12. December 14

This week has been amazing yet again. Where the time has flown by.

I worked my second shift at Wegmans and loved every minute of it. I wish the 2 hours did not fly by. Next week I am going to try for 3 hours. I had a great talk with my niece on Sunday. She told me that no matter what we did this summer I always had a smile on my face no matter how much I hurt. I told her that all of them have been so supportive and never passed judgment on me. They even picked up my golf ball when we were mini golfing and I couldn’t bend at all. My family is amazing!

Another great visit from my PT. Those are always fun and entertaining.  He always knows how to make me laugh. The day ended well.

The week continued with the annual Christmas Cookie baking. I couldn’t wait to start this year. There is a plus side to this hip replacement, that I have extra time to help out here because I am not subbing. The Christmas cookies started on Tuesday and are still going strong. I am loving every pain free moment of mixing, baking and eating! 🙂 Oh man this is not going to help my diet at all.

First batch of Christmas cookies. I helped with every part of these. :)

First batch of Christmas cookies. I helped with every part of these. 🙂

As the week continued things just kept getting better. I was able to workout once this week. Mom and I are having so much making cookies. It is the best feeling to be helping and being pain free. We decided to take a Christmas picture that I could put in my Christmas card. It was pretty entertaining. My back side getting roasted by the fire to Mom using the new camera for the first time. To me just being happy sitting on the floor that long.

This is me 53 pounds lighter sitting on the floor. Merry Christmas.

This is me 53 pounds lighter sitting on the floor. Merry Christmas.

Friday rolled around and nothing has majorly changed. Another PT visit where I am learning just how strong my left leg. Yes that is the leg I have used for everything for years. So it should be super strong. I am also learning that I am regaining strength in my right leg. It is getting there slowly but surely. Still baking Christmas cookies and enjoying every minute of it. Even knew how fun this could be.

As the day went on I learned about the shooting in Connecticut. 😦 Yes it hit pretty hard. I am a teacher of that age group and could never imagine a person shooting so many young innocent children. Knowing that one day I might have to protect other peoples children is something I hope I never need to do. It has shown me that yes I have been through a lot this year, but it could always be worse. My heart and prayers go out to the families of all that were affected.

I have made it the whole week with out taking any medicine when I go to bed.   That is the first time in a year. What an amazing feeling. I am still sleeping with an ice pack, which makes my hip feel better. But am hoping to lose that soon enough. I also am taking nothing during the day. Off all medicine.

As Christmas is approaching I get to see my family together for the first time in a long time. I get to see my sister, niece and nephew who I haven’t seen since August when I went to MN. I just can’t wait. I am ready for a great big hug. I have learned that I am blessed to have such an awesome family and lucky that almost are alive. God could have placed me somewhere else but he put me right here. We are hopefully going to have 30 people at the White Household for Christmas morning. I can’t wait to sit in the middle of the floor and watch it all unfold. This is going to be the best Christmas.

A this week ends we start the busiest week at the White Household. I am up for every minute of it. If anyone would like me to write on any topic or want me to talk about certain things please let me know.

Just some christmas fun with my new camera

Just some christmas fun with my new camera!

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