the flow. My PT came and we worked hard. I went up the whole flight of stairs alternating my feet using the cane. That is harder than using the railing. Doing it slowly but surely. It is starting to become more natural.  After PT I was headed for BJ’s.  It was pouring rain and I am very careful not to step in puddles because of the Bioness. Well I was missing the puddle I opened the car door right into my head. OUCH!!! The accident pron week keeps coming. I was very tired today so I took a good nap and felt great.  My hip has not given me any problems this week. There are times where I just forget. It is a great feeling. I love being me again and even better.

Saturday was a busy but very fun day. First I did something I have always wanted to do. It was non stop laughs. See the pictures below. This is how like to spend my birthday week.

This was the best

This was the best

Getting outGetting out was not easy and lots of laughs!!


Today my PT and I were getting interviewed by a local news channel to tell my story about my Bioness. The camera man was here for a whole hour. I feel like I did a good job, so did Joe my PT. I did my best to answer the questions. Can’t wait to see it on the news tomorrow. My hip was a little sore after all of that, but no big deal.

Sunday rolled around. My leg was tired but  I just go with it. I was headed to Wegmans. Only a three-hour shift today. I had a birthday party planned.  We had a great time with family and friends. Once again I loved every minute of it. Can’t believe that I am going to be 29 in 2 short day. Oh yeah my interview was on TV tonight. I did see it till the nest morning but here is the link. Please read and pass it on. I got a call tonight from a school district that I sub for. I was working a full day tomorrow as a teachers’ aide. Headed to bed yearly so I was going to get to see my story. But it aired on the 11 o’clock news on channel 10 here. Check out the link below and share if you can.


Monday morning. This is the first thing that I saw this morning!

You are totally Amazing, Fantastic, Wonderful,Fantabulos, Gorgeous, Wow. Wait till you see the News! Lead story!! Did I say Amazing-wow Mom and Dad

You are totally Amazing, Fantastic, Wonderful,Fantabulos, Gorgeous, Wow. Wait till you see the News! Lead story!! Did I say Amazing-wow Mom and Dad

Do I love my parents. Da HELL YEAH!!  I guess I did a good job on the news. Watched the story and was very impressed. I am so happy that I was able to do it. What a morale booster.

Headed to my first sub job since before surgery. I had a minor panic attack on the drive over. I thought holy cow I haven’t really taught since last June. What the heck. I knew I wasn’t really going to be teaching today. I was still scare. I was a teacher’s aide today working one on one with a student. Don’t get me wrong it is great but I am a teacher. I was doing a lot of walking and standing. Yeah as an aide I can sit a little more than I normally would. It was a great day overall. The students that I was working with was great. I got a call from the office asking if I would like to come back tomorrow. Sure. I was tired by the end of the day. I was leaving and the secretary in the office asked if I had lost weight. I said yeas and she said I was looking great.  Some thoughts on today. It was a little weird to be working where no one knows that I had a hip replacement. I felt like people were wondering why I was wearing sneakers and walking really slow. Hey I don’t care. At the same time it is nice to have people see me as me for now. It was a great day. I can’t wait to teach now. It will be great. I just need to learn to not over do it.

First full day sub job!!

First full day sub job!!

Headed back home and time for PT. Yeah get to see my buddy again. We had a good talk about the news coverage. Did some stretching and said I was a little stiff. I told him that I worked all day. He said that would do it. Asked how my pain was said it was muscle and only hurt once when he moved it. We did so more things and he said that my muscles were tired. Yeah I think they earned it today. I tired and so is my leg. As I sit here and type this my leg is getting sorer. But nothing that I can’t deal with. We will see how the morning treats me.

Today is exactly 4 months since I had my hip replaced. It has been an amazing journey that I wouldn’t change for anything. I know that it is just going to keep getting amazing. 4 months ago I could barely walk. But today I tried to keep up with 5th graders. Getting there. I am proud of myself more than words can say. I just need to learn not to over do it.

Tomorrow is my 29 Birthday and I can’t wait to see what the day and year to come will bring. Brings a tear to my eye that this will be the first pain-free birthday that I have had in years.

Thanks everyone for reading. Will do a birthday post tomorrow!!!

16. Life is moving along

I am learning surely that life does go on. Maybe with little bumps in the road. But whose life doesn’t have bumps. Just get over them and you will be done with them.

Wednesday I worked out for the first time since before Christmas. It felt great. I am working very hard to get the strength to come back in my right leg. I just want it back to where it was before surgery. It will come just have to be patient. That is not my best ability.  I am trying to lose 50 more pounds and hoping that I can do it this year.  The best thing that happened today was that I could use the elliptical for 30 minutes with no pain at all. I was even able to use it a good amount of time with out holding on. 🙂 Super excited! Thanks to all the work that I did on my balance with my PT.

The highlight of Thursday was that I didn’t hurt from the work out the day before. Major plus. Not much happened today. Like those days.

Friday was the first day of PT in the New Year. It was good. My PT said that I was a little stiffer then normal. There are two things that I think might contribute to this. This is just my opinion. First that I have been running around like a crazy women for a month.I am only three months post op at the most.  Second I really think that my Cerebral Palsy has something to do with the stiff muscles but not to sure. Guess I need to have a talk with my PT. We were working on a lot of things today. He decided that we need to work on going up and down the stairs. Alright, he decided to throw me a curve ball. If I remember right he wants to me come down with my left leg first and then the right. He then wants me to go up the stairs with my right leg first. We are trying to reprogram my brain to do this naturally. That might take some work on both of our parts. But a lot more on my part, I am trying.  I might just have to put a post-it note at the bottom of the stairs as a reminder. I have started to  get mad when I don’t it that way now. I make myself start all over again when I mess it up. Just who I am. We are also working on external rotation of my hip. This still seems to be very weak. But getting there.  The day ended with a shopping trip with Mom. Lots of fun.

Saturday what a day. Where to begin! First I learned that there was something new I could do. I was able to cross my right leg over my left one without using my hand to left it. Yes I was laying on my back but I was not even able to do that at all before surgery that was how bad my leg was. But I can do it now. And am very happy about it. I still need to use my hand when I am sitting.  The day just kept getting better. I had been promising my PT that I would get on my Wii Fit board and give it a shot. Well I did it. I had so much fun. It gave me a Wii Fit age of 29!!!!!!!!!!! That is great because I am 10 short days away from my 29 birthday. Well I played many of the games and got my personal best for almost all of them. Well I decided to play the Hula Hoop game. If you don’t know what that involves check out this video. Let’s just say that involves moving your hips like u are using a hula hoop. Well before surgery my best ever was 15 spins. This time my best score was 188 spins 🙂 Super awesome. I was over the moon. I played Wii Fit for a whole hour and the best part no pain. Yet the day just kept getting better. I figured out that I could move my right foot while standing up. Yes the Bioness was turned off and I could move my foot on my own. I am getting closer to walking with it turned off and being able to do it on my own. This was the best day yet.

Sunday was here. That means it is time to work at Wegmans. Well over the holiday I was able to work at least a four-hour shift no problem. So that was my plan today. I was not demoing today. That was just fine with me. I was working on the counter helping customers. I did work four hours and had a good time. I think that I am getting close to my normal. I am a little afraid to push for the five-hour shift after the last one did not end so well the next day. But I will cross that bridge when I need to. The night ended with me being a little down. But I am starting to wonder if this normal after surgery. I lived that down moment and am now back to my old self and even happier as my birthday gets closer.

Monday has rolled around and I am feeling great. The only pain I have is in my left knee and that has nothing to do with my hip. Long story maybe some other time.  I was truly hoping to get a call to sub today but no luck. 😦 Hopefully soon.  My PT came. I had a little talk about the stiffness that he had seen on Friday. I asked if the CP could contribute to it. He said that it might but probably not. If it was the CP it would be everywhere just not in the hip-joint. He said the better option was me over doing it around the holidays. He said that by Christmas next year I will have no problems at all. Can’t wait!! Still working on the stairs and external rotation. Both are coming slowly but surely.  I decided that I really need to get back to working out three times a week. So I was off to the gym today. I did my normal work out but I had two pretty cool things happen. First I went down the last couple of stairs with out holding on to the railing alternating feet. Where the heck did that come from. AWESOME no matter how you look at it!! Second I was able to swim a quarter of a mile for the first time since surgery. Yes before surgery I was able to swim a half mile but I am getting there. I really feel like I am learning how to swim all over again for two reasons. First I don’t float as well since I have lost 50 pounds who knew. Second I am learning how to use my right leg in a whole new way. What the heck. It will get there soon enough. I am a fish and will learn how to swim all over again just because I love it that much. Today I got a phone call from Bioness (the thing for my foot) that a local TV channel wants to do a story on my story. I am super excited. What a way to end the day.

As I have said before music has played a major part in my journey. When I have a hard time it is something to listen to.  When the pain was so bad and nothing would help just my music would. When I was working out this song would make me feel better and help me get through! Check it out. Now that I am healing it is still just important because I was born this way and there is nothing I can do about it. This next song is how I feel about this whole journey. I am diving in. Check it out. My faith has taken me far and this song says it all.

As the days have gone by I have learned that life goes on. No matter if I am having a rough time the days still goes on. I live that moment and then move on. The things that I can do are getting greater in number and I am loving every minute of it.  I have always had a hard time with change but this change I think I am handling pretty darn well.  People might say other wise. But guess what I think I am doing great. As life goes on I keep thinking that one day things will get back to my normal. Where I am able to teach and teach full days. That I will be able to work an 8 hour shift at Wegmans. One day I will get a permanent job teaching and make a dream come true. My major dream right now is to hike Diamond Head I am getting closer every day. It is these dreams that I hold onto that help me to keep going no matter what. I know my life could have always been what my parents were told 29 years ago.  I am over the moon with where I am and how far I have come. Things are getting back to normal.

15. Happy New Year

Saturday December 29 my family left. It was great to have so many of them here this year. It made the holiday that much better. Today I made it out and snow blow the driveway for the second time. Well I was left home alone and sent out to snow blow. I don’t know whose great idea that was. I just made sure that I had my cell phone with me in case I fell.  The drive way at our house is a parking lot was an ice skating rink today. It was super slippery and I had the snow blower in the lowest gear that I could set it. I did it all by myself with no incidents and am super proud of myself. Getting there slowly but surely.

This picture does not do the size of the driveway justice.

This picture does not do the size of the driveway justice.

Sunday rolled around and I was off to Wegmans for two days in a row again. I got the most annoying job for 3 and a half hours I shucked clams. Standing in one place for that long made my hip a little mad. But I figured out if I just kept moving in place I was fine. Lets just say that I don’t care if I ever see another clam again. I worked a 5 hour shift that day. Yup I did it was the most amazing thing yet. It made me feel more normal. It was a good day after all. By the time I went to bed that night I knew I had over done it with that 5 hour shift. Guess I am no t ready yet. Well I learned my lesson and will take my time from now on.

Happy News Year Eve!! Up at 4:30 and off to Wegmans for an early shift. Woke up a little stiff and sore. Wonder why, just kidding I know why. The 5 hour shift really did not agree with me at all. Well worked hard today and only worked 3 and a half hours. Wasn’t going to push it today. I was ready to end the year in a good mode.  After a short nap, it was off to the movies with Mom and Dad. It was the first time in a long time that I sat through a whole movie pain-free. Brought a smile to my face.  It was great to enjoy the movie and not have to move consistently. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Well after the movie time for Church. We got home to find the house dark. We had lost power well at Church. Oh man what a new years eve this was going to be. Right before we left for dinner the power came on. We had an amazing dinner. Back home for the night and let the fun begin. As this amazing year came to the end I had many thoughts, so here they are.

2012 has had many ups and downs. I have learned that I have amazing friends, a second family and that life is what you make it. No matter how bad things got this year I made the best out of them and rode this wild journey. Through out this year I have had three major accomplishments that have changed my life forever.  First I have lost 50 pounds in a year. What a difference that has made on this whole journey.  I feel like a whole new person.  Second I got my Bioness. I never took walking for granted and know it is so much easier to walk because of the Bioness. It has given me a chance to keep moving easier.  Lastly I have done something that no 28-year-old should have to do. I had a HIP REPLACEMENT. This is the greatest. It has changed my life for the better. It has shown me that yes I can live a PAIN FREE life. It has shown me that every little thing counts in life. The smaller the better.  I have counted my blessing all year-long and thank God everyday that I get to be here. I have learned that family is here for me no matter what through thick and thin. I have learned that I have two of the MOST AMAZING PARENTS ever. They have done so much for me this year, words can’t say enough. Thank you. I have been truly blessed. I know that God could have chosen a different path for me and I could have lived this path differently. But I am more then happy with the way that I have lived it. This will be a year to remember good bye 2012. I am ready for 2013 to show up and SEE WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS FOR ME. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE.

Mom, Dad and I spent the night together and rang in the New Year with joy and excitement. The year ended and I am still here to see another. What a great feeling. Life is what you make of it and I have made the best of it. Off to bed we all went at one in the morning. The first dream that I had of the new Year was amazing. I was running in my dream. I have always been told that a dream is a wish that your heart makes. Well here is hoping and wishing that dream comes true.

What a way to end the old year!

What a way to end the old year!

I hope that everyone has and AMAZING NEW YEAR!!!!! That light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer and closer. For all those awaiting treatment and those who have had treatment, I hope that the future is pain-free for you. You will get there. Hold your head high and reach for the starts.


Here's to an amazing new year

Here’s to an amazing new year.