9. November

We have finally made it November. What a month this is going to be. I did have a good scare this month, so read on to find out  what it was. Once again I will try to pick the most important days. Writing all of this down has helped me come to terms with everything that is going on.   It has helped show me that I can do this, it might just take awhile.

Thursday November 1 Day 47

What a great day I went to Wegmans for the first time without my cane. First outing without the cane all together. They were impressed with how well I was walking. I love surprising them at work. I’m getting there it is just taking time. The pain is going away. Totally waiting to see how this journey is going to play out. Here is to more days like this.

Friday November 2 Day 48   7 weeks.

Today was the day that I was not looking forward to. It was Joe’s last day.  We did a lot of work together today. He did say that I could start using the weight machines for my legs. Joe was very impressed that I could hold my foot up with the Bioness off.  Joe has been a great support since January. Thank you God for giving me so many amazing people in my life. Today I need to say good bye to one of the most amazing people I know.  He has been there through this journey of mine and made it more bearable.  Joe worked on more then just my hip, he helped with my CP. He is one reason why I have my bioness. He got me to try OT for my right arm. You helped me be me again. You gave words of support and encouragement.  Thanks Joe words can’t say enough. You are amazing.

Today I hit a major mile stone I was able to put my sock on with out the sock aide for the first time in 2 years.  I got into the pool again, it felt really good. I can tell my leg is still weaker than it was before surgery. Maybe it will take me time getting used to using my leg the right way for he first time in my life. Happy 7 week Hipaversary!!

Sunday November 4 Day 50

What an amazing day I hit two mile stones today. First when we were at church I cried tries of happiness. I knelt for the first time without pain. It was amazing. The second mile stone came later,  I went for a drive with Mom in an empty parking lot. Gave Mom a little bit of whip lash practicing an emergency stop LOL. I drove Mom back home and took myself for a short ride. Can you guess where I went, yup Wegmans. I saw some of the people I work with on Sundays it was so nice. Back home and all safe and sound. I stood and walked for a whole hour and a half with out my cane.

Wednesday November 7 Day 53

Today I started to really workout again. I did the seated stair stepper for 10min, walked on the treadmill for 10 min and rode the bike for 10 min. After all that I did the weight machines for both my arms and legs. I started light like Joe said. Getting back in the swing of things. There was still more work to do I was headed off to the pool. What a busy day so far. After all that I fun I cleaned up and went to Wegmans. I have been trying to make a weekly visit there. Today I took a well deserved nap. I made dinner all by myself. I even put my socks on twice today with out any aide and drove every where I went. The best part is I went to bed after Mom and Dad for the first time in awhile. I am getting there slowly but surely.

Friday November 9 Day 55 8 weeks.

This was going to be a fun filled day.  I went for a walk with my PT in my backyard. I am seeing a PT that comes to my house now. I walked up the hill with out my cane and my PT behind me. Well the PT said that my left leg was really strong while we were walking up the hill. While no da, it was doing everything for a long time. Tonight we went and saw Bill Cosby. He was amazingly funny. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. What a way to spend my 8 week Hipaversary!!

Sunday November 11 Day 57

Oh man what a day is all I can say. I sat on the floor the first time Indian style. Just a few seconds. I then decided to play Wii fit with my nephew. Everyone came over for dinner and we had a great time. Always a lot of fun when we get together. After dinner things went down hill from there. My nephew and I were joking and messing around and he decided to be funny and pull the foot stool out from under me. I fell right on my butt. I must have laid on the floor for what seemed like 5 minutes crying. I was so scared I didn’t know what to do. Finally my brother and sister came to help me. My brother asked questions. He asked if I could move my toes. Couldn’t do that before surgery so NO.  Second he asked if I could lift my leg straight in the air. No couldn’t do that after surgery yet. After that was settled my sister decided I could try to get up. I got up all by myself. I was able to stand and walk so we knew it was not dislocated. PHEW! The pain however just kept getting worse through the night. I headed to bed with my ice, a pain pill and a Valium. I was still pretty shaken when I went to bed. I think I scared myself more than anything. My nephew felt awful. I told him that I was ok and that he actually helped. He helped me get over my fear of falling. Thank you.

Monday November 12 Day 58.

When I woke up my pain was pretty bad. We decided to call Dr. Clarke because my pain was not getting better but worse. They said that the doctor was going want to see me. Yeah there was no way that I was going to make it in the car that long. They said that they would talk to someone and get back to me. After what seemed like forever they did get back to me.  They said by the symptoms that I was telling them that it was my back that I hurt. They said to start with Ibuprofen and keep an eye on it. If the pain got worse let them know. They also said that I could get it x-rayed locally if I wanted to.  I was do to see my PT tomorrow and decided to text him to keep him in the loop. He said that it sound like I was doing everything that I should and to just take it easy and thanks for letting him know. The pain was still pretty bad at 6 that night so I decided to put my mind at ease and get some x-rays. Off to urgent care we went. The place that we went was amazing. The PA was very knowledgeable. He examined my hip. Moved it around and said it was moving ok. He said that he wanted to get x-rays to be on the safe side. God I am going to be glowing soon with all these x-rays. The PA never questioned my age which was really nice. Once again got the question from the x-ray tech aren’t you a little young for a hip replacement. Yes Yes I am. I explained that I had hip dysplasia. She knew what that was and I was impressed. Talked to the nice PA again and he said that everything was fine. I was probably really badly bruised. PHEW! What a great relief.  I will defiantly go back there again if the need arises. They were super nice to me and I  felt like I was in good hands. Mom felt that way too. I texted my PT and family to say that everything was ok, nothing to worry about. I felt better now. Finally home and got a fun surprise. The local fire department was lighting the house across the street unfired as a  training thing. I stood there in the rain watching the house burn with my cane. It was very cool.

Just a quick note from Tuesday. Met with my PT and he said everything was moving ok, but since I was sore doing some things to take it easy and use the cane. No working out until Monday and lastly that no damage was done I am good. He did say that I did the right thing by getting it x-ray. I would have gone  nuts if I didn’t.

Saturday November 17 Day 63.

Today was a big day in our household. It was Pumpkin Bread day. This is a family tradition that we have done as long as I can remember. We make pumpkin breads every year before Thanksgiving and then give them to people we are thankful for. This year we needed a 156 breads. It was going to be a lot of work. I was so excited for this whole thing. I was like a little kid again. I stood for 3 hours straight. Walking and standing and doing things that needed to be done. The only reason that I needed to stop was because my leg got tired. No real pain that I had experienced in the past when we had done this. I had a smile on my face the whole time. I did get a little muscle pain but nothing that stopped me. Lets remember I did fall 8 days ago. It was amazing. I was so proud of myself. I even treated myself to get in the jetted tube for the first time in a long time. I had a hard time getting out of the tub but I did it. What an amazing day!! I hope there are many more pain free pumpkin bread making in my future. Can’t wait to see what next year holds for me.

Wednesday November 21 Day 66

Today was so much fun. We were doing cooking for Thanksgiving. I helped Mom with the turkeys. The best part after all that was NO PAIN!!! Mom and I went and got our hair done. Terry and Micheal the hair dressers were so happy to see me. They hadn’t seen me since before surgery. They said that I was looking great. We both finished the day a little sore but was an amazing day.I was so happy that I could be here to help. The best part is I don’t hurt all the time.

Thursday November 22 Day 66.

Happy Thanksgiving!! It was an amazing day from start to finish. I had started a campaign on Facebook to write each day something that I was thankful for. This is the post from today: Thankful Note: today I am thankful for my NEW HIP!!! I am pain free most of the time. Still healing. It has made me into myself again. Enjoying life to the fullest. This was the best thing I could have done. Happy Thanksgiving!! Be thankful for something today!!!. I am saving the best one for the last day of November. I am truly thankful for the family that I have. I could have ended up somewhere else 28 years ago.  I watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade for the first time in 13 years. Thank you hip.  I have worked every Thanksgiving since I started at Wegmans 13 years ago. Mom said I was like a little kid again watching that parade. Helped where I could. Set the table and things were ready for family time. Lots of laughs and good time’s. My niece made a joke about the foot stool and my fall. We had a good laugh at that one. Dinner was the best Thanksgiving dinner I thought. We had so much fun together. 9pm rolled around and one of my nieces and I were headed Black Friday shopping. That will go in Fridays post.  Thank you God for everything that you have given me.

Friday November 23 Day 67 10 weeks.

What a great but long day. I was very happy to have my niece come along with me Black Friday shopping.  After spending 3 hours in the cold on my feet the whole time I could still move. I was sore but not bad. My niece got picked up and I went to another store. 2 am rolled around and I headed home. After a 5 hour nap I was headed off again. I spent 3 more hours shopping and had so much fun. I did do something stupid. I lifted two things that weighed over 50 pounds. That is a big no no right now. I was ok. I headed home after all that. Time for another nap. I slept so much today. I was able to do all this with very little pain, just a very tired leg. The pain that I did have was muscle pain. Working very hard to get back to my normal. Mom really thought that I over did it today. Might have. I am just so happy to be able to help. What a way to spend my 10 week Hipaversary. I am getting closer and closer each day to being back to my normal.

Monday November 26 Day 70

Another busy day. PT came and we had a good talk. He told me to be the Blaire that he knew going for it no matter what. Not an old lady. Gotcha will do. He reassured me that I can do no harm to my new hip. So here goes nothing. Now you or me are in trouble.  I will do what ever it takes to be me again and feeling great. We had lots of laughs and fun today. We are working on my balance now and doing many fun things. After PT left I was headed for a work out at the JCC. It felt real good to keep moving. Things are moving along. Just not fast enough for me. After a great work out I headed to Wegmans. I turned in papers so I could start working again. I am working this Sunday and I can’t wait. It will be the first time in 12 weeks. I am only allowed to work a 2 hour shift but it is better than nothing. So I can’t wait to see everyone and try out this new hip. I truly can’t wait to see what the future holds. I bet you are sick of hearing that. Sorry.

Wednesday November 28 Day 72

What a fun day I had. I had a little melt down last night. I just don’t know why. I think it might be because I was so active before surgery and it is taking time to come back. I know it will come back and will be better then ever.  I did get weigh and I have lost a total of 52 pounds since February 2012. Today started amazing though. I woke up PAIN FREE for the first time in a a very long time. It was the best feeling ever. I will take it. I headed over to the JCC for my workout.  It was the best workout yet.  I tried something new. I threw and kicked a big exercise ball against the wall.  Who knew that could be so therapeutic. I even broke a sweat doing it. I truly enjoyed it. It did really work on my balance. After that I worked on the weights both legs and arms.  Next I did the elliptical for 10 minutes and the step mill for 2 minutes alternating feet. Lastly I did the treadmill for 15 minutes. 7 minutes I walked backwards and the rest was a mix of side stepping. Love when I break a sweat.  I even finished with a trip to the pool. I was very up beat after all that. I did get sore tonight but nothing that I couldn’t handle. I am getting there slow and steady wins the race.. What a great day. I can’t wait to do it all over again. Here is to Friday where I can try it all again.

Friday November 30 Day 74 11 Weeks.

What an amazing day.  Could not have asked for  the month of November to end any better. I had a great work out at the JCC. That was followed with a nice visit from my PT. He said that the joint is moving really well. He said that it was moving better then before surgery. We had some good laughs and a lot of work. After a nice talk about all the doctors that I had seen and how quality of life was important. He said even with  his untrained eye he could tell that my natural hip was not going to last much longer if I waited. Check. The last thing that he said to me that was very heart warming was that I did the right thing by having it replaced. It meant a lot coming from him.

As the month of November comes to an end, I wrote my last tankful post on Facebook. I attached it hear as it means a great deal to me.

FINAL THANKFUL NOTE: Please read the whole thing, it is going to be a little long.
Today I am thankful for the journey that I have been put on. Yes I would never wish hip dysplasia upon any person. It truly sucks. However I was given this journey for a reason. Still not fully sure why but let me explain. Through this amazing journey I have learned many great things. First that determination and perseverance can take you far in life. I have gained new batch of friends that I would not have had other wise. It has reenforced that family is your family no matter what. I gained another family at Wegmans and thank every single one of them. Ever since I was little I have decided that I only get this one life to live, so I am going to live it my way and live it to the fullest. I am not going to let anything get in my way. Yes this journey has had its down moments but I live them when they happen and then move on to new and better things. This hip replacement has been life changing for me. I am getting to have the life that I never got to have. Being pain free!! I can’t explain the greatness of that. Hip dysplasia is truly a pain in the ass. But I have decided that I am going to kick its ass. Lastly I have started a mission to help others learn about hip dysplasia. So if you could do me a favor I am not asking much. Is to repost this with the link to my blog and lets pass this on. You can help me spread the word once and for all. There is a life after hip dysplasia. Thank you each and everyone of you for always being there. It has meant the world to me. Here is to seeing what the future holds. I will sign this last thankful post as I always do. LOVING ALL THE LITTLE THINGS IN LIFE. BE THANKFUL FOR SOMETHING TODAY.

Today I learned that this journey has made me into a 5 year old kid again I am experiencing the world with fresh eyes and new legs. Everything is a new adventure. It is the best.

We have reached the end of November and I am finally caught up.  All post after this will be as they happen.  This journey of mine will be never ending. As an other month has end I get to start December a new, what a feeling. Here are to bright and better days in the future.

This is the first time i have been able to do this in 10 plus years.

This is the first time i have been able to do this in 10 plus years.

Playing with my baby on the floor.

Playing with my baby on the floor.

8. October Finally

This post will cover October. I will try to mix the up and downs. However I don’t think that there are going to be to many downs because once again I have a had a change of mind. I have decided that this journey is mine to live and I am going to live it to the fullest.

Tuesday October 2 Day 18

I rolled on my stomach for the first time since surgery. I didn’t sleep there but felt good to lay that way. I couldn’t wait till I felt safe enough to sleep that way. Mom and I were headed out to get somethings at two stores. I couldn’t wait. I was still using the walker outside just to be safe. The first stop we picked up a little something for Tracey to say thank you. After that it was a trip that I was truly looking forward to. We were going to Wegmans for the first time since surgery. Couldn’t wait to see everyone. Everyone was so happy to see me walker and all. There were smiles every where. There was a big one on my face. I knew that they would be excited to see me but I never imagined this. They are the best. I did learn that people will still run you over even if you have a walker. Yup. I had such a great time with Mom. I hope she had as much fun as I did. What a great day!

Thursday October 4 Day 20

I was up early today. Tracey was coming for her last visit at 9:15. Tracey got here and we took a walk outside with the cane. I am pretty much using the cane inside by now. I thought that was good. Tracey asked me if I ever complain about anything. Sometimes but that is not who I am. She said that she like having me as a patient because I do what she asks me to do. Well da, why wouldn’t I you are helping me get better. It was time to say good bye to Tracey. 😦 She loved her gift.

Tracey my amazing at home pt.

After Tracey left Mom and I want clothes shopping. I had lost 50 pounds since Feb. 2012. We bought some nice new clothes that fit right. After 3 hours walking using the walker I was done. My hands were killing me. I learned that I should have gotten one of those motorized carts. Lesson learned. What another great day.

Saturday October 6 Day 22.

Today was a very busy day. The day started with my Aunt’s burial. It was a nice time  spent with my cousins. Everyone asked how I was doing and that I was doing a good job moving around. My cousin Barb jokingly said speed it up pokey. That was my top speed with the walker on grass. It was very funny coming from her. Did a good job standing with just the walker for a couple of hours.

Today we were going to St. John Fisher Homecoming. I was so excited this is always a lot of fun. We did borrow a wheelchair from the local ambulance. Great idea. I spent the whole time in the wheelchair  so I didn’t break the 90 degree roll. After a great afternoon we were headed home.

Homecoming Weekend at my college

We got a quick visit from my sister and nephew because we were headed out again. We were off to Church for the first time since before surgery.  We sat in the first pew which is handicap seating so you don’t need to walk to communion. A man came in and asked if we should be sitting there. I didn’t answer my Dad did. Well people should not judge others so quickly, we may look OK on the outside. Father came up to me at the sign of peace and said it was great to have me back. He also asked how I was doing. This was very nice of him.

We were finally headed back home for the night. It was one of my longest days yet. But I made it through.

Monday October 8 Day 24

Today was the day I was waiting for. I was headed for my first outpatient physical therapy.  I get to see Joe. He was happy to see me. I asked why I was still using the walker. After he did some measurements we took a walk. We did a 6 min walk I only made 4 laps. Pretty slow. Hey to my defense I was using the cane takes a lot of thinking for me. Well after all that he taught me some new exercises.  There was some sad news. Joe was leaving on November 2. I was sad to hear the this news. Joe had been there since the begin.  Well after PT we took another trip to Target. This time I used one of those nice carts. The battery died and Mom had to push me. Then I pushed it with my feet. It was funny.

Friday October 12 Day 28

Happy 4 week “Hipaversary”. Man who knew that things would be moving so fast. Another PT visit with Joe. We went for another walk in the hall. Joe after a short debate convinced me to give him the cane. I debated really well with him not so much. I walked a couple of laps with out it it felt really good. The only bad things was that Mom didn’t get to see it. Sorry Mom. He gave me the ok to use the cane all the time in the house. Use the walker on uneven surfaces and out in public. As it was not possible for me to go to the pumpkin patch to get a pumpkin we headed to Wegmans. Of course there needed to be a stop at the Seafood department. They love seeing me there and I love seeing them. After all of this I cooked dinner almost all by myself for the first time since surgery. I was excited, I will say it is not easy to cook using a walker. But I did it. What a way to spend my 4 week anniversary.

Wednesday October 17 Day 33

Today I got left alone at PT for the first time.  This was because I was going to workout my arms after PT. Joe told me that my quads were weak. Well no da I have used them differently for my whole life. Joe makes me laugh. I saw someone at the JCC that is where PT is for the first time since before surgery. She was very proud of me and how well I was doing. I love how I can affect people I barely know. After the JCC we all went to BJ’s . I had a great time at BJ’s. I loved the motorized cart.  Drove Mom nuts.

I even explained the Bioness to two gentlemen. I have gotten pretty good at explaining it. What a great day it was.

Sunday October 21 Day 36

Started the day with a great night sleep. Jake took place of the pillow between my legs. I did something great today. I took my first standing shower in my own shower. It was the best shower ever. I didn’t know I could be so proud of myself for something so simple. I did take a nap today for the first time in 6 days. It was an amazing day. One more day closer to being pain free.

Friday October 26 Day 41 6 weeks

Today was an amazing day. It is Jake’s Birthday. My little doggie turned 5. I had a good time at PT. Joe loves having me walk on the treadmill backwards. Yup I said backwards. It really works on my quads, however it is the weirdest sensation. Joe gave me the OK to walk around inside without the cane. Yesssss! He said that the waking is looking really good just stop the rocking and speed it up pokey. The rock is harder to get rid of then you think, it not a limp but a rock.. Very happy. Even went to the store with just the cane. It felt good. Happy 6 week “Hipaversary”! Loving ever minute of life.

Monday October 29 Day 44

The day I have been waiting for. However it might be messed up by hurricane Sandy. Dumb hurricane. First I was off to PT bright and early before we left for Syracuse. I got on the bike for the first time today since surgery. It felt really good.. I got in home just in time to leave for Syracuse, we were able to get an earlier appointment to hopefully miss the hurricane. Got to see my favorite Doctor. Dr. Clarke said that the x-rays looked good. He moved my hip in every which direction scared the crap out of me but he does know what he is doing. He said that the hip was moving good. Dr. Clarke lifted ALL PRECAUTIONS. I can now bend past 90 degrees, cross mid line, drive and even return to working at Wegmans when I feel ready. He answered all my questions said that the left hip is fine.

Dr. Clarke the best doctor out there. 6 weeks and all is good all precautions were lifted. My “HIP WIZARD”

We got all loaded up in the car and I decided that I wanted to ride in the back seat. Yes just because I could.

We drove home just as the hurricane was starting in our area, prefect timing. Since all the precautions were lifted I gave Jake a treat. I got down on the floor and played with him for the first time in 6 weeks. He was so happy and so was I. It didn’t last long but well worth it.

Wednesday October 31 Day 46.

Happy Halloween. I was so excited for today. I was going to do some hydrotherapy. Yup that’s right I was getting in the pool. I am a fish and could not wait for today. I was so excited to wear my bathing suit and show off my scar that I am so proud of. It is my badge of courage as I like to call it.

Swimming for the first time since Sept 13. Showing off my scar!!

Joe showed me so many things that I can do in the pool. I felt really cltuzy in the water. Don’t know why maybe it had to do with even legs. We had a  few good laughs. Joe even tried to push me over thought I needed to get my hair wet. Why didn’t you tell me I went right under the water. I am really going to miss him only one more visit.  It really felt good to be back in the pool. Here’s to better days ahead and getting stronger everyday.

October has finally ended. My goal is to get all caught up so I can post as things happen. I am trying to keep these posts shorter. But I really want people to see that good things can come out of a hip replacement even if you are 28. Please share this blog with everyone you know. I want the word to get out about hip dysplasia. Thanks for reading this it means the world to me and hope one day that I will help others.

7. The rest of September

I want everyone to see that no matter how strong you are you are going to have up and down days. Yes there were days where I just cried for no reason. On the other side I was happy just for the little things that I could do.  This post will have a mix of these events and will cover the rest of September

Monday Sept 24 Day 10

Today I had a down moment. I saw a commercial for Styker. That is the company that made my new hip. The commercial said that their replacement don’t last forever and there are many factors that contribute to the wear and tear. I cried because that remind me that I would need to do this all over again. I thought I was all good with this. Then I remembered that I was given this new hip to use it and have a life and I was going to do just that.

Tuesday Sept 25 Day 11

Today I was going to conquer a fear that had been brewing since I came home. Tracey and I were going to get me in the car for the first time since the ride from hell. I was nervous to get in the car and a little scared as the last trip did not go well. Outside we went and got in and out of the car no problem. Lot less pain this time. That would make things better.  I was still scared for the long ride to Syracuse on Thursday for my 2 week appointment.  Tracey and I even took a walk around the driveway that day with the walker. It felt so good to be outside. The day got even better because I got a visit from a good family friend. It was so nice to see her and hear about her trip to Switzerland.  I wish she didn’t have to leave.

Thursday Sept 27 Day 13

The day I was looking forward and not forward too. Time for my two week appointment. We got all loaded up in the car I think we packed everything but the kitchen sink. An hour and a half later we made it to Syracuse. I rode in the car no problem. Fear is gone and can’t wait for more rides. You might be able to see my Ipod on my lap. Took that thing on this trip and helped a lot.

This is how you have to ride after hip replacement. Not with your leg on the dash that was more comfortable for me. that’s my un-operated leg.

Everyone loved my shirt. The lady at the check in desk ask if I was to young for a hip replacement. While yes yes I am. Got x-rays and everything looked good. The best news was to come. No more TEDs (compression stockings), and no more bandage. Yeah. I also learned that I could start outpatient PT in about a week. Yes I get to see Joe. I will see Dr. Clarke October 29 for the 6 week checkup.

2 week check up. Dr. Clarke said everything looked good. Best upgrade ever.

Back in the car. Headed for some dinner at Olive Garden. An hour and a half later we were at dinner. But first we had to take off that dumb TED stocking right there in the parking lot. This was my first real outing since surgery. It was a great day. However it did end with a melt down in bed. I think it was just a great stress reliever.

Took the one ted off in the parking lot. Yes was done with those things.

Friday Sept 28 Day 14

Holy Cow 2 weeks have flew by. Tracey came today and we talked about discharging me from home pt soon. Probably 2 more visits then back to Joe. Started to use the cane today in the house. I did two laps no problem with the cane. Tracey said that I could start transitioning slowly.  The visiting nurse came today and discharged me from her serves today. Still says my scar is the best she has ever seen. Julie from my job at Wegmans stopped by with a treat.

First I will explain a little about where I work when I am not subbing. I work at a local grocery store chain Wegmans. I have worked there for 13 years in two departments. I currently  work in the Seafood Department. This department is small. They have become my second family since Oct 2011. They were there when I needed a shoulder to cry or just a good laugh. They are the best. So the treat that Julie brought was dinner from the store. Yes the store sent my family dinner. It was so great of them.

As the weeks are going by I am working hard to show everyone that I can do this. Hopefully the melt downs will end soon enough. Counting down the next 4 weeks.

Sunday Sept 30 Day 16.

Today we were having a family gathering to celebrating birthdays. These are always the best. It would be the first time that many of my siblings would have seen me since surgery. I did try to wear jeans for the first time since surgery.  They didn’t last very long, my scar did not like them at all.  It was great to see everyone and we had a great time together. Lots of laughs and lots of fun.

There are moment when I think that this whole hip replacement was a dumb idea, but know better. Things will get easier, however it will be a lot of work. I am living this journey in style and will have as much fun as I can.

There were many rough nights this month. I think my body was trying to adjust to everything. I was also stuck sleeping on my back, not my favorite place to sleep. My Ipod once again never left my side. I listened to music when I could not sleep and it would help. The nights hopefully will get better!

This brings us to the end of September. Can’t believe where the time has gone. The next post will be October and hopefully not to long. I will try to pick the most important days. Soon I hope to be caught up so you can get post when things happen. Thank for reading.

6. Tuesday Sept 18 thru Sunday Sept 23

Tuesday Sept 18 Day 4

Today was a pretty simple day. I had a good night sleep in the recliner, with mom right by my side on the couch. The visiting nurse came today to open my case. She didn’t do much just took some measurements. The pain was lessening and I was already decreasing meds. What a a great feeling at 4 days post op. I was napping a lot. But that is what my body needed. I was very happy to be home and so was my dog Jake.

Wednesday Sept 19 Day 5

Today was going to be big day. I was getting my first home PT visit. I couldn’t wait to get moving more. The pt’s name was Tracey. She was very nice and I think she was surprised by my age. Tracey did say we could try the indoor stairs on Saturday. Couldn’t wait that meant I could sleep in my bed. I was taking less pain meds again and the pain was at a 2 or lower. I was so proud of myself for doing all of this. My hard work was paying off and my right arm was supporting me on the walker.

Walking with the walker and wearing nice pants.

Thursday Sept. 20 Day 6

Today was going to be a really big day. First shower in a whole week. I couldn’t wait. Mom wrapped me in the nice press and seal wrap. That is some interesting stuff to put on your skin. There is a large step into the shower that I was using and I did a nice balancing act that scared Mom. Sorry Mom!!  All showered and ready to get out. Did my nice balancing act and scared Mom again. Sorry! That shower was the best shower I ever took. Who knew that a shower could feel that good. The press and seal was amazing, stayed right in place and didn’t leak. All showered and spent the next couple of hours sleeping, man did it poop me out. Walked as much as I could. I couldn’t wait for the walker to be gone. Only two more nights in the recliner! The pain is getting less everyday.

This was my first shower since surgery. Loved the press and seal. It worked wonders.

Friday Sept 21 Day 7

HAPPY ONE WEEK “HIPAVERSARY”! One week ago I was getting my brand new hip. So excited that things were going well. Today was another big day. The bandage that was put on in the hospital was coming off. I was going to get to see the scar for the first time. I couldn’t wait.

The circle is where i had some drainage.

The nurse took off the bandage and was very impressed with the scar. She was amazed at how fast I was healing and how neat it was. She measured it and it was 6.5 inches long. Very proud of my scar. I will always be proud of it. Mom said it was the first time that she took a picture of one of the kids butts. First time for everything.

One week old scar.

A new bandage was put on and supplies left if it needed to be changed. Mom did have to fix it that night. The tape that the nurse used was to skinny. So Mom put larger tape on and fixed it good. One last sleep in the recliner.

Saturday Sept 22 Day 8

The day was finally here. I was going to go up the stairs at home. Tracey was coming at 3:30 so I had a lot of waiting to do.  Tracey was finally here. After a quick check of the vitals it was time to go up the stairs. Yeah! Dad went up the stairs first to take pictures, love these guys. Headed up the stairs, did them just like in the hospital. I am a pro at going up them. Made it up there pretty fast and felt good.

Sept 22. First time up the stairs at home. Whole flight.

After getting upstairs, I was getting in my bed for the first time in over a week. Getting into bed was one heck of a workout. After I got in bed I wish I could have slept right then and there but I had PT work to do. After some PT, I learned that my right leg was still weaker then it was before surgery. Headed back done stairs. This was going to take a lot of thinking. Got down the stairs and even did some exercises at the sink. No rest for the worry. I felt like I could put more weight on my leg today it was great.. Before Tracey left I got her all clear to do the stairs again that night. That meant I could sleep in my own bed. Yesssss!!! Bed time came and I was ready to hike back up the stairs.  After another work out to get in bed, I was ready to sleep, well almost.  I had to make sure that I had a pillow between my legs so I didn’t cross mid line and I wanted my right leg propped up, it felt better that way.  Slept all night with the ice pack on my hip and pillow between my legs. Was so afraid that I was going to roll over.  What a way to end a busy day.

Sunday Sept 23 Day 9

The day couldn’t start better I woke up in the same place where I started. I even got breakfast delivered upstairs that day. It was the best breakfast. I was headed for my second shower. This time no balancing act, it is a walk in shower. It was so much easier. This time almost took a whole shower by myself. Once again I took a nice long nap after the shower. Wonder if these two things are connected. My lovely Bioness had been acting up for awhile so Mark (Bioness rep) was coming to check it out. Mark is a great guy. It was very nice to see him. I had really missed my Bioness. We actually think that the compression stocking were causing problems with the Bioness. Mark fixed it and even made it work better. It felt so much better. He told me how good I was looking. Made me feel very proud.

Today for the first time in a longtime my Dad told me that he was proud of me for going through this. He told me that I was a fighter and doing a good job. This made me cry. I learned this week that I would not be able to do all of this with out the help of Mom and Dad. Thanks to the both of them. Things seem to be getting better everyday. At this point I am only taking pain meds twice a day.  What a great accomplishment. Can’t wait to see what the future brings.

That’s the end of this post. The next post will be the rest of Sept. I will only pick out a few things maybe the highs and a few lows. I hope that everyone is finding this helpful.

5. The Hospital

Saturday September 15. Day 1

I made it through the night with one shot of morphine and I sat on the edge of the bed for awhile at 1 in the morning.  The day started pretty good I was well rested and not in that much of a drugged up state anymore. That was nice I didn’t like being that drugged, but I guess it was a good thing. I did have a very nice breakfast. Egg, ham and cheese omelet.  Yum! Time for the catheter to come out. Was not looking forward to this. It was not bad at  all. The IV line was left in but disconnected from the pump. They needed the line to stay in case of emergency or I needed stronger drugs. I gave myself a nice sponge bath with Mom’s help and got dressed with help. After meeting with the OT and showing her I could get dressed and told her I knew how to use the sock aide. She showed me the “reacher” that would be good for me to use and I could even take my socks off with it.  I was headed for PT today for the first time.  I got a nice new shirt to wear that day.

Sept 15. the shirt says it all. “I already had a brain, heart and courage so the Wizard gave me a new hip.”

All dressed and ready to go to PT for the first time. Got loaded in the wheelchair and headed for pt.  Oh yeah I could not wear my Bioness because I had that nice ace bandage on my leg still.  When I got to PT I was asked a new question that I would get a lot. “What are your hip precautions?”. I got two out of three. I knew no crossing mid line and of course no bending past 90 degrees. The one that I missed was no pigeon toes. Just meant I couldn’t point my toes inward on my right leg. Time for a short walk over to the PT table. Only really the second walk on the hip. Still toe touching. This was for two reasons one NO BIONESS and two that is what I COULD TOLERATE. Time for some pt work once I was on the table. Heal slides,  in and out movement and a quad exercise.  Time to get up and moving again. While let’s say that I was not in a good position to sit up from a laying down. I couldn’t get my left stronger arm on anything to help and my right arm is not strong enough yet to push me up. Well the PT that was helping me at that moment did not want to help me up. I was a little excuse the word pissed at her. Isn’t that your job especially since I told you that I have a disability and can’t do things the same way everyone else can.  Thank God that Mom and Dad were there. They helped me up. Now I had to walk all the way to the parallel bars.  That looked like a long walk but wasn’t really. I meet another PT Stacey, she decided that I should try to get my foot flat on the floor. I explained that I couldn’t I have something called foot drop and CP. Did she listen nope. She forced me to put my foot flat on the floor, I could only do it if she made my foot do it. So she was physically making my foot go flat on the floor. Whatever I went with the flow. However this made my hip hurt, because my leg was not used to walking like that with out the Bioness plus I just had major surgery. I made it to the bars and everything went down hill from there.

All of a sudden I felt really crappy, best way to put it. I felt light headed, like I was going to throw up and my ears started to ring. All of which I knew were not good. I knew if I wasn’t careful I might blackout as I had done that once before with the same symptoms. I told the PT that I was not feeling good and sat down, she also knew something was not right. She had asked me if I was ok.  They took my blood pressure and it was 90/44.  I was rushed back to my room. Fastest ride ever.

Back at my room everyone was rushing in to see what was going on. The nurse took my blood pressure and it was now 150/100 I think. I did get to see Dr. Dave. Dr. Dave is a very nice and handsome man.  Told him what I was feeling and something new had started in that short amount of time. I had started muscle spams in my right leg. There were in my quad muscles. First this something I had happen a few times before surgery, but nothing like this. These ones were painful and strong. They sent me into tears. Dr. Dave was back and explaining what was wrong. If I remember correctly he said something along these lines. I was not tolerating the pain meds, they were to strong. I was also having a reaction to the pain, it was my body’s way of dealing with the bad pain I was in. There was something else said but I don’t remember what it was. I was put on a lower pain med, Hydrocodone. They also put some meds in my IV for nausea. I was still having those really bad muscle spasms that yet had been addressed. I asked if there was anything that could be done. Once again high pain tolerance here. I was in tears every time I would have a spasm. Bad. They decided that we could try Valium. I decided I had enough of the pain and asked for morphine. It was a good thing that I ordered a simple lunch. PBJ on white bread. I ate it and it tasted amazing. I hadn’t had one of those since I started my diet. As this ordeal played out, I looked over at my Mom and asked her if she just touched my leg. She said nope. I am tell you that I felt a full hand press down on my leg. It was as if someone was saying I am here and it is going to be OK. It didn’t hurt just reassuring. I know that it was one of my many guardian angles up in heaven. I like to think it was Josh saying that things are OK I got you.  That was so interesting and made me feel better. There is no other way to explain it. Mom and I knew it was all my guardian angles.

Long before surgery I learned that music helped me deal with my pain better. I could listen to anything something to get my mind off the pain. I had been listening to my Ipod since the day of surgery. It made me feel betterno matter how crappy I felt.  However today it took on a whole new meaning. It calmed me right down. Josh Groban’s music is so relaxing to me.  It made me forget about what was going on and put me into my own little world.  I wish there was away to tell him what his music did for me words can’t say enough. The nurse even asked me what I was listening to because I looked calmer. I told her Josh Groban and she said that he would have good music for this situation.

After eating, the morphine kicked in and I took a nap or passed out however you want to look at it. Mom was there the whole time holding my hand through this. Next thing I know some one is KICKING my bed. Can you guess who it was. Yup my buddy Dr. Clarke. If it had been anyone else I think I might have killed them. He asked me what I was doing sleeping. I don’t think I answered him.  He said everything was looking good. I don’t think he said much about the incident from that morning. He loved my shirt though.

I was a little sad today because my college St. John Fisher was playing in the Courage Bowl and I was going to miss it. However we were channel surfing and guess what. It was on TV in Syracuse. That made the day. The Courage Bowl is a fund raiser for kids with cancer and they are made honorary coaches and cheerleaders for the night. It is a great game. It got to the end and Fisher was losing:( They scored a touch down with a minute left it was amazing. I almost reenacted the scene from Remember the Titans.  The whole experience made the night better. After the game it was time for bed and a better day tomorrow. The pain was once again under control and the Valium was a nice addition. I was working because when it would wear off the spasms would start again.

Sunday September 16 Day 2

After what would be a good night sleep. It was an early start with PT coming to my room. This time I did get to put the Bioness on and go for a walk. Oh yeah got to take something very special out of my shoe as I was putting them on for the first time. The heel lift was hitting the dirt. We did keep it, as a memory holder.  I walked about half a football field with Stacey and Mom. I did ask if we could stop at the bathroom on the way back. First time using the real bathroom and not he commode. Oh when we were in the bathroom I got the lovely precautions pop quiz again. This time I aced it. It felt good, I hated that commode.

After some lunch and a little TV watching pt was back again. This time we were going to do stairs. I needed to be able to do 5 stairs to get in my house. So we got my cane and loaded me into the wheelchair and off we went. I did bring my own cane to the hospital because that way I was used to it and knew how it felt. You should have seen the 4 of us a wheelchair and a walker fit into this stair well. Good times. Headed up the stairs good leg first then the operated leg. So for me it was left leg first with the cane and then the right, share the step and and repeat. I will say that this is how I have always gone up the stairs since I was little, due to my CP I found it faster no cane normally.  They were impressed how quick I got up them even did 6 stairs. Time to go back down. This was going to take a little more work. I go down the stairs really weird. This would take reprogramming my brain. In my case it was operated leg  went first with the cane and then good leg and repeat. So right leg and the cane and then the left leg share the step and repeat. It was tough but I did it. It felt good to be moving that much. After climbing the stairs I walked back to my room. Another half a football field. Nice!

Sunday Sept 17. Just climbed 6 stairs and walked back to my room. Felt good

Time for a nap. I was getting visitors today. Dad was coming back and my sister Molly was coming.I  decided that it would be a good idea to try to sit in the chair for the first time. This was not offered to me I had to ask. Which I thought was weird but whatever go with the flow.  It felt good to sit there. I was in the chair for an hour and 50 min. Second visitor of the day. My brother Toby who lives in Syracuse came to visit and take Mom to his house for awhile. Everyone left and I got 3 hours all to myself. I had to go to the bathroom and called the nurse to help. I got a student nurse. He had no idea what he was doing. He got me back in bed and drooped my operated leg on the bed. I almost killed him. Right after that I felt like I had a giant lump in my right hip area. The nurse said she couldn’t see anything.  Let’s just say that student nurse did not come anywhere near me again if I could help it.

Day 2 after surgery first time in a chair.

Dad, Toby and Molly

Oh yeah well Mom was gone I watched one of my favorite movies on TV. Remember the Titans. Haha. PT wanted me up and walking one more time that night. So I called the nurse and guess who showed up. Yup the student nurse. I kindly said that I would prefer one of the nurses to walk with me. The nurse came in and said she would be free around 9. Fine with me. Mom was back by 9 and the nurse was ready for a walk. Got the Bioness on and off we went the three of us down the hall. The nurses kept saying what a great job I was doing and what a difference the Bioness made with my walking. They said it looked great. They were very supportive. Another nurse that helped me when I didn’t have the Bioness on was impressed at how well I was moving. We walked  a whole football field. The best part was  NO PAIN!!!!!!!!!! Time for bed.

Monday Sept 17 Day 3

It was going to be a busy day. I was HEADED HOME!! Three days in the hospital and well enough to go home. I was happy and nervous at the same time.  I was meeting with the PTs again today we were going to do stairs.  They even named my cane Kermit because it is green. I will tell you that I did need to explain the Bioness many times in the three days that I was there. I love teaching people about my Bioness. We did a WHOLE flight of stairs and I walked back to my room. We know that I love my parents dearly but my Dad did something stupid today. He decided to get the oil changed and get the tires rotated on the car that he was picking me up in. Really today of all days. What the heck was he thinking. Got to love that man. After Dad did all this he had a problem with the car. Of course. Well since Dad was going to be late we ordered some lunch and I took a nap. I had been trying to time my pain meds for the hour and a half ride home. Let’s say I needed them now. So I took them. While waiting for Dad Mom picked up a few thank you cards for me. I wrote one to the nursing staff and the PT staff. They were both really helpful.  I was never taught how to get in to the car, so we were going to have a pt lesson right at the car with Ron. Dad was finally here. After being rushed through discharge papers, it was time to leave. The nurses paged Ron. We got all packed and were ready to go. They loaded me into the wheelchair and off we went.

Time to go home. Can’t wait.

We made it to the car and were waiting for Ron. After about 45 minutes no Ron. The head of the PT department showed up. Where is Ron? Well Ron showed up 5 minutes later, he said he was never paged. I would believe that the nurses were not listening to us the whole time they were discharging me. The head of PT showed me how to get in and out of the car, once again rushed me through it. Finally in the car, and ready for the ride home, I thought.

This was the ride from hell! After finally falling a sleep, we had to stop half way through so I could walk to help prevent blood clots. I did not want to get out of that car but I did. This second part of the trip went downhill every quickly. My pain meds had worn off and Valium had too. I was not a happy camper anymore. Not kidding on a scale of 1 to 10 m pain was a 15! Holy cow what did I do. I held and  squeezed my Mom’s hand the rest of the way home. My sister Molly had called during this rough part of the trip. I gave the phone right to Mom. I had tears rolling down my face by this point. My sister was calling to ask if there was anything she could do to help. I did talk to her for about a minute she told me that it was OK that I was crying, good. Molly was able to get the house ready for when I got home. As we got closer to home I told my parents to just go to the store to get the meds I needed them NOW. We were about two minutes from home when I remembered we had to go over the railroad track. We took the longer way to the store just to miss the railroad tracks. Thanks Dad. Got the meds and took them in the car. We were only two minutes from home. Finally made it  and Molly was still here. I was not looking forward to getting out of the car and into the house. With Molly and Mom’s help I made it up the 5 stairs and was HOME finally. Molly help set up the recliner I would sleep in that night made sure I would not break the 90 degree rule. Molly was a great help.

I don’t remember much more from that day except I had a great sub from Wegmans for dinner. The only other thing that I remember was that I was getting ready for bed and didn’t feel good again. This time I blacked out. Mom was right there to hold me so I didn’t fall. They were talking to me but I couldn’t hear or see them. It scared me so bad. Took my blood pressure and it is was normal.  Just thought it was because I was in pain again. Ready for bed and couldn’t wait to sleep. Mom spent the night on the couch right by my side, where she had been since Friday! Thanks Mom!

This is Jake my baby and no he did not sleep there. Just a goodnight hug.

4. September 14! The Big Day!

The day was finally here.  I will say that there was very little sleep the night before. I watched two movies and maybe slept for 2 hours at the most. It started with a 3am wake up. Off for one more shower before surgery. Got to love these disinfecting showers! Not so much! After the shower, clean clothes.

After getting all showered, I made sure everything was packed. I had my suitcase and I took a few extra things. I made sure I had my pillow, IPod, phone and lastly my Snoopy. Snoopy belonged to my brother Josh who sadly died when I was 9. Snoopy was given to me as my protector and to be able to keep him close. Snoopy has gone many places with me and you can bet he was coming to the hospital. Yes, I am 28 and taking a stuffed animal to the hospital did not one bit shame me either.   All packed and ready to go!

We had some time before we needed to leave so I had some fun. I blasted some music in the house to help me relax. It was great, it worked like a charm. I packed the car with the things for the three of us.

5am and finally time to go. Mom, Dad and I piled into the car and were off.  Here we come Syracuse and St. Joseph’s Hospital. Syracuse, NY is where Dr. Clarke is located. Well let’s say I had time to think about what was going to happen. I thought I was totally nuts for doing this. Yes, nuts. I was nervous that my one fear was going to come true. I will explain my fear because we all have them. My fear was that I would not be able to walk after the surgery. As we know I have CP on the same side as my THR. Well let’s say I was afraid if they cut the muscles that they would not work again. Very dumb fear but that’s the fear I had. After thinking about all this I decided to make myself feel better. I listened to my music and prayed for Dr. Clarke, the nurses and all involved with the surgery.  Lastly I prayed for my Mom and Dad. I knew it was going to be a long day for them. I love them so much and wanted them to be safe. 2 long hours later we were at the hospital. Yes 2 hours we got a little lost. We decided that we didn’t need the GPS! Finally at the hospital and I was fine with surgery. I was actually very happy all of a sudden and at ease with it.  It was a great feeling.  I knew that I would be PAIN FREE soon enough. The PAIN FREE part is what I kept thinking about.  That was the overall goal right?

Pre-op I met my nurse Paul. He was very nice.  After changing into my lovely gown and socks I was set. Time to wait for the operating room to be ready. Mom got Dad and the three of us waited for what seemed like forever. I did find ways to keep myself busy. I was posting on Facebook and talking to Mom and Dad. Even talked to Paul about Snoopy and Paul thought Snoopy was cool. About 9:30am I think we got a call that I was ready to head up to the operating room. I got some meds (I can’t remember what they were) and was ready to go. Needed to wait just a little longer. Alright time to go. Short ride down the hall and it was finally time to say good bye to Mom and Dad with a few hugs and a few tears. I said my good byes and I loves. I handed Snoopy over to Mom for safe keeping. It was hard to stay strong when I said good bye but I think I did a good job. That was the hardest part of the whole day. I love them so much.

Waiting to go to the the operating room. That is my buddy Snoopy with me.

One last ride before surgery. Paul didn’t want his picture taken. Nice hat.

Finally in the operating room area. The nurse that was with me asked me a question that I get a lot. The question was “Aren’t you a little young for a hip replacement?” My answer was, “Yeah I lost a bet a really big bet!” She looked at me like I was nuts. I then explained I had congenital hip dysplasia. She thought the first one was a better answer. She thought it was cool that I was adopted and that I am the youngest of 11 kids. I think it is cool too. Next I met the lady that was going to start my IV. I knew that this was going to be trouble from the beginning. I have small and wiggly veins. I tried to explain this to her she didn’t want to listen. Well let’s say it took her three tries and two blown veins to get it and it wasn’t even in a good spot. It was in the bend of my elbow. I learned that I should have asked for a different person to do it after the first blown vein. You do have the right to ask for another person to do the IV. While they were on the second attempt with the IV my buddy Dr. Clarke came in and talked with me. Made sure I knew what was going on. I asked the one important question. “Can you make my legs even?” He said no problem. He marked up my right leg and off he went. They put me on some oxygen and monitors. Next I met the anesthesiologist. I was not going under general, I was getting a spinal and sedated. The spinal was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. They sat me on the edge of the bed and pushed some drugs into the IV. The anesthesiologist said I would feel cold and then a pinch.  Yup, I did! What ever they put in the IV worked.

You can see how bad this looks. Bruised from the two blown IVs and in a bad spot.

The next thing I know I was in recovery. What happened? The surgery was already over! That was fast. Really I didn’t know how long I was in the operating room. Later I would find out that Dr. Clarke operated on me for 45 min. Recovery was very interesting to say the least. I was thrashing my arms all over the place. I kept pulling out the oxygen. The nurse had no idea why I was thrashing, me either. I also woke up with a catheter in.  This was not a surprise to me after all the research I had done. Nothing really bothered me. I had pain but not a lot and I couldn’t really feel my legs because of the spinal. That wore off quickly.  She asked if there was anything she could get me. I said “Snoopy”! She got Mom and Snoopy. Good choice from that nurse getting both. I knew my Mom would be OK with me asking for Snoopy, she knows that it calms me down. Mom just held my hand until it was time to leave recovery.  I don’t remember much more in recovery. Time for the move to my room.

There is not much I remember about going to my room. Just that there was one cute guy that helped move me into my bed. (Yup that is what I remember.)  Oh I also remember that it didn’t hurt to move to my bed. I was slid on something that was made to transfer people. Who knew? I do remember that they explained everything they were doing to me before they did it. Do I remember what they said? No, not really but at that moment it was very helpful. The drugs must have really been working I don’t remember much for awhile. There were a few things I remember and am ashamed of. I sent some really bad texts and posts on Facebook. They were awful, spelling mistakes and missing words. I look back at them now and laugh. I remember ordering something to eat for dinner. That was on my Mom’s prompting. She helped me pick some interesting food, yogurt and sherbet. That’s what I wanted.

The next thing that I remember from that day was it being about 5:30pm. More people showed up in my room. They were PTs who were here to get me up and walking. Yes, about 6 hours after surgery I took my first steps. Not far but a good distance (I walked to the sink and back). I will say that it didn’t hurt that bad. I had muscle pain and the incision hurt, BUT no grouse pain that I had gotten so used too. I walked, my fear did not come true. Thank God. Oh yeah I had even legs. I was walking on even legs, bare footed for the first time ever in my life. It did feel different but because I was walking on my toes I wasn’t to sure if they were even. I was weight bearing as tolerated. That just means I could put as much weight on the leg as I could handle. My Mom was impressed that I was up and walking so soon. It felt good! Thanks you pain meds! Thanks to all my hard work in OT prior to surgery, my right arm was strong enough to help support me as I walked. There is a plus to everything.  It actually felt really good to walk, my leg was getting stiff.

Sept 14 5:30 pm. Surgery was at 11am. My first steps on the new hip.

Let’s see, the next thing that I remember is having my lovely dinner with Mom. More or less it was Mom feeding me like I was two again. I love her so much she would do anything to make me feel better. Dinner wasn’t bad. There was a lot of sleeping on and off. Mom made sure that we kept ice on my leg to help with the bruising and swelling. Snoopy never left my bed after I got him back.  Mom held my hand all night long. Because of where my IV was, I kept setting of the alarm on the IV pump. That meant we had to call the nurse and have her turn it off. This thing went off every 30 min. It was so loud and annoying. Mom did, in her brilliant thinking, make it so I couldn’t move my arm. She put a pillow under my arm and placed three on top and then she rested on them. We spent the first night side by side holding hands and sleeping.  Wish I had a picture of that.

The day is finally over and I made it through. Can’t express in words enough how thankful I am for Dr. Clarke operating on me, I was in the best hands I could have been. Thanks Mom for being there no matter what. It was a better night because you were there.

This is the end of the day of surgery. The next post will be about my days in the hospital and “what” a journey that was. So keep reading.

This is the nice things on my operated leg after surgery. The ace bandage kept pressure on the leg. Didn’t have to wear a TEDS on that leg for 2 days. The thing around my foot kept squeezing it to help with circulation. Had that on both feet.

My arm with the IV is under all those pillows. you can see the machine in the background that I kept setting off. I think this might have been Saturday morning.