14. Christmas Joys

What an amazing couple of days.

It all started Saturday when my family arrived from MN. We were very happy to see each other. I gave my niece a big hug and even picked her up off the floor. It was a great hug. Lots more work today. My leg told me many times today that it had enough but I had to keep going.

Sunday was the first day of working two days in a row. I was so excited to get to work. I had the best time. It was great to work with people that I don’t get to work with that often. They kept saying “Blaire Counter.” Which has become a joke in our department.  They missed saying that for three months I guess.  I made it once again through the three hours no problems.  My stamina I feel is just not back yet.  I am  hoping that is something that will come back soon enough. After work I headed home and was put to work once again, but this was fun work. We were having the family over to decorate the tree and the house. It was so much fun to have everyone here. My hip put up with everything that went on. It was a lot of running around. But so so worth it.  Headed to bed pretty sore but no medicine just my lovely ice pack. Not ready to give that up yet. It is my favorite friend until I get cold.

Christmas Tree

Christmas Eve was finally here! What a great day it was going to be. I was a wake at 5 am to get ready for work. I was headed to Wegmans at 7. I was feeling good. I made sure that I did my pt stretches that morning like I do every morning. It really does feel good to keep moving. I was at work for two hours and feeling great so I told my manager that I was up to working a four hour shift. Yup after working the day before I worked a four hour shift. Slowly but surely I am getting there. I was so happy to be able to do that. It was an other mile stone that I could check off my list. Headed back home. Completed more things to get ready for some of the family to come over. We had an amazing evening together. Lots of laughs. We enjoyed listening to the manger story that my Mom tells and the Night before Christmas that my Dad reads. We were headed off to 10:30 Mass. At this point I had been up for17 hours and my leg was still hanging in there. Man before the THR it would have been a night mare by this point. After Church it decided to snow the snow was a good inch deep and it was the first time that I had been walking it since surgery. Oh man sort of had a mini panic attack as I did have the best of shoes on either. Well lets say I made it to the car no problem. I feel just fine walking in the snow now after that night. My sister even topped it of with hitting me in the eye with a snowball. Oh yes she did. It was a really good shot. After we made it home. That is another story. It was time for the real fun to begin. Time to set up the house for everyone to come over Christmas morning. 4 am Tuesday morning rolled around and I was finally headed for med. I had almost been up for 24 hours. My hip was getting pretty sore and very tired by this point. Still haven’t taken meds. Just my lovely ice pack and a 4 hour nap.


Merry Christmas everyone!!! The day that I had been waiting for was finally here. I woke up after my lovely 4 hour nap and was ready to go again. Adrenaline will take you far. My hip was definitely there. I did a no no today. No PT exercises and I didn’t do them before I went to bed the night before. Well lets say that everything was ok.

11am rolled around and people started showing up.  After all 31 people were here. The fun started. This next picture is of almost all my nieces and nephews. This is a family tradition at our house. I learned that the hip is working great after the position that I got in to take this picture.


Time to open presents. We had so much fun opening everything. I had the most fun sitting on the floor watching everyone else open their presents. That was the greatest feeling just sitting there and watching the smiles on everyone’s face.


I got an amazing present from my parents. An antique trunk. It is beautiful.  I love it so much. It is going to look amazing in my room.  Thanks Mom and Dad. After everyone left my hip decided it had finally had enough. It was very tired I could barely move my leg. It felt like it was 100 pounds. I took a well deserved nap. I woke up feeling much better. My leg felt like normal, phew!  First lets remember I am doing this all three months post op. I have learned a great lesson that my leg will tell me when it has had enough. I guess I should start listening to it. I am just that stubborn I guess. The night end with some of the family coming back for dinner. It was a great day. It was more amazing then words can say. It was what I had been waiting for all month long. My night ended with me asking my Mom to take this picture.

ChristmasThis made my night. Off to bed with my trusty ice pack. Oh man do I love that thing. I can sleep on it for an hour. Well these days it is more like passing out. Hey that is OK with me it is still sleeping.

December 26. Happy Anniversary to my AMAZING PARENTS!! Thanks for everything you have done for me. You took a major chance when you adopted me. Thank you. Today I thought about someone that I meet on Facebook that had her PAO today. She is from the Buffalo area which is close to me. She is super strong and will get through it.Well we got an amazing snow storm. By 10 o’clock at night we had 6 inches of snow and I was headed out to snow blow. First time since last winter. It was well worth it to prove to myself that I could walk in 6 inches of snow and push a heavy machine. It made my day. I was super careful. It is just me getting back to my normal. Life is getting there.

As I sit here writing this I have had time to think. This journey has been life changing for me. Yeah you guys might be tired of hearing this but it is for me. It has given me a second chance to live life the way it is meant to be. PAIN FREE!! Yeah it might not be perfect yet. I still got muscle pain but nothing like I used to be.  5 months ago I never thought I would be where I am today but I am. Yeah I might not share all the emotions that I have going on with people but that is just who I am.  The hip replacement has changed my life for ever!!

THIS WAS THE MOST AMAZING CHRISTMAS!! Can’t wait to see what the future holds for me.

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