First let me introduce myself. I am Blaire and I have Hip Dysplasia. First it would be great if you had some background on me.

I was born 3 months premature with a grade four brain bleed. This just meant that blood leaked into my brain and left some damage behind.  I was gratefully adopted at 3 months old by my amazing Mom and Dad and family. My parents were told when they adopted me that I had Cerebral Palsy (CP), would be deaf and retarded and be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. I do have CP but a very mild form that just affects the right side of my body. It has made the muscles on the right side of my body weaker then the ones on the left. It also left me with a limp and a leg length difference. As for the rest of the things that the doctors said they never came true. I even went to St. John Fisher College where I graduated Suma Cum Luade.

As I grew older I did notice that I had aches and pains that people my age normally don’t have. I just thought it was because I have CP. Never thought much of  it. Just something that I was going to have to live with. Once I couldn’t handle the pain any more I decided to get it checked out. I was diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia in October 2011 at the age of 27.

Hip Dysplasia is where the hip joint is not formed right. The hip is a ball and socket joint with two parts. Hip dysplasia can affect both or one of the two parts.  In my case the socket was too shallow and I have a half dislocated right hip.

This is my story of my journey with hip dysplasia. I hope you find it helpful. Start with post number 1. They have been archived so you need to click around.

Please check back often as I will keep updating it. I would ask that you share this blog with others if you could. Lets get the word out about hip dysplasia!

8 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. modernT says:

    Hi Blaire–I just googled “personal stories hip replacement young adult” and came up with your blog. I, too, have hip dysplasia although I am 42 and I had no symptoms until about 2 years ago. The weird thing is that I too am in Rochester, NY and I’m wondering if I’ve been to the same dr.’s! I’m even debating going to Dr. Clark in Syracuse to get another opinion on hip replacement vs. resurfacing. Thank you for documenting your story–it’s invaluable to those of us going through it!

    • thebmw12 says:

      That is very cool that you live in Rochester. He is a great doctor. Are you on Facebook look me up. I can give you more detail on the docs or email address.

  2. modernT says:

    I would love to hear about your experiences with doctors and PT. I don’t see your last name or a link to find you on facebook. I am on facebook and my name is Tricia Wolfe Bhattacharya if you want to link to me. Thanks!

    • Alex says:

      I was also diagnosed with this at an early age. I have had 2 surgeries thus far and a third scheduled the 29th of May. My Doctor…Michael Clark. He will be performing a hip-resurfacing which will allow me to become active in sports again. I am now 36 and look forward to living my life with less pain.

      • thebmw12 says:

        That is awesome. I wanted to do hip resurfacing but was not a good canidate as I want to have kids one day. Please stay in touch.

  3. Alex says:

    I will eventually need the total hip, but this will give me some good years as a young adult so that I may remain active. I am a teacher and am working on my personal training certification so life goes on and we can all push forward!

  4. puste tonery says:

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