7. The rest of September

I want everyone to see that no matter how strong you are you are going to have up and down days. Yes there were days where I just cried for no reason. On the other side I was happy just for the little things that I could do.  This post will have a mix of these events and will cover the rest of September

Monday Sept 24 Day 10

Today I had a down moment. I saw a commercial for Styker. That is the company that made my new hip. The commercial said that their replacement don’t last forever and there are many factors that contribute to the wear and tear. I cried because that remind me that I would need to do this all over again. I thought I was all good with this. Then I remembered that I was given this new hip to use it and have a life and I was going to do just that.

Tuesday Sept 25 Day 11

Today I was going to conquer a fear that had been brewing since I came home. Tracey and I were going to get me in the car for the first time since the ride from hell. I was nervous to get in the car and a little scared as the last trip did not go well. Outside we went and got in and out of the car no problem. Lot less pain this time. That would make things better.  I was still scared for the long ride to Syracuse on Thursday for my 2 week appointment.  Tracey and I even took a walk around the driveway that day with the walker. It felt so good to be outside. The day got even better because I got a visit from a good family friend. It was so nice to see her and hear about her trip to Switzerland.  I wish she didn’t have to leave.

Thursday Sept 27 Day 13

The day I was looking forward and not forward too. Time for my two week appointment. We got all loaded up in the car I think we packed everything but the kitchen sink. An hour and a half later we made it to Syracuse. I rode in the car no problem. Fear is gone and can’t wait for more rides. You might be able to see my Ipod on my lap. Took that thing on this trip and helped a lot.

This is how you have to ride after hip replacement. Not with your leg on the dash that was more comfortable for me. that’s my un-operated leg.

Everyone loved my shirt. The lady at the check in desk ask if I was to young for a hip replacement. While yes yes I am. Got x-rays and everything looked good. The best news was to come. No more TEDs (compression stockings), and no more bandage. Yeah. I also learned that I could start outpatient PT in about a week. Yes I get to see Joe. I will see Dr. Clarke October 29 for the 6 week checkup.

2 week check up. Dr. Clarke said everything looked good. Best upgrade ever.

Back in the car. Headed for some dinner at Olive Garden. An hour and a half later we were at dinner. But first we had to take off that dumb TED stocking right there in the parking lot. This was my first real outing since surgery. It was a great day. However it did end with a melt down in bed. I think it was just a great stress reliever.

Took the one ted off in the parking lot. Yes was done with those things.

Friday Sept 28 Day 14

Holy Cow 2 weeks have flew by. Tracey came today and we talked about discharging me from home pt soon. Probably 2 more visits then back to Joe. Started to use the cane today in the house. I did two laps no problem with the cane. Tracey said that I could start transitioning slowly.  The visiting nurse came today and discharged me from her serves today. Still says my scar is the best she has ever seen. Julie from my job at Wegmans stopped by with a treat.

First I will explain a little about where I work when I am not subbing. I work at a local grocery store chain Wegmans. I have worked there for 13 years in two departments. I currently  work in the Seafood Department. This department is small. They have become my second family since Oct 2011. They were there when I needed a shoulder to cry or just a good laugh. They are the best. So the treat that Julie brought was dinner from the store. Yes the store sent my family dinner. It was so great of them.

As the weeks are going by I am working hard to show everyone that I can do this. Hopefully the melt downs will end soon enough. Counting down the next 4 weeks.

Sunday Sept 30 Day 16.

Today we were having a family gathering to celebrating birthdays. These are always the best. It would be the first time that many of my siblings would have seen me since surgery. I did try to wear jeans for the first time since surgery.  They didn’t last very long, my scar did not like them at all.  It was great to see everyone and we had a great time together. Lots of laughs and lots of fun.

There are moment when I think that this whole hip replacement was a dumb idea, but know better. Things will get easier, however it will be a lot of work. I am living this journey in style and will have as much fun as I can.

There were many rough nights this month. I think my body was trying to adjust to everything. I was also stuck sleeping on my back, not my favorite place to sleep. My Ipod once again never left my side. I listened to music when I could not sleep and it would help. The nights hopefully will get better!

This brings us to the end of September. Can’t believe where the time has gone. The next post will be October and hopefully not to long. I will try to pick the most important days. Soon I hope to be caught up so you can get post when things happen. Thank for reading.

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